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Spirit Message
"Destiny Board", "Spirit Message "I", "Spirit Message "N"", "Spirit Message "A"" and "Spirit Message "L"" with "Dark Necrofear" (unedited; top, edited; bottom).

  • ()のメッセージ
  • 死のメッセージ (base)
  • しのメッセージ (ruby)
  • Shi no Messēji (romanized)
  • Message of Death (translated)


  • Message Spirituel


  • Geisternachricht


  • Messaggio dello Spirito


  • 죽음의 메시지
  • Jug-eum-ui Mesiji (romanized)
  • Message of Death (translated)


  • Mensaje Espiritual


Anime appearances

Manga appearances

"Spirit Message", known as "Message of Death" (()のメッセージ, Shi no Messēji) is an archetype used by "Destiny Board" to declare a Destiny Board Victory. They are identified by having "Spirit Message" 「死のメッセージ」 in their card name. The player who gathers all five letters on the field wins the Duel.

The weakness of this combo is that if any of the five cards are removed from the field, the entire combo breaks, and every letter(s) gathered would be sent to the Graveyard.

Another weakness is that as each "Spirit Message" is a Spell Card, it occupies the Spell/Trap Cards Zones. This limits the player in activating and setting Spells and Traps. Also, if another card already is occupying one of the spaces, then the Message cannot be fully spelled, and not only locks the combo from being completed, but also from playing any other Spells or Traps.

Differences in media

In the Yu-Gi-Oh! Battle City's quarterfinals, the Destiny Board combo was used by Yami Bakura in his Occult Deck, in an attempt to defeat Yami Yugi.

In the manga and original Japanese anime, the card is known as the "Ouija Board", and the word it spelled out is "DEATH". In the English anime, the word is changed to "FINAL".

In the manga, the card exists only as the "Ouija Board", where it can only be activated when "Dark Necrofear" is in the Graveyard. Instead of playing a "Spirit Message" Spell Card each turn, the board simply summons a letter from nowhere. This eliminates both of the aforementioned weaknesses. However, if "Dark Necrofear" is removed from the Graveyard, then the Ouija Board would break.

In the manga, the one who controls the Ouija Board is a spiritual form of "Dark Necrofear". In the anime, it was her dismembered hand.

Play Style

Stall cards are essential for this Deck so that the opponent can't do anything but try to destroy "Destiny Board". "Final Countdown" is also a great addition in this deck: Since this deck is a Stall Deck, you can use it as an alternative Victory Conditions in case "Destiny Board" fails. "A Cat of Ill Omen" and "Mask of Darkness" are important in this deck because they retrieve your "Destiny Board".

"Herald of Perfection" and "Herald of Ultimateness" can be used to protect the Message without the need of Spells or Traps that could occupy your Spell & Trap Zone. "Good Goblin Housekeeping" is used to quickly draw "Destiny Board" while also returning "Spirit Messages" to your Deck.

Recommended Cards

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