Devack used an Ape Deck, which focused on filling his Graveyard to augment "Closed Forest".


Opponent(s) Episode(s) Outcome(s)
Leo/Luna 47-51 Lose

Devack used an Ape Deck which primarily focused on filling his Graveyard with Beast-Type monsters for his "Closed Forest". He also used several support cards for Dark Synchro Monsters.

Anime Deck

Video games

In his video game appearances, Devack used the "Ape" series, which was supported by other Beast-Type monsters

Reverse of Arcadia

Master of the Apes

Duel Transfer

King of Beasts (Dark Signer) (Level 15)


  1. He acquired this card from Roman Goodwin before his Duel with Leo and Luna. It is returned to Luna after he is defeated.
  2. He freed Greiger with this card in episode 39.

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