Dinosmasher's Fury Structure Deck is a Structure Deck in the Yu-Gi-Oh! Trading Card Game (TCG). It is the thirty-eighth Deck in the TCG's Structure Deck series, following Machine Reactor Structure Deck. This deck is the TCG equivalent of Structure Deck R: Tyranno's Rage in the OCG.


The "Power Up with Packs" supplement on the back of the included play mat suggests combining this Deck with the following cards from these sets.


Each Dinomasher's Fury Structure Deck contains:



Card number Name Rarity Category Qty
SR04-ENTKN Jurraegg Token Common Token Monster1
SR04-EN000 Petiteranodon Ultra Rare Effect Monster1
SR04-EN001 Ultimate Conductor Tyranno Ultra Rare Effect Monster1
SR04-EN002 Souleating Oviraptor Super Rare Effect Monster1
SR04-EN003 Megalosmasher X Common Normal Monster2
SR04-EN004 Sabersaurus Common Normal Monster2
SR04-EN005 Super Conductor Tyranno Common Effect Monster1
SR04-EN006 Ultimate Tyranno Common Effect Monster1
SR04-EN007 Super-Ancient Dinobeast Common Effect Monster1
SR04-EN008 Sauropod Brachion Common Effect Monster1
SR04-EN009 Tyranno Infinity Common Effect Monster1
SR04-EN010 Black Brachios Common Effect Monster1
SR04-EN011 Miracle Jurassic Egg Common Effect Monster1
SR04-EN012 Gilasaurus Common Effect Monster1
SR04-EN013 Babycerasaurus Common Effect Monster1
SR04-EN014 Miscellaneousaurus Common Effect Monster1
SR04-EN015 Evilswarm Salamandra Common Effect Monster1
SR04-EN016 Stegocyber Common Effect Monster1
SR04-EN017 Trifortressops Common Effect Monster1
SR04-EN018 Skelesaurus Common Gemini monster1
SR04-EN019 Chewbone Common Flip monster1
SR04-EN020 Rescue Rabbit Common Effect Monster1
SR04-EN021 Lost World Super Rare Field Spell Card1
SR04-EN022 Fossil Dig Common Normal Spell Card1
SR04-EN023 Big Evolution Pill Common Normal Spell Card1
SR04-EN024 Twin Twisters Common Quick-Play Spell Card1
SR04-EN025 Burial from a Different Dimension Common Quick-Play Spell Card1
SR04-EN026 Swords of Concealing Light Common Continuous Spell Card1
SR04-EN027 Painful Decision Common Normal Spell Card1
SR04-EN028 Unexpected Dai Common Normal Spell Card1
SR04-EN029 Terraforming Common Normal Spell Card1
SR04-EN030 Survival's End Super Rare Normal Trap Card1
SR04-EN031 Survival of the Fittest Common Normal Trap Card1
SR04-EN032 Fossil Excavation Common Continuous Trap Card1
SR04-EN033 Extinction on Schedule Common Normal Trap Card1
SR04-EN034 Ojama Trio Common Normal Trap Card1
SR04-EN035 Nightmare Archfiends Common Normal Trap Card1
SR04-EN036 Quaking Mirror Force Common Normal Trap Card1
SR04-EN037 Grand Horn of Heaven Common Counter Trap Card1
SR04-EN038 Secret Blast Common Normal Trap Card1

