Dark Revelation Volume 4 is a reprint set, combining Cybernetic Revolution, Elemental Energy, Shadow of Infinity and Enemy of Justice and five other Secret Rare out-of-print cards. This set was not released outside the United States, where it was released with the Light and Darkness Power Pack. The Japanese equivalent to this set is Expert Edition Volume.4.


This set includes 245 cards. This comprises:



Set number Name Rarity Category
DR04-EN001 Cycroid Common Normal Monster
DR04-EN002 Soitsu Common Normal Monster
DR04-EN003 Mad Lobster Common Normal Monster
DR04-EN004 Jerry Beans Man Common Normal Monster
DR04-EN005 Winged Kuriboh LV10 Ultra Rare Effect Monster
DR04-EN006 Patroid Common Effect Monster
DR04-EN007 Gyroid Rare Effect Monster
DR04-EN008 Steamroid Rare Effect Monster
DR04-EN009 Drillroid Super Rare Effect Monster
DR04-EN010 UFOroid Common Effect Monster
DR04-EN011 Jetroid Common Effect Monster
DR04-EN012 Wroughtweiler Common Effect Monster
DR04-EN013 Dark Catapulter Common Effect Monster
DR04-EN014 Elemental Hero Bubbleman Common Effect Monster
DR04-EN015 Cyber Dragon Ultra Rare Effect Monster
DR04-EN016 Cybernetic Magician Rare Effect Monster
DR04-EN017 Cybernetic Cyclopean Common Effect Monster
DR04-EN018 Mechanical Hound Common Effect Monster
DR04-EN019 Cyber Archfiend Common Effect Monster
DR04-EN020 Goblin Elite Attack Force Super Rare Effect Monster
DR04-EN021 B.E.S. Crystal Core Super Rare Effect Monster
DR04-EN022 Giant Kozaky Common Effect Monster
DR04-EN023 Indomitable Fighter Lei Lei Common Effect Monster
DR04-EN024 Protective Soul Ailin Common Union monster
DR04-EN025 Doitsu Common Union monster
DR04-EN026 Des Frog Common Effect Monster
DR04-EN027 T.A.D.P.O.L.E. Common Effect Monster
DR04-EN028 Poison Draw Frog Common Effect Monster
DR04-EN029 Tyranno Infinity Rare Effect Monster
DR04-EN030 Batteryman C Common Effect Monster
DR04-EN031 Ebon Magician Curran Common Effect Monster
DR04-EN032 D.D.M. - Different Dimension Master Rare Effect Monster
DR04-EN033 Steam Gyroid Common Fusion Monster
DR04-EN034 UFOroid Fighter Rare Effect Fusion Monster
DR04-EN035 Cyber Twin Dragon Ultra Rare Effect Fusion Monster
DR04-EN036 Cyber End Dragon Ultra Rare Effect Fusion Monster
DR04-EN037 Power Bond Super Rare Normal Spell Card
DR04-EN038 Fusion Recovery Common Normal Spell Card
DR04-EN039 Miracle Fusion Super Rare Normal Spell Card
DR04-EN040 Dragon's Mirror Super Rare Normal Spell Card
DR04-EN041 System Down Rare Normal Spell Card
DR04-EN042 Des Croaking Common Normal Spell Card
DR04-EN043 Pot of Generosity Common Normal Spell Card
DR04-EN044 Shien's Spy Common Normal Spell Card
DR04-EN045 Transcendent Wings Common Quick-Play Spell Card
DR04-EN046 Bubble Shuffle Common Quick-Play Spell Card
DR04-EN047 Spark Blaster Common Equip Spell Card
DR04-EN048 Skyscraper Rare Field Spell Card
DR04-EN049 Fire Darts Common Normal Trap Card
DR04-EN050 Spiritual Earth Art - Kurogane Common Normal Trap Card
DR04-EN051 Spiritual Water Art - Aoi Common Normal Trap Card
DR04-EN052 Spiritual Fire Art - Kurenai Common Normal Trap Card
DR04-EN053 Spiritual Wind Art - Miyabi Common Normal Trap Card
DR04-EN054 A Rival Appears! Common Normal Trap Card
DR04-EN055 Magical Explosion Common Normal Trap Card
DR04-EN056 Rising Energy Rare Normal Trap Card
DR04-EN057 D.D. Trap Hole Common Normal Trap Card
DR04-EN058 Conscription Common Normal Trap Card
