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This Property entry details every card that destroys an Equip Card(s).

All OCG/TCG "Destroys Equip Cards" cards

 Japanese nameCard typeAttributeTypeLevelRankATKDEF
Allure Queen LV3魅惑の女王 LV3Monster Card
Effect Monster
Allure Queen LV5魅惑の女王 LV5Monster Card
Effect Monster
Allure Queen LV7魅惑の女王 LV7Monster Card
Effect Monster
Dark Blade the Captain of the Evil World闇魔界の戦士長 ダークソードMonster Card
Effect Monster
Dark Highlander天刑王 ブラック・ハイランダーMonster Card
Synchro Monster
Gearfried the Iron Knight鉄の騎士 ギア・フリードMonster Card
Effect Monster
Predaplant Moray Nepenthes捕食植物モーレイ・ネペンテスMonster Card
Effect Monster
Sea Lancerシー・ランサーMonster Card
Effect Monster
 Japanese nameCard typeProperty
Armor BreakアーマーブレイクTrap Card
Counter Trap Card
Counter Trap Card
Collected Power力の集約Trap Card
Normal Trap Card
Normal Trap Card
Disarmament武装解除Trap Card
Normal Trap Card
Normal Trap Card
Release Restraint Wave拘束解放波Spell Card
Normal Spell Card
Normal Spell Card

All Anime "Destroys Equip Cards" cards

 Japanese nameCard typeAttributeTypeLevelRankATKDEF
Destiny Hero - Celestial (anime)D-HERO ディバインガイEffect MonsterDARKWarrior40000160000001400
Gearfried the Iron Knight (anime)鉄の騎士 ギア・フリードEffect MonsterEARTHWarrior40000180000001600
Gimmick Puppet Scissor Arms (anime)ギミック・パペット-シザー・アームEffect MonsterDARKMachine40000120000000600
Heroic Challenger - War Hammer (anime)H・C ウォー・ハンマーEffect MonsterEARTHWarrior60000210000001300
Predaplant Moray Nepenthes (anime)捕食植物モーレイ・ネペンテスEffect MonsterDARKPlant40000160000001000
 Japanese nameCard typeProperty
Collected Power (anime)力の集約Trap Card
D - AccelerationD-アクセレーションSpell Card
D - BurstD-バーストSpell Card
Final ProphecyアンゴルモアTrap Card
HardshipハードシップTrap Card
Plasma Dischargerブラッド・ディスチャージャーTrap Card
Release Restraint Wave (anime)拘束解放波Spell Card
Release Restraint Wave (later anime)拘束解放波Spell Card
Superior Howl孤高の遠吠えTrap Card

All Manga "Destroys Equip Cards" cards

 Japanese nameCard typeAttributeTypeLevelRankATKDEF
The King of Divine Punishment, Dark Highlander天刑王 ブラック・ハイランダーSynchro MonsterDARKFiend70000280000002300
 Japanese nameCard typeProperty
Cleansing Water聖水の弊害Spell Card

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