5Dx143 In space

Antinomy and Yusei on a Death Course.

A Death Course is a dangerous Turbo Duel circuit, where the loser is killed.


5Dx144 Black hole

The black hole.

When Yusei Fudo tried stopping one of the Planetary Gears on the Ark Cradle, he had to face Antinomy in a Turbo Duel. At first it looked like the Duel was taking place within the Ark Cradle, but the setting suddenly changed to outer space, where the two of them rode along a white path next to a star. Antinomy explained that the loser would be sucked into the star and neither of them could leave until that happened.[1] During the Duel, waves of fire from the star often splashed across the track. Antinomy performed a Delta Accel Synchro Summon, which caused the star to condense, explode and turn into a black hole, which the loser would be sucked into.[2]


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