Destiny Board Victory

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A Destiny Board Victory is when you control a face-up "Destiny Board", "Spirit Message "I", "Spirit Message "N", "Spirit Message "A" and "Spirit Message "L" in your spell and trap card zone. This is done by activating Destiny board and waiting for the rest of the Spirit Messages to come to your field during each of your opponents End Phases.

English version:
DestinyBoardDB2-EN-C-UE SpiritMessageIDB2-EN-C-UE SpiritMessageNDB2-EN-C-UE SpiritMessageADB2-EN-C-UE SpiritMessageLDB2-EN-C-UE

Japanese version:
DestinyBoard-DL3-JP-SR SpiritMessageI-DL3-JP-R SpiritMessageN-DL3-JP-R SpiritMessageA-DL3-JP-R SpiritMessageL-DL3-JP-R

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