Dark Revelation Volume 2

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Dark Revelation Volume 2
  • Dark Revelation Volume 2

Sombre Révélation 2


Dark Revelations Volume 2


Rivelazione Oscura Vol.2


Revelación Oscura Volumen 2

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  • DR2-EN (en)
  • DR2-FR (fr)
  • DR2-DE (de)
  • DR2-IT (it)
  • DR2-SP (sp)
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Release dates
English (world)
  • October 20, 2005
  • October 20, 2005
  • October 1, 2005
  • October 20, 2005
  • October 20, 2005

Dark Revelation Volume 2

Dark Revelation Volume 2 is the third reprint set in the TCG.

This set is the same set as Expert Edition Volume.2 in the Japanese Yu-Gi-Oh! OCG.


Every pack has 13 cards—instead of the normal 9—and a "Tip Card", which has a special tip to increase your game knowledge. Dark Revelation (and all other Reprint Packs) always contain 6 Monster Cards, 3 Trap Cards, 3 Spell Cards, 1 Tip Card and 1 or even 2 rares.

This set contains cards from Invasion of Chaos and Ancient Sanctuary.




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Dark Revelation Volume 2
(TCG - English)
Set # Name Rarity Card # Category
DR2-EN001 Ojama Yellow Common 42941100 Normal Monster
DR2-EN002 Ojama Black Common 79335209 Normal Monster
DR2-EN003 Soul Tiger Common 15734813 Normal Monster
DR2-EN004 Big Koala Common 42129512 Normal Monster
DR2-EN005 Des Kangaroo Common 78613627 Effect Monster
DR2-EN006 Crimson Ninja Common 14618326 Effect Monster
DR2-EN007 Strike Ninja Ultra Rare 41006930 Effect Monster
DR2-EN008 Gale Lizard Common 77491079 Effect Monster
DR2-EN009 Spirit of the Pot of Greed Common 04896788 Effect Monster
DR2-EN010 Chopman the Desperate Outlaw Common 40884383 Effect Monster
DR2-EN011 Sasuke Samurai #3 Common 77379481 Effect Monster
DR2-EN012 D.D. Scout Plane Rare 03773196 Effect Monster
DR2-EN013 Berserk Gorilla Rare 39168895 Effect Monster
DR2-EN014 Freed the Brave Wanderer Super Rare 16556849 Effect Monster
DR2-EN015 Coach Goblin Common 42541548 Effect Monster
DR2-EN016 Witch Doctor of Chaos Common 75946257 Effect Monster
DR2-EN017 Chaos Necromancer Common 01434352 Effect Monster
DR2-EN018 Chaosrider Gustaph Super Rare 47829960 Effect Monster
DR2-EN019 Inferno Common 74823665 Effect Monster
DR2-EN020 Fenrir Rare 00218704 Effect Monster
DR2-EN021 Gigantes Common 47606319 Effect Monster
DR2-EN022 Silpheed Common 73001017 Effect Monster
DR2-EN023 Chaos Sorcerer Common 09596126 Effect Monster
DR2-EN024 Gren Maju Da Eiza Common 36584821 Effect Monster
DR2-EN025 Black Luster Soldier - Envoy of the Beginning Ultra Rare 72989439 Effect Monster
DR2-EN026 Drillago Rare 99050989 Effect Monster
DR2-EN027 Lekunga Rare 62543393 Effect Monster
DR2-EN028 Lord Poison Common 40320754 Effect Monster
DR2-EN029 Bowganian Common 52090844 Effect Monster
DR2-EN030 Granadora Common 13944422 Effect Monster
DR2-EN031 Fuhma Shuriken Common 09373534 Equip Spell Card
DR2-EN032 Heart of the Underdog Common 35762283 Continuous Spell Card
DR2-EN033 Wild Nature's Release Rare 61166988 Normal Spell Card
DR2-EN034 Ojama Delta Hurricane!! Common 08251996 Normal Spell Card
DR2-EN035 Stumbling Common 34646691 Continuous Spell Card
