Diamond Dust

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Diamond Dust
English Diamond Dust
Chinese 鑽石塵埃
Korean 다이아몬드 더스트
Japanese ダイヤモンド・ダスト
Japanese (rōmaji) Daiyamondo Dasuto
Type Trap Card TRAP
Property Normal Normal
Passcode 98643358
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  • Facts about "Diamond Dust"RDF feed
    AttributeTrap +
    Attribute TextTrap +
    Card ImageDiamondDust-DP15-JP-R +
    Card Image TextDiamondDust-DP15-JP-R.png +
    Card typeTrap Card + and Normal Trap Card +
    Card type TextTrap Card + and Normal Trap Card +
    Chinese lore破坏场上全部的水属性怪兽。之后,给予对手生命相当于因此效果而被破坏并被送入墓地的水属性怪兽数量×500点的伤害。
    Chinese name鑽石塵埃 +
    Class 1Official +
    Croatian nameDijamantni Prah +
    Database ID10,859 +
    Effect typeCard effect +
    Effect type TextCard effect +
    English nameDiamond Dust +
    English name (linked)Diamond Dust +
    Japanese database ID10,859 +
    Japanese kana nameダイヤモンド・ダスト +
    Japanese loreフィールド上の水属性モンスターを全て破壊する。その後、この効果で破壊され墓地へ送られた水属性モンスターの数×500ポイントダメージを相手ライフに与える。
    Japanese nameダイヤモンド・ダスト +
    Korean lore필드 위의 물 속성 몬스터를 전부 파괴한다. 그 후, 이 효과로 파괴되어 묘지로 보내진 물 속성 몬스터의 수 × 500 포인트 데미지를 상대 라이프에 준다.
    Korean name다이아몬드 더스트
    LPDamages your opponent
    LoreDestroy all WATER monsters on the field, then if a WATER monster(s) is destroyed and sent to the Graveyard by this effect, inflict 500 damage to your opponent for each.
    MediumOCG + and OCG-only +
    MonsterSpellTrapDestroys Monster Cards
    OCG StatusUnlimited +
    Page nameDiamond Dust +
    Page typeCard page +
    Phonetic nameDaiyamondo Dasuto +
    Romaji nameDaiyamondo Dasuto +
    Ruby Japanese nameダイヤモンド・ダスト
    S/T ClassNormal Trap Card +
    Set information--- DP15-JP028 --- Duelist Pack: Kastle Siblings --- Rare --- Japanese --- +, --- SD23-TC035 --- Structure Deck: Roar of the Sea Emperor --- Common --- Chinese --- + and --- DP15-KR028 --- Duelist Pack: Kastle Siblings --- Rare --- Korean --- +
    Set information (JSON){ "number": "DP15-JP028", "name": "Duelist Pack: Kastle Siblings", "rarity": "Rare", "region": "Japanese" } +, { "number": "SD23-TC035", "name": "Structure Deck: Roar of the Sea Emperor", "rarity": "Common", "region": "Chinese" } + and { "number": "DP15-KR028", "name": "Duelist Pack: Kastle Siblings", "rarity": "Rare", "region": "Korean" } +
    TypesNormal +

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