In the game of Dungeon Dice Monsters, unfolding a die on the field is called a Dimension. Dimensioned dice are called Dungeon Pieces, and they form the Dungeon Paths that will allow your monsters to reach your opponent's Monster Lord.

Dimensioned Dice

Dimensioned dice from the Japanese version of Dungeon Dice Monsters.

Each time that you roll 2 Summon Crests of the same Level, you can dimension 1 of your dice that shares the same Level and Type of at least 1 of the rolled Summon Crests. Each time that you dimension a die successfully, you must Summon a monster or an Item of the appropriate Level and Type to the newly formed Dungeon Piece.

The first die that you dimension in a duel must be attached to your Monster Lord Area. Each die that you dimension subsequently can be attached to another of your Dungeon Pieces.

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