DR04-EN059 Dimension Wall Rare Normal Trap Card
DR04-EN060 Prepare to Strike Back Common Continuous Trap Card
DR04-EN061 Zure, Knight of Dark World Common Normal Monster
DR04-EN062 V-Tiger Jet Common Normal Monster
DR04-EN063 Blade Skater Common Normal Monster
DR04-EN064 Queen's Knight Rare Normal Monster
DR04-EN065 Jack's Knight Rare Normal Monster
DR04-EN066 King's Knight Rare Effect Monster
DR04-EN067 Elemental Hero Bladedge Super Rare Effect Monster
DR04-EN068 Elemental Hero Wildheart Super Rare Effect Monster
DR04-EN069 Reborn Zombie Common Effect Monster
DR04-EN070 Chthonian Soldier Common Effect Monster
DR04-EN071 W-Wing Catapult Common Union monster
DR04-EN072 Infernal Incinerator Common Effect Monster
DR04-EN073 Hydrogeddon Super Rare Effect Monster
DR04-EN074 Oxygeddon Common Effect Monster
DR04-EN075 Water Dragon Rare Effect Monster
DR04-EN076 Etoile Cyber Common Effect Monster
DR04-EN077 B.E.S. Tetran Super Rare Effect Monster
DR04-EN078 Nanobreaker Common Effect Monster
DR04-EN079 Rapid-Fire Magician Rare Effect Monster
DR04-EN080 Beiige, Vanguard of Dark World Common Effect Monster
DR04-EN081 Broww, Huntsman of Dark World Rare Effect Monster
DR04-EN082 Brron, Mad King of Dark World Rare Effect Monster
DR04-EN083 Sillva, Warlord of Dark World Ultra Rare Effect Monster
DR04-EN084 Goldd, Wu-Lord of Dark World Ultra Rare Effect Monster
DR04-EN085 Scarr, Scout of Dark World Common Effect Monster
DR04-EN086 Familiar-Possessed - Aussa Common Effect Monster
DR04-EN087 Familiar-Possessed - Eria Common Effect Monster
DR04-EN088 Familiar-Possessed - Hiita Common Effect Monster
DR04-EN089 Familiar-Possessed - Wynn Common Effect Monster
DR04-EN090 VW-Tiger Catapult Common Effect Fusion Monster
DR04-EN091 VWXYZ-Dragon Catapult Cannon Rare Effect Fusion Monster
DR04-EN092 Cyber Blader Rare Effect Fusion Monster
DR04-EN093 Elemental Hero Rampart Blaster Rare Effect Fusion Monster
DR04-EN094 Elemental Hero Tempest Super Rare Effect Fusion Monster
DR04-EN095 Elemental Hero Wildedge Rare Effect Fusion Monster
DR04-EN096 Elemental Hero Shining Flare Wingman Ultra Rare Effect Fusion Monster
DR04-EN097 Pot of Avarice Ultra Rare Normal Spell Card
DR04-EN098 Dark World Lightning Rare Normal Spell Card
DR04-EN099 Level Modulation Common Normal Spell Card
DR04-EN100 Ojamagic Rare Normal Spell Card
DR04-EN101 Ojamuscle Common Normal Spell Card
DR04-EN102 Feather Shot Common Normal Spell Card
DR04-EN103 Bonding - H2O Common Normal Spell Card
DR04-EN104 Chthonian Alliance Common Equip Spell Card
DR04-EN105 Armed Changer Common Equip Spell Card
DR04-EN106 Branch! Common Continuous Spell Card
DR04-EN107 Boss Rush Common Continuous Spell Card
DR04-EN108 Gateway to Dark World Common Quick-Play Spell Card
DR04-EN109 Hero Barrier Common Normal Trap Card
DR04-EN110 Chthonian Blast Common Normal Trap Card
DR04-EN111 The Forces of Darkness Common Normal Trap Card
DR04-EN112 Dark Deal Rare Normal Trap Card
DR04-EN113 Simultaneous Loss Common Normal Trap Card
DR04-EN114 Weed Out Common Normal Trap Card
DR04-EN115 The League of Uniform Nomenclature Common Normal Trap Card
DR04-EN116 Roll Out! Common Normal Trap Card
DR04-EN117 Chthonian Polymer Common Normal Trap Card
DR04-EN118 Feather Wind Common Counter Trap Card
DR04-EN119 Non-Fusion Area Common Continuous Trap Card
DR04-EN120 Level Limit - Area A Rare Continuous Trap Card
