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Destiny HERO
Aster Phoenix with "Diamond Dude", "Dreadmaster", "Captain Tenacious" and "Doom Lord".

  • D-HEROデステニーヒーロー
  • D-HERO (base)
  • デステニーヒーロー (ruby)
  • Desutenī Hīrō (romanized)


  • HÉROS de la Destinée


  • Schicksals-HELD


  • EROE del Destino


  • 데스티니 히어로
  • Deseutini Hieoro (romanized)


  • HERÓI do Destino


  • HÉROE del Destino

Other names

بطل المصير


Anime appearances

"Destiny HERO" (D-HEROデステニーヒーロー, Desutenī Hīrō) is a "HERO" sub-archetype of DARK Warrior-Type monsters used by Aster Phoenix in the Yu-Gi-Oh! GX anime, as well as by his alternate universe counterpart in the Yu-Gi-Oh! ARC-V anime. Since their debut, they have been believed to be an anti-thesis to the "Elemental HERO" archetype, as specific cards somewhat resemble certain "Elemental HERO" monsters.

The main focus of "Destiny HERO" Decks revolves around taking defensive action and stalling while increasing the user's card advantage and field presence. This is necessary to summon "Destiny HERO - Dogma" and "Destiny HERO - Plasma", both of which are extremely powerful monsters that require three Tributes to be Special Summoned from the Hand. The majority of all other "Destiny HERO" monsters have low ATK and are poor offensively, but often have great utility for maintaining field presence and forms of card advantage over the opponent. For example, the first "HERO" monster to be Forbidden, "Destiny HERO - Disk Commander", has very weak ATK and DEF but lets its controller draw two cards when it is Special Summoned from the Graveyard, and "Destiny HERO - Defender" has such an enormously high DEF that most monsters cannot destroy it by battle (thought it does allow the opposing player to draw more cards per turn if it is in Defense Position).

References to British culture

These cards resemble British anti-heroes and there are several references to British culture within the cards. There is also an emphasis in the passage of time in most "Destiny HERO" card effects, as opposed to the more immediate effects of "Elemental HERO" monsters.


Destiny HERO Reference
English Japanese
Captain Tenacious Die Hard Guy Sir William Inglis
Dasher Dash Guy Spring Heeled Jack
Decision Guy Decision Guy Loch Ness Monster
Departed Departed Guy The Invisible Man
Diamond Dude Diamond Guy Stereotypical British "dandy"
Doom Lord Devil Guy Spawn
Double Dude Double Guy Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde
Dreadmaster Dread Guy Man in the Iron Mask
Dynamite Guy Dynamite Guy Dynamite Kid
Plasma Bloo-D Blue Bloods & Count Dracula


Card Reference
Clock Tower Prison Westminster Clock Tower/Big Ben
D - Time British "Tea Time"
Drain Time Stereotypical dandy's pocket watch


In the OCG, the names of all "Destiny HERO" monsters begin with the letter "D" and end with "Guy" with a few exceptions such as "Destiny HERO - Bloo-D" and "Destiny HERO - Dread Servant".


The "Destiny HERO" monsters were designed by Aster Phoenix's father. After he was killed, Aster inherited the cards, although one was stolen by The D.

The stolen card was known as the "Ultimate D Card". Aster made it his business to find this card in order to avenge his father.

The "Ultimate D Card" was "Destiny HERO - Plasma", while the "Final D Card" was "Destiny End Dragoon".

Relation to other "HERO" monsters

Currently, the only "Destiny HERO"-related card that involves the "Elemental HERO" archetype is "D - Time". However, "Elemental HERO" cards such as "Elemental HERO Stratos", "Elemental HERO Ocean", "Elemental HERO Divine Neos", "HERO's Bond", and "Elemental HERO Absolute Zero" all support "Destiny HERO" monsters, as does the "Evil HERO" "Evil HERO Infernal Prodigy". "Elemental HERO Phoenix Enforcer" and "Elemental HERO Shining Phoenix Enforcer" can be considered pseudo-"Destiny HERO" monsters as they have only been owned and used to date by Aster Phoenix, and their Japanese name also have "Guy" at the end. "Destiny HERO" monsters are also supported by the "Masked HERO" and "Vision HERO" monsters, such as "Masked HERO Goka", "Masked HERO Vapor", "Mask Change", "Vision HERO Trinity" and "Vision HERO Adoration"

Play Style

At time of their first release, "Elemental HERO Stratos", "Destiny HERO - Disk Commander", (Neither of the two having a once per turn restriction) "Destiny Draw", and "Destiny HERO - Malicious" were the fastest Draw and Tribute engine bar none, usually with the single Tribute "Monarch" Monsters and "Jinzo". "Stratos" and "Disk Commander" have no once per turn restriction and have been Banned since first put on the list.

Sometimes used were the effects of "Destiny HERO - Fear Monger", "Destiny HERO - Diamond Dude" and "Destiny Hero - Dasher" as Discard fodder for "Destiny Draw". The effect of "Diamond Dude" is also used as a centerpiece to build a Deck around. The effect ignores the Cost of cards to activate (Discard 1 Card. Pay 1000 Life Points.) and of three Monsters is the only one still activately used and is the reason why "Destiny HERO" Decks are always Spell Card heavy.

"Destiny HERO - Dynamiteguy" has two potent effects, also a way to activate the 2nd effect of "Destiny HERO - Dystopiaguy", a hand trap effect to cause 1000 Life Point damage to both players or banish itself from the Graveyard fpr a temporary ATK boost of 1000.

The combination of "Malicious", "Plaguespreader Zombie" and "Armageddon Knight" is commonly used when "Reinforcement of the Army" is not on the Banlist and as a complimentry engine to Zombie-Type Synchro Decks. "Knight" and "Dark Grepher" are used search and toolbox cards for many Level 4-based Dark-Attributed Monster archetypes.

"Over Destiny" can be run alongside "Destiny HERO - Plasma" or a high level "Destiny HEro" Fusion Monster for targets. "Destiny Hero - Dark Angel" can also be Special Summoned off the effect of "Over Destiny" as Tribute or Fusion Material fodder and then Banish itself to reload the Main Deck for the effect "Diamond Dude".

Since this archetype has a lot of Banish self for effects, run "Pot of Avidity" to reload them.

Recommended Cards


Official Deck

Destiny HERO Fusion Deck[1]



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