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  • ()(てん)使()
  • 堕天使 (base)
  • だてんし (ruby)
  • Datenshi (romanized)
  • Fallen Angel (translated)


Anime appearances

Manga appearances

"Darklord", known as "Fallen Angel" (()(てん)使() Datenshi) in the Japanese version, are a series of DARK Fairy-Type monsters used by Midori Hibiki in the Yu-Gi-Oh! GX manga. Much of their effects are focused on sending Darklords to the Graveyard and then Summoning them. Much of this archetype have been released as V Jump Magazine Promotional Cards.

With the release of Legendary Collection 2, "Darklord" Decks have become readily accessible, with a copy of each "Darklord" previously only available as a YCS prize available in each.

Play Style


"Darklord" monsters have a few things in common: in addition to being DARK Fairy-Type monsters, they all have high Levels (ranging from 5 to 10) and all of them have high ATK to match. Also, some of them, such as "Darklord Superbia", can swarm the field.

It's recommended to two or three copies of "Celestial Transformation" due to the fact that one can Summon and swarm the field with high Level Fairy-Type monsters this way.

A "Darklord" Deck focuses on sending DARK Fairy-Type monsters to the Graveyard then reviving them, however bringing back a monster especially a "Darklord" requires a more permanent solution rather than relying on one time use cards such as "Monster Reborn", "Call of the Haunted", "Ribbon of Rebirth", etc. It is recommended to run three copies of "Athena" or two copies of "The Dark Creator"; however the downside of using the effect of "The Dark Creator" is that a clear field is needed. One can send one "The Dark Creator" to the Graveyard, then summon "Phantom of Chaos" to copy its effect, though this is a solution that cannot be used for more than one turn. Athena is favored over "The Dark Creator" for this reason. "Athena" also works well with "Darklord Zerato", whose effect would cause it to destroy itself at the end of turn. Using the effect of "Athena" you can send "Zerato" to the Graveyard and then revive it, thus resetting "Zerato" and preventing it from being destroyed.

This Deck can have many ways of discarding cards to the Graveyard. You can use monster effects such as "Armageddon Knight's" or "Dark Grepher's" effect, or the effects of "Darklord Asmodeus" and "Darklord Zerato", in order to discard cards to the Graveyard. Additionally, you can use "Trade-In" (you run many Level 8 monsters) and "Hand Destruction" in order to combine both discarding and drawing power. This deck, due to the large accumulation of DARK monsters, can also run DARK monster Deck support cards such as "Dark Illusion" or "Allure of Darkness".

Recommended cards




Deck Types

Darklord OTK

In order to perform this OTK you need to have plenty of DARK attribute monsters in your Graveyard plus one "Athena".

How to do it:

Play "Valhalla, Hall of the Fallen" and then Special Summon "Darklord Asmodeus". Use "Asmodeus'" effect to fill your Graveyard with DARK Fairy-type Monsters. Eventually your opponent will have to get rid of him to prevent him/her from the monster's 3000 ATK Points threat. When the opponent does, once again use "Valhalla's" effect so as to Special Summon "Athena" or you can Special Summon "The Dark Creator", then Special Summon "Darklord Superbia" and use "Superbia's" effect to Special Summon "Athena". Afterward, either Summon a Fairy-type monster or send "Darklord Superbia" to the Graveyard in order to Special Summon another "Darklord Superbia" and use her effect to Special Summon another Darklord such as "Darklord Zerato". Use "Zerato's" effect to clear the field and then head for a Direct Attack, performing an OTK.

You can also perform the combo with "Monster Reborn". Special Summon "Darklord Superbia" and after summoning "Athena", then replay the above instructions. You may play "Phantom of Chaos" by removing from play "The Dark Creator" or "Athena", and use the removed card's effect, followed by the usage of "Miraculous Descent", "Escape from the Dark Dimension" or even "Return from the Different Dimension". Running the above cards may enable you to Special Summon a "Darklord Asmodeus" that was sent to Graveyard previously. This OTK focuses on the Special Summoning of (especially Dark) Fairy-Type Monsters.

Some cards used are: "Darklord Superbia", "Darklord Asmodeus", "Darklord Zerato", "Dark Creator", "Athena", "Hecatrice", "Valhalla, Hall of the Fallen", and any card that Special Summons the above cards from the Graveyard or may emulate any of these cards, like "Phantom of Chaos".

Recommended Cards


Desired Control

Recommended cards


Norleras Darklords

Recommended cards

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