Card number English name French name Rarity Category Qty
SR04-FRTKN Jurraegg TokenJeton Jurraœuf Common Token Monster1
SR04-FR000 PetiteranodonPetiteranodon Ultra Rare Effect Monster1
SR04-FR001 Ultimate Conductor TyrannoTyranno Ultime-Conducteur Ultra Rare Effect Monster1
SR04-FR002 Souleating OviraptorOviraptor Mange-Âme Super Rare Effect Monster1
SR04-FR003 Megalosmasher XMégalobroyeur X Common Normal Monster2
SR04-FR004 SabersaurusSabresaure Common Normal Monster2
SR04-FR005 Super Conductor TyrannoTyranno Super-Conducteur Common Effect Monster1
SR04-FR006 Ultimate TyrannoTyranno Ultime Common Effect Monster1
SR04-FR007 Super-Ancient DinobeastBête Dinosaure Millénaire Common Effect Monster1
SR04-FR008 Sauropod BrachionBrachios la Bête Lézard Common Effect Monster1
SR04-FR009 Tyranno InfinityTyrrano-Infinité Common Effect Monster1
SR04-FR010 Black BrachiosBrachios Noir Common Effect Monster1
SR04-FR011 Miracle Jurassic EggŒuf Jurassique Miraculeux Common Effect Monster1
SR04-FR012 GilasaurusGilasaure Common Effect Monster1
SR04-FR013 BabycerasaurusBébécérasaure Common Effect Monster1
SR04-FR014 MiscellaneousaurusDivernosaure Common Effect Monster1
SR04-FR015 Evilswarm SalamandraSalamandra Colonie du Mal Common Effect Monster1
SR04-FR016 StegocyberStégocyber Common Effect Monster1
SR04-FR017 TrifortressopsTriforteressops Common Effect Monster1
SR04-FR018 SkelesaurusSquelesaure Common Gemini monster1
SR04-FR019 ChewboneMâchos Common Flip monster1
SR04-FR020 Rescue RabbitLapin Sauveteur Common Effect Monster1
SR04-FR021 Lost WorldMonde Perdu Super Rare Field Spell Card1
SR04-FR022 Fossil DigRecherche de Fossiles Common Normal Spell Card1
SR04-FR023 Big Evolution PillPilule d'Évolution Majeure Common Normal Spell Card1
SR04-FR024 Twin TwistersTourbillons Jumeaux Common Quick-Play Spell Card1
SR04-FR025 Burial from a Different DimensionEnterrement d'une Autre Dimension Common Quick-Play Spell Card1
SR04-FR026 Swords of Concealing LightÉpées de Ravissement de la Lumière Common Continuous Spell Card1
SR04-FR027 Painful DecisionDécision Douloureuse Common Normal Spell Card1
SR04-FR028 Unexpected DaiDai Imprévu Common Normal Spell Card1
SR04-FR029 TerraformingTerra Formation Common Normal Spell Card1
SR04-FR030 Survival's EndFin de Survie Super Rare Normal Trap Card1
SR04-FR031 Survival of the FittestSurvie du Plus Fort Common Normal Trap Card1
SR04-FR032 Fossil ExcavationExcavation Fossile Common Continuous Trap Card1
SR04-FR033 Extinction on ScheduleExtinction Programmée Common Normal Trap Card1
SR04-FR034 Ojama TrioTrio Ojama Common Normal Trap Card1
SR04-FR035 Nightmare ArchfiendsArchdémons du Cauchemar Common Normal Trap Card1
SR04-FR036 Quaking Mirror ForceForce de Miroir Frémissante Common Normal Trap Card1
SR04-FR037 Grand Horn of HeavenGrande Corne du Paradis Common Counter Trap Card1
SR04-FR038 Secret BlastExplosion Secrète Common Normal Trap Card1