DR04-EN121 Uria, Lord of Searing Flames Ultra Rare Effect Monster
DR04-EN122 Hamon, Lord of Striking Thunder Ultra Rare Effect Monster
DR04-EN123 Raviel, Lord of Phantasms Ultra Rare Effect Monster
DR04-EN124 Elemental Hero Neo Bubbleman Common Effect Monster
DR04-EN125 Hero Kid Rare Effect Monster
DR04-EN126 Cyber Barrier Dragon Rare Effect Monster
DR04-EN127 Cyber Laser Dragon Rare Effect Monster
DR04-EN128 Ancient Gear Common Effect Monster
DR04-EN129 Ancient Gear Cannon Common Effect Monster
DR04-EN130 Proto-Cyber Dragon Super Rare Effect Monster
DR04-EN131 Adhesive Explosive Common Effect Monster
DR04-EN132 Machine King Prototype Common Effect Monster
DR04-EN133 B.E.S. Covered Core Super Rare Effect Monster
DR04-EN134 D.D. Guide Common Effect Monster
DR04-EN135 Chain Thrasher Common Effect Monster
DR04-EN136 Disciple of the Forbidden Spell Common Effect Monster
DR04-EN137 Tenkabito Shien Rare Effect Monster
DR04-EN138 Parasitic Ticky Common Effect Monster
DR04-EN139 Gokipon Common Effect Monster
DR04-EN140 Silent Insect Common Effect Monster
DR04-EN141 Chainsaw Insect Rare Effect Monster
DR04-EN142 Anteatereatingant Rare Effect Monster
DR04-EN143 Saber Beetle Rare Effect Monster
DR04-EN144 Doom Dozer Rare Effect Monster
DR04-EN145 Treeborn Frog Ultra Rare Effect Monster
DR04-EN146 Beelze Frog Common Effect Monster
DR04-EN147 Princess Pikeru Rare Effect Monster
DR04-EN148 Princess Curran Rare Effect Monster
DR04-EN149 Memory Crusher Common Effect Monster
DR04-EN150 Malice Ascendant Common Effect Monster
DR04-EN151 Grass Phantom Common Effect Monster
DR04-EN152 Sand Moth Rare Effect Monster
DR04-EN153 Divine Dragon - Excelion Super Rare Effect Monster
DR04-EN154 Ruin, Queen of Oblivion Super Rare Effect Ritual Monster
DR04-EN155 Demise, King of Armageddon Super Rare Effect Ritual Monster
DR04-EN156 D.3.S. Frog Common Effect Fusion Monster
DR04-EN157 Hero Heart Common Normal Spell Card
DR04-EN158 Magnet Circle LV2 Common Normal Spell Card
DR04-EN159 Ancient Gear Factory Common Normal Spell Card
DR04-EN160 Ancient Gear Drill Rare Normal Spell Card
DR04-EN161 Phantasmal Martyrs Common Normal Spell Card
DR04-EN162 Cyclone Boomerang Common Equip Spell Card
DR04-EN163 Symbol of Heritage Common Equip Spell Card
DR04-EN164 Trial of the Princesses Common Equip Spell Card
DR04-EN165 Photon Generator Unit Common Quick-Play Spell Card
DR04-EN166 End of the World Common Ritual Spell Card
DR04-EN167 Ancient Gear Castle Super Rare Continuous Spell Card
DR04-EN168 Samsara Common Continuous Spell Card
DR04-EN169 Super Junior Confrontation Common Normal Trap Card
DR04-EN170 Miracle Kids Common Normal Trap Card
DR04-EN171 Attack Reflector Unit Common Normal Trap Card
DR04-EN172 Damage Condenser Super Rare Normal Trap Card
DR04-EN173 Karma Cut Super Rare Normal Trap Card
DR04-EN174 Next to be Lost Common Normal Trap Card
DR04-EN175 Generation Shift Common Normal Trap Card
DR04-EN176 Full Salvo Common Normal Trap Card
DR04-EN177 Success Probability 0% Common Normal Trap Card
DR04-EN178 Option Hunter Common Normal Trap Card
DR04-EN179 Goblin Out of the Frying Pan Rare Counter Trap Card
DR04-EN180 Malfunction Rare Counter Trap Card
DR04-EN181 Destiny Hero - Doom Lord Rare Effect Monster
DR04-EN182 Destiny Hero - Captain Tenacious Common Effect Monster
DR04-EN183 Destiny Hero - Diamond Dude Super Rare Effect Monster
