Data Storm

Ai unlocks a Data Storm.

The Data Storm (データストーム Dēta Sutōmu) is a plot element featured in Yu-Gi-Oh! VRAINS.

The Data Storm was rumored to be a wind that once blew inside LINK VRAINS, which Duelists used to conduct a special kind of Duel called "Speed Duel", although that wind had disappeared. However, after Playmaker obtained the powerful AI program Ai in his Duel Disk, the Ignis released Data Material back into LINK VRAINS, returning the Data Storm to that world.


Data Storm 2

Playmaker riding the Data Storm.

Playmaker initiated a Duel against a member of the Knights of Hanoi after successfully capturing the AI that they were seeking. Learning that he would be handed over if Playmaker lost, Ai declared "Cyberse - Data Material Unlock" and generated a Data Storm, shocking everyone present. He then told Playmaker to ride it using his D-Board to surf through the Data Storm while Ai declared the beginning of a Speed Duel.[1]

After the conclusion of the Speed Duel, the Data Storm continued to linger in LINK VRAINS, allowing other Duelists to ride them. Speed Duels were considered too dangerous for regular users and anyone caught attempting them had their VRAINS accounts suspended.[2]


Unstable Data Storm

An unstable Data Storm destroying all virtual data.

When a Data Storm is active, there is a chance of it becoming unstable and creating a vortex of it which swallows up all things in its path. The resulting tornado is considered to be extremely dangerous and escaping from it is also difficult.

"Never-before-seen" monsters are said to live inside an unstable Data Storm, and Skills like "Storm Access" can access these cards. Additionally, the more intense the unstable Data Storm is, the more powerful the monster card that can be accessed from them.[3] Cards accessed from the Data Storm can then be made into physical cards using an apppropriate technology.[2] When Link Summoned, the cards obtained from Data Storms can be distinguished by the wave of cubes that create the monster's body, as compared to Link Monsters originally owned by the Duelist which appear from a ball of light.

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