Card number English name German name Rarity Category Qty
SR04-DETKN Jurraegg TokenJuraei-Spielmarke Common Token Monster1
SR04-DE000 PetiteranodonPetiteranodon Ultra Rare Effect Monster1
SR04-DE001 Ultimate Conductor TyrannoUltimativleiter-Tyranno Ultra Rare Effect Monster1
SR04-DE002 Souleating OviraptorSeelenfressender Oviraptor Super Rare Effect Monster1
SR04-DE003 Megalosmasher XMegaloreißer X Common Normal Monster2
SR04-DE004 SabersaurusSäbelsaurier Common Normal Monster2
SR04-DE005 Super Conductor TyrannoSuperleiter-Tyranno Common Effect Monster1
SR04-DE006 Ultimate TyrannoUltimativer Tyranno Common Effect Monster1
SR04-DE007 Super-Ancient DinobeastSuperantikes Dinoungeheuer Common Effect Monster1
SR04-DE008 Sauropod BrachionSauropode Brachion Common Effect Monster1
SR04-DE009 Tyranno InfinityTyranno Infinit Common Effect Monster1
SR04-DE010 Black BrachiosSchwarzer Brachios Common Effect Monster1
SR04-DE011 Miracle Jurassic EggJurawunderei Common Effect Monster1
SR04-DE012 GilasaurusGilasaurus Common Effect Monster1
SR04-DE013 BabycerasaurusBabycerasaurier Common Effect Monster1
SR04-DE014 MiscellaneousaurusVerschiedosaurier Common Effect Monster1
SR04-DE015 Evilswarm SalamandraÜbelschar-Salamandra Common Effect Monster1
SR04-DE016 StegocyberStego-Cyber Common Effect Monster1
SR04-DE017 TrifortressopsTrifestungstops Common Effect Monster1
SR04-DE018 SkelesaurusSkelesaurier Common Gemini monster1
SR04-DE019 ChewboneKauknochen Common Flip monster1
SR04-DE020 Rescue RabbitRettungskaninchen Common Effect Monster1
SR04-DE021 Lost WorldUntergegangene Welt Super Rare Field Spell Card1
SR04-DE022 Fossil DigFossile Grabung Common Normal Spell Card1
SR04-DE023 Big Evolution PillGroße Evolutionspille Common Normal Spell Card1
SR04-DE024 Twin TwistersZwillings-Twister Common Quick-Play Spell Card1
SR04-DE025 Burial from a Different DimensionBegräbnis aus einer anderen Dimension Common Quick-Play Spell Card1
SR04-DE026 Swords of Concealing LightVerbergende Schwerter Common Continuous Spell Card1
SR04-DE027 Painful DecisionQual der Entscheidung Common Normal Spell Card1
SR04-DE028 Unexpected DaiUnerwarteter Dai Common Normal Spell Card1
SR04-DE029 TerraformingLandformen Common Normal Spell Card1
SR04-DE030 Survival's EndÜberlebensende Super Rare Normal Trap Card1
SR04-DE031 Survival of the FittestÜberleben der Stärksten Common Normal Trap Card1
SR04-DE032 Fossil ExcavationFossile Ausgrabung Common Continuous Trap Card1
SR04-DE033 Extinction on SchedulePünktliches Aussterben Common Normal Trap Card1
SR04-DE034 Ojama TrioOjama-Trio Common Normal Trap Card1
SR04-DE035 Nightmare ArchfiendsAlbtraum-Erzunterweltler Common Normal Trap Card1
SR04-DE036 Quaking Mirror ForceBebende Spiegelkraft Common Normal Trap Card1
SR04-DE037 Grand Horn of HeavenGroßes Horn des Himmels Common Counter Trap Card1
SR04-DE038 Secret BlastVerborgene Sprengladung Common Normal Trap Card1

Card number English name Italian name Rarity Category Qty
SR04-ITTKN Jurraegg TokenSegna-Jurauovo Common Token Monster1
SR04-IT000 PetiteranodonPiccoloteranodonte Ultra Rare Effect Monster1
SR04-IT001 Ultimate Conductor TyrannoTirannosauro Finale Conduttore Ultra Rare Effect Monster1
SR04-IT002 Souleating OviraptorOviraptor Mangiantanima Super Rare Effect Monster1
SR04-IT003 Megalosmasher XMegalodistruttore X Common Normal Monster2
SR04-IT004 SabersaurusSciabolasaurus Common Normal Monster2
SR04-IT005 Super Conductor TyrannoTiranno Super Conduttore Common Effect Monster1
SR04-IT006 Ultimate TyrannoTirannosauro Finale Common Effect Monster1
SR04-IT007 Super-Ancient DinobeastDinosauro Super-Antico Common Effect Monster1
SR04-IT008 Sauropod BrachionBrachio Sauropode Common Effect Monster1
SR04-IT009 Tyranno InfinityInfinità Tiranno Common Effect Monster1
SR04-IT010 Black BrachiosBrachiodonte Nero Common Effect Monster1
SR04-IT011 Miracle Jurassic EggUovo Giurassico Miracoloso Common Effect Monster1
SR04-IT012 GilasaurusGilasaurus Common Effect Monster1
SR04-IT013 BabycerasaurusBabycerasaurus Common Effect Monster1
SR04-IT014 MiscellaneousaurusMistosauro Common Effect Monster1
SR04-IT015 Evilswarm SalamandraSalamandra Brancomalvagio Common Effect Monster1
SR04-IT016 StegocyberStegocyber Common Effect Monster1
SR04-IT017 TrifortressopsTriceratofortezza Common Effect Monster1
SR04-IT018 SkelesaurusSchelesauro Common Gemini monster1
SR04-IT019 ChewboneOssomasticatore Common Flip monster1
SR04-IT020 Rescue RabbitConiglio da Soccorso Common Effect Monster1
SR04-IT021 Lost WorldMondo Perduto Super Rare Field Spell Card1
SR04-IT022 Fossil DigScavi Fossili Common Normal Spell Card1
SR04-IT023 Big Evolution PillPillola dell'Evoluzione Gigante Common Normal Spell Card1
SR04-IT024 Twin TwistersTurbini Gemelli Common Quick-Play Spell Card1
SR04-IT025 Burial from a Different DimensionSepoltura da un'Altra Dimensione Common Quick-Play Spell Card1
SR04-IT026 Swords of Concealing LightSpade Mistificatrici Common Continuous Spell Card1
SR04-IT027 Painful DecisionDecisione Dolorosa Common Normal Spell Card1
SR04-IT028 Unexpected DaiDai Inaspettato Common Normal Spell Card1
SR04-IT029 TerraformingTerraformare Common Normal Spell Card1
SR04-IT030 Survival's EndFine della Sopravvivenza Super Rare Normal Trap Card1
SR04-IT031 Survival of the FittestSopravvivenza del Più Forte Common Normal Trap Card1
SR04-IT032 Fossil ExcavationScavo Fossile Common Continuous Trap Card1
SR04-IT033 Extinction on ScheduleEstinzione Programmata Common Normal Trap Card1
SR04-IT034 Ojama TrioTrio Ojama Common Normal Trap Card1
SR04-IT035 Nightmare ArchfiendsArcidemoni dell'Incubo Common Normal Trap Card1
SR04-IT036 Quaking Mirror ForceForza Riflessa Terremoto Common Normal Trap Card1
SR04-IT037 Grand Horn of HeavenGrande Corno del Paradiso Common Counter Trap Card1
SR04-IT038 Secret BlastEsplosione Segreta Common Normal Trap Card1