DR04-EN184 Destiny Hero - Dreadmaster Rare Effect Monster
DR04-EN185 Cyber Tutu Common Effect Monster
DR04-EN186 Cyber Gymnast Rare Effect Monster
DR04-EN187 Cyber Prima Rare Effect Monster
DR04-EN188 Cyber Kirin Common Effect Monster
DR04-EN189 Cyber Phoenix Ultra Rare Effect Monster
DR04-EN190 Searchlightman Common Flip monster
DR04-EN191 Victory Viper XX03 Super Rare Effect Monster
DR04-EN192 Swift Birdman Joe Common Effect Monster
DR04-EN193 Harpie's Pet Baby Dragon Rare Effect Monster
DR04-EN194 Majestic Mech - Senku Common Effect Monster
DR04-EN195 Majestic Mech - Ohka Super Rare Effect Monster
DR04-EN196 Majestic Mech - Goryu Super Rare Effect Monster
DR04-EN197 Royal Knight Common Effect Monster
DR04-EN198 Herald of Green Light Rare Effect Monster
DR04-EN199 Herald of Purple Light Rare Effect Monster
DR04-EN200 Bountiful Artemis Super Rare Effect Monster
DR04-EN201 Layard the Liberator Common Effect Monster
DR04-EN202 Banisher of the Radiance Super Rare Effect Monster
DR04-EN203 Voltanis the Adjudicator Ultra Rare Effect Monster
DR04-EN204 Guard Dog Common Flip monster
DR04-EN205 Whirlwind Weasel Common Flip monster
DR04-EN206 Avalanching Aussa Common Effect Monster
DR04-EN207 Raging Eria Common Effect Monster
DR04-EN208 Blazing Hiita Common Effect Monster
DR04-EN209 Storming Wynn Common Effect Monster
DR04-EN210 Batteryman D Common Effect Monster
DR04-EN211 Super-Electromagnetic Voltech Dragon Ultra Rare Effect Monster
DR04-EN212 Elemental Hero Phoenix Enforcer Rare Effect Fusion Monster
DR04-EN213 Elemental Hero Shining Phoenix Enforcer Ultra Rare Effect Fusion Monster
DR04-EN214 Elemental Hero Mariner Common Effect Fusion Monster
DR04-EN215 Elemental Hero Wild Wingman Rare Effect Fusion Monster
DR04-EN216 Elemental Hero Necroid Shaman Common Effect Fusion Monster
DR04-EN217 Misfortune Common Normal Spell Card
DR04-EN218 H - Heated Heart Common Normal Spell Card
DR04-EN219 E - Emergency Call Common Normal Spell Card
DR04-EN220 R - Righteous Justice Common Normal Spell Card
DR04-EN221 O - Oversoul Common Normal Spell Card
DR04-EN222 HERO Flash!! Common Normal Spell Card
DR04-EN223 Power Capsule Common Normal Spell Card
DR04-EN224 Celestial Transformation Rare Quick-Play Spell Card
DR04-EN225 Guard Penalty Rare Quick-Play Spell Card
DR04-EN226 Grand Convergence Rare Quick-Play Spell Card
DR04-EN227 Dimensional Fissure Rare Continuous Spell Card
DR04-EN228 Clock Tower Prison Rare Field Spell Card
DR04-EN229 Life Equalizer Rare Normal Trap Card
DR04-EN230 Elemental Recharge Common Normal Trap Card
DR04-EN231 Destruction of Destiny Common Normal Trap Card
DR04-EN232 Destiny Signal Rare Normal Trap Card
DR04-EN233 D - Time Common Normal Trap Card
DR04-EN234 D - Shield Common Normal Trap Card
DR04-EN235 Icarus Attack Super Rare Normal Trap Card
DR04-EN236 Elemental Absorber Common Continuous Trap Card
DR04-EN237 Macro Cosmos Super Rare Continuous Trap Card
DR04-EN238 Miraculous Descent Super Rare Continuous Trap Card
DR04-EN239 Shattered Axe Common Continuous Trap Card
DR04-EN240 Forced Back Rare Counter Trap Card
DR04-EN241 Satellite Cannon Secret Rare Effect Monster
DR04-EN242 Gilford the Lightning Secret Rare Effect Monster
DR04-EN243 Exarion Universe Secret Rare Effect Monster
DR04-EN244 D.D. Assailant Secret Rare Effect Monster
DR04-EN245 Kaibaman Secret Rare Effect Monster

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