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Dazzling Radiance
  • Japanese: 幻惑の閃光
  • Kana: げんわくのせんこう
  • Romaji: Genwaku no Senkō
Card type




Effect type

Activate only when your opponent attacks with 2 or more monsters. Your opponent loses control of the monster with the lowest ATK, and it becomes a wall monster for you.

Viz Media lore?: Activate only when your opponent declares an attack and he/she controls 2 or more Attack Position monsters on his/her side of the field. Negate the attack, and your opponent must immediately declare an attack with the monster they control with the lowest ATK in face-up Attack Position on his/her side of the field, selecting another 1 of his/her own monsters on the field as the attack target.

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Other languages

Name Lore
Japanese げんわくせんこう 相手が2体以上のモンスターで攻撃する時に発動する。攻撃力の一番低いモンスターを相手プレイヤーにコントロール権を残したまま壁モンスターとする



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