Card number English name Portuguese name Rarity Category Qty
SR04-PTTKN Jurraegg TokenFicha de Jurraovo Common Token Monster1
SR04-PT000 PetiteranodonPetiteranodon Ultra Rare Effect Monster1
SR04-PT001 Ultimate Conductor TyrannoUltimate Tyranno Condutor Ultra Rare Effect Monster1
SR04-PT002 Souleating OviraptorOviraptor Comendo Almas Super Rare Effect Monster1
SR04-PT003 Megalosmasher XMegalosmagador X Common Normal Monster2
SR04-PT004 SabersaurusSabressauro Common Normal Monster2
SR04-PT005 Super Conductor TyrannoTyranno Supercondutor Common Effect Monster1
SR04-PT006 Ultimate TyrannoUltimate Tyranno Common Effect Monster1
SR04-PT007 Super-Ancient DinobeastDinobesta Super Antiga Common Effect Monster1
SR04-PT008 Sauropod BrachionBráquio Sauropod Common Effect Monster1
SR04-PT009 Tyranno InfinityTyranno Infinito Common Effect Monster1
SR04-PT010 Black BrachiosBraquio Negro Common Effect Monster1
SR04-PT011 Miracle Jurassic EggOvo Jurássico Milagroso Common Effect Monster1
SR04-PT012 GilasaurusGilassauro Common Effect Monster1
SR04-PT013 BabycerasaurusBebecerassauro Common Effect Monster1
SR04-PT014 MiscellaneousaurusMiscelaneossauro Common Effect Monster1
SR04-PT015 Evilswarm SalamandraHordeum Maligno Salamandra Common Effect Monster1
SR04-PT016 StegocyberEstegociber Common Effect Monster1
SR04-PT017 TrifortressopsTrifortalezatops Common Effect Monster1
SR04-PT018 SkelesaurusEsqueletossauro Common Gemini monster1
SR04-PT019 ChewboneMascaosso Common Flip monster1
SR04-PT020 Rescue RabbitCoelho de Socorro Common Effect Monster1
SR04-PT021 Lost WorldMundo Perdido Super Rare Field Spell Card1
SR04-PT022 Fossil DigEscavar Fóssil Common Normal Spell Card1
SR04-PT023 Big Evolution PillPílula de Grande Evolução Common Normal Spell Card1
SR04-PT024 Twin TwistersTornados Gêmeos Common Quick-Play Spell Card1
SR04-PT025 Burial from a Different DimensionEnterro de Outra Dimensão Common Quick-Play Spell Card1
SR04-PT026 Swords of Concealing LightEspadas da Luz Oculta Common Continuous Spell Card1
SR04-PT027 Painful DecisionDecisão Dolorosa Common Normal Spell Card1
SR04-PT028 Unexpected DaiDai Inesperado Common Normal Spell Card1
SR04-PT029 TerraformingTransformação Campal Common Normal Spell Card1
SR04-PT030 Survival's EndFim da Sobrevivência Super Rare Normal Trap Card1
SR04-PT031 Survival of the FittestSobrevivência do Mais Apto Common Normal Trap Card1
SR04-PT032 Fossil ExcavationEscavação de Fósseis Common Continuous Trap Card1
SR04-PT033 Extinction on ScheduleExtinção do Cronograma Common Normal Trap Card1
SR04-PT034 Ojama TrioTrio Ojama Common Normal Trap Card1
SR04-PT035 Nightmare ArchfiendsArquidemônios dos Pesadelos Common Normal Trap Card1
SR04-PT036 Quaking Mirror ForceForça do Espelho Trêmula Common Normal Trap Card1
SR04-PT037 Grand Horn of HeavenGrande Corneta Celestial Common Counter Trap Card1
SR04-PT038 Secret BlastExplosão Secreta Common Normal Trap Card1

