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Dawn of the Duel



Dawn of the Duel

Anime storyline



Original run

7 April 2004 – 25 August 2004



Preceded by

Grand Championship

Followed by

The Ceremonial Battle

Manga storyline


Yu-Gi-Oh! Millennium World

Preceded by

Battle City Finals

Followed by

Ceremonial Battle

The Dawn of the Duel, known in the English manga as Millennium World, is the second last story arc of the Yu-Gi-Oh! anime and seventh story arc of the Yu-Gi-Oh! series. The stories told in the anime version and manga versions differ greatly.

Anime version

The Grand Championship (KC Grand Prix in the Japanese version) occurs because Yugi Muto and his friends need to get back home, and can only do that by entering Kaiba's tournament to promote his company.

Now that Yugi is home after the battle against Dartz and the Grand Championship, one more quest is about to be undertaken, knowing the true past of Yami Yugi, the spirit of the puzzle. Yami Bakura and Yami Yugi faced off, but Bakura told Yami to play the ultimate Shadow Game at Egypt.

Moreover, Bakura also duels Seto Kaiba (Kaiba doesn't play a part in the Dawn of the Duel arc in the manga), so that Bakura could have the power of Kaiba's "Blue-Eyes White Dragon". After the Duel, Bakura tells Kaiba that something interesting is happening, and Kaiba should go to Egypt to play the ultimate game. He also gives Kaiba the Millennium Eye, which he had previously taken from Maximillion Pegasus after Duelist Kingdom. Kaiba, even though he doesn't show signs of it, agrees, and goes to Egypt. The gang traveled to Egypt, where they reunited with Marik Ishtar, Ishizu Ishtar and Odion Ishtar. Ishizu explained that the stone tablet at the museum had been moved back to Egypt, deep within the chambers of the Tomb Keepers. The Ishtars lead them to the stone. Before Yami Yugi presented the God Cards, Téa gave him a cartouche that she had just bought, so he can write his name on it when he finds it. Yami Yugi showed the three God Cards to the Tablet of Lost Memories. This time, a portal was opened, and Yami Yugi and Yami Bakura suddenly went into the tablet.

Yami's friends realized that the Memory World may be quite dangerous, and Yami Yugi has a very difficult task to do. Therefore, they wanted to get into the Memory World, but couldn't go through the portal in the tablet. Thus, Shadi appeared, and helped them find the "real" door to the Memory World, deep within the mazes of Yami Yugi's mind in the Millennium Puzzle. The stage was set for the ultimate game.

As Yami entered the Memory World, he was shocked to find out that he was in the body of his past self. Around him were the six priests: Seto, Aknadin, Mahad, Isis, Shada and Karim, each with their own Millennium Item. Also, next to him is his vizier, Shimon Muran.

Meanwhile, back in the real world, Yugi and his friends, Joey Wheeler, Téa Gardner, and Tristan Taylor were shocked to find out that Yami Yugi had left the puzzle. So, Bobasa (in the manga), or Shadi (in the anime), helped them by using the Millennium Key to open the way to the Maze of Yugi's heart to try and find the door to the Memory World.

Back in the Memory World, Yami had little time to react his surroundings, because at that moment, Thief King Bakura showed up, possessed by Yami Bakura, who had entered Bakura's body after entering the Memory World. He summoned his Ka spirit "Diabound", and attacked the priests. Bakura revealed his plan to take the seven Millennium Items and gain the Shadow Power of the Evil God Zorc Necrophades by putting them all in the stone slab in an underground crypt in the village of Kul Elna (based off the village of Qurna). The Pharaoh has had enough, and summons "Obelisk the Tormentor" to attack "Diabound", something the other priests are shocked by. In the manga, "Obelisk" defeats "Diabound" with ease, while in the anime, Obelisk and Diabound's power were equal (Diabound had the power of the Blue-Eyes White Dragon from Dark Bakura's duel against Kaiba). Bakura retreats, leaving the priests to discuss what happened. Later on, Seto tells Aknadin about his plan to use the Kas of villagers to create a Ka stronger than Diabound, which Aknadin objects to.