DR2-EN036 Chaos End Common 61044390 Normal Spell Card
DR2-EN037 Yellow Luster Shield Common 04542651 Continuous Spell Card
DR2-EN038 Chaos Greed Common 97439308 Normal Spell Card
DR2-EN039 D.D. Designator Super Rare 33423043 Normal Spell Card
DR2-EN040 D.D. Borderline Common 60912752 Continuous Spell Card
DR2-EN041 Recycle Common 96316857 Continuous Spell Card
DR2-EN042 Primal Seed Common 23701465 Normal Spell Card
DR2-EN043 Thunder Crash Common 69196160 Normal Spell Card
DR2-EN044 Dimension Distortion Common 95194279 Normal Spell Card
DR2-EN045 Reload Super Rare 22589918 Quick-Play Spell Card
DR2-EN046 Soul Absorption Common 68073522 Continuous Spell Card
DR2-EN047 Big Burn Super Rare 95472621 Normal Trap Card
DR2-EN048 Blasting the Ruins Common 21466326 Normal Trap Card
DR2-EN049 Cursed Seal of the Forbidden Spell Common 58851034 Counter Trap Card
DR2-EN050 Tower of Babel Common 94256039 Continuous Trap Card
DR2-EN051 Spatial Collapse Common 20644748 Continuous Trap Card
DR2-EN052 Chain Disappearance Rare 57139487 Normal Trap Card
DR2-EN053 Zero Gravity Common 83133491 Normal Trap Card
DR2-EN054 Dark Mirror Force Super Rare 20522190 Normal Trap Card
DR2-EN055 Energy Drain Common 56916805 Normal Trap Card
DR2-EN056 Chaos Emperor Dragon - Envoy of the End Ultra Rare 82301904 Effect Monster
DR2-EN057 Giga Gagagigo Common 43793530 Normal Monster
DR2-EN058 Mad Dog of Darkness Common 79182538 Normal Monster
DR2-EN059 Neo Bug Common 16587243 Normal Monster
DR2-EN060 Sea Serpent Warrior of Darkness Common 42071342 Normal Monster
DR2-EN061 Terrorking Salmon Common 78060096 Normal Monster
DR2-EN062 Blazing Inpachi Common 05464695 Normal Monster
DR2-EN063 Burning Algae Common 41859700 Effect Monster
DR2-EN064 The Thing in the Crater Common 78243409 Effect Monster
DR2-EN065 Molten Zombie Common 04732017 Effect Monster
DR2-EN066 Dark Magician of Chaos Ultra Rare 40737112 Effect Monster
DR2-EN067 Gora Turtle of Illusion Common 42868711 Effect Monster
DR2-EN068 Manticore of Darkness Super Rare 77121851 Effect Monster
DR2-EN069 Stealth Bird Rare 03510565 Effect Monster
DR2-EN070 Sacred Crane Common 30914564 Effect Monster
DR2-EN071 Enraged Battle Ox Common 76909279 Effect Monster
DR2-EN072 Don Turtle Common 03493978 Effect Monster
DR2-EN073 Balloon Lizard Common 39892082 Effect Monster
DR2-EN074 Dark Driceratops Common 65287621 Effect Monster
DR2-EN075 Hyper Hammerhead Common 02671330 Effect Monster
DR2-EN076 Black Tyranno Ultra Rare 38670435 Effect Monster
DR2-EN077 Anti-Aircraft Flower Common 65064143 Effect Monster
DR2-EN078 Prickle Fairy Common 91559748 Effect Monster
DR2-EN079 Pinch Hopper Common 26185991 Effect Monster
DR2-EN080 Skull-Mark Ladybug Common 64306248 Effect Monster
DR2-EN081 Insect Princess Ultra Rare 37957847 Effect Monster
DR2-EN082 Amphibious Bugroth MK-3 Rare 64342551 Effect Monster
DR2-EN083 Torpedo Fish Common 90337190 Effect Monster
DR2-EN084 Levia-Dragon - Daedalus Ultra Rare 37721209 Effect Monster
DR2-EN085 Orca Mega-Fortress of Darkness Rare 63120904 Effect Monster
DR2-EN086 Cannonball Spear Shellfish Common 95614612 Effect Monster
DR2-EN087 Mataza the Zapper Rare 22609617 Effect Monster
DR2-EN088 Guardian Angel Joan Super Rare 68007326 Effect Monster
DR2-EN089 