Card number English name Spanish name Rarity Category Qty
SR04-SPTKN Jurraegg TokenFicha Jurrahuevo Common Token Monster1
SR04-SP000 PetiteranodonPetiteranodon Ultra Rare Effect Monster1
SR04-SP001 Ultimate Conductor TyrannoUltimate Tyranno Conductor Ultra Rare Effect Monster1
SR04-SP002 Souleating OviraptorOviraptor Devorando Almas Super Rare Effect Monster1
SR04-SP003 Megalosmasher XMegalodespedazador X Common Normal Monster2
SR04-SP004 SabersaurusSablesaurio Common Normal Monster2
SR04-SP005 Super Conductor TyrannoTyranno Superconductor Common Effect Monster1
SR04-SP006 Ultimate TyrannoUltimate Tyranno Common Effect Monster1
SR04-SP007 Super-Ancient DinobeastDinobestia Super Antigua Common Effect Monster1
SR04-SP008 Sauropod BrachionBraquión Saurópodo Common Effect Monster1
SR04-SP009 Tyranno InfinityTyranno Infinito Common Effect Monster1
SR04-SP010 Black BrachiosBrachios Negro Common Effect Monster1
SR04-SP011 Miracle Jurassic EggHuevo Milagroso del Jurásico Common Effect Monster1
SR04-SP012 GilasaurusGilasaurus Common Effect Monster1
SR04-SP013 BabycerasaurusBebecerasaurio Common Effect Monster1
SR04-SP014 MiscellaneousaurusMisceláneosaurio Common Effect Monster1
SR04-SP015 Evilswarm SalamandraSalamandra Horda de Maldad Common Effect Monster1
SR04-SP016 StegocyberEstegociber Common Effect Monster1
SR04-SP017 TrifortressopsTrifortalezatops Common Effect Monster1
SR04-SP018 SkelesaurusEsquelesaurio Common Gemini monster1
SR04-SP019 ChewboneMascahueso Common Flip monster1
SR04-SP020 Rescue RabbitConejo Rescatador Common Effect Monster1
SR04-SP021 Lost WorldMundo Perdido Super Rare Field Spell Card1
SR04-SP022 Fossil DigBúsqueda de Fósiles Common Normal Spell Card1
SR04-SP023 Big Evolution PillGran Píldora de Evolución Common Normal Spell Card1
SR04-SP024 Twin TwistersTorbellinos Gemelos Common Quick-Play Spell Card1
SR04-SP025 Burial from a Different DimensionEntierro de una Dimensión Distinta Common Quick-Play Spell Card1
SR04-SP026 Swords of Concealing LightEspadas de Luz Ocultadora Common Continuous Spell Card1
SR04-SP027 Painful DecisionDecisión Dolorosa Common Normal Spell Card1
SR04-SP028 Unexpected DaiDai Inesperado Common Normal Spell Card1
SR04-SP029 TerraformingTerraformación Common Normal Spell Card1
SR04-SP030 Survival's EndFin de la Supervivencia Super Rare Normal Trap Card1
SR04-SP031 Survival of the FittestSupervivencia del Más en Forma Common Normal Trap Card1
SR04-SP032 Fossil ExcavationExcavación de Fósiles Common Continuous Trap Card1
SR04-SP033 Extinction on ScheduleExtinción a Tiempo Common Normal Trap Card1
SR04-SP034 Ojama TrioTrio Ojama Common Normal Trap Card1
SR04-SP035 Nightmare ArchfiendsArchidemonios de Pesadilla Common Normal Trap Card1
SR04-SP036 Quaking Mirror ForceFuerza del Espejo Temblorosa Common Normal Trap Card1
SR04-SP037 Grand Horn of HeavenGran Cuerno de los Cielos Common Counter Trap Card1
SR04-SP038 Secret BlastExplosión Secreta Common Normal Trap Card1


  • Structure Deck Machine Reactor / Structure Deck Dinosmasher's Fury

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