The next day, the priest Mahad plans to lure Bakura into a trap. He leads Bakura to a tomb he made to look like Aknamkanon's tomb. He battles Bakura, but is defeated in the end. He sacrifices his life to fuse his Ka and Ba to turn himself into the Dark Magician. While Bakura does get the Millennium Ring from Mahad, Mahad attacks him and destroys the tomb. But somehow, Bakura manages to escape.

By this point, Yugi and the others had found the door to the Memory World. Yugi, Joey, Téa, and Tristan had to go alone, because Shadi couldn't enter it for some reason. When they arrive in the Memory World, they meet up with Bobasa, who promises to help them. They go to the Palace but cannot get inside. They can pass through other buildings and people like ghosts, but they cannot enter the palace gates.

Seto and Shada go through the streets and the citizens on the street. Seto tells Shada to use his Millennium Key to test the hearts of the people, and try to find people who are home to strong monsters. When Seto tells Aknadin of his plan, Aknadin begs for Seto to reconsider, but Seto doesn't listen. A short time later, Bakura, wearing the Millennium Ring, attacks Aknadin with Diabound. Deciding not to kill Aknadin, he instead uses the power of the Ring to transfer his evil to Aknadin.

While on their search for criminals with strong Ka, Seto and Shada stop an angry mob from their assault on an innocent woman. Shada senses her powerful Ka (the Blue Eyes White Dragon) and Seto takes her back with them to the palace. It is later shown in a flashback that Seto and Kisara - the girl he rescued - had met before as children. Meanwhile, Aknadin is resting and has a flashback of what happened fifteen years ago: Aknadin created the Millennium Items at the cost of sacrificing the village of Kul Elna. It's also revealed that Aknadin is the younger brother of Aknamkanon, the previous Pharaoh, thus revealing that the Pharaoh and Seto are cousins. Now corrupted by Zorc, Aknadin's strongest wish is to see Seto rise to the throne as the new Pharaoh of Egypt. When he learns of Kisara's Ka, he is eager to have Seto extract it from her (and use it to usurp Atem), but Seto - out of his strong feelings for the girl - refuses. Aknadin then kidnaps him, although Kisara ultimately saves him and dies taking a blow meant for Seto. Distraught, Seto tries to kill Aknadin, only to have his mind taken over by Aknadin/Zorc and is subsequently forced to duel Pharaoh Atem. During the fight Kisara's spirit saves him by purifying Aknadin from his mind, and he is able to join Pharaoh Atem in the final battle against Zorc Necrophades.

Differences in the manga

  • In the original manga, the storyline goes directly from Battle City to the Pharaoh Memory World. There, Dark Yugi (Yami Yugi) gets the three Egyptian God Cards, which allow him to regain his memories of the past.
  • In the manga, Yugi never changes to Dark Yugi, so he and Dark Bakura do not talk about the ultimate Shadow Game.
  • Yugi and the gang do not travel to Egypt as the stone tablet is still in the museum.
  • Dark Bakura doesn't enter the tablet, because he knows his shadow in the Millennium Puzzle is still trying to find the door.
  • In the manga, Thief King Bakura was not possessed, since Dark Bakura had not yet entered the Memory World.
  • In the manga, they were being escorted by Bobasa, so they didn't have this problem.
  • The shadow of Dark Bakura that had been left in the Millennium Puzzle was following Yugi and the others throughout the Puzzle. When they reached the door, he followed them out.
  • Since they were already being escorted by Bobasa in the manga, this did not happen.
  • In the manga Seto Kaiba did not attend the trip to the world of memory nor did he have any part in that arc.
  • Kisara's death occurs differently between the anime and manga. In the anime, Kisara is struck down protecting Priest Seto from what appeared to be a dark energy blast. On the other hand in the manga she is killed by Aknadin himself through some sort of lightning attack.
  • The golden table, that bears the playing field, is not floating in the shadows, like it did in the Anime, instead it is set up in a backchamber of the Museum. Furthermore, Dark Bakura states that the table and all the models were constructed by Bakura Ryou under the spirit's supervision.
  • In the manga, the Duel between Priest Seto and the Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon against Zorc is absent
  • Duel of possessed Seto against Atem is the right before the Ceremonial Battle and after Zorc was defeated.

Note: For information on the new characters for this story arc, check out Yu-Gi-Oh! anime and manga characters.

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