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From left to right: "Debugger X", "Debugger Y" and "Debugger Z"

  • デバッガ
  • Debagga (romanized)

Anime appearances

"Debugger" (デバッガ Debagga) is a series used by Caswell Francis in Yu-Gi-Oh! ZEXAL, consisting of Machine-Type monsters. They are LIGHT counterparts to the "Crashbug" archetype, with their effects supporting each other in the same way the "Crashbugs" do.

Visually, they share the common characteristics of having the same eyes, general body and head shape, and the same symbol on their chests. As such, "Antidote Nurse" is considered related to this archetype as she has a similar symbol on her chest and the same eyes, as well as sharing the same "medical"-theme appearance as this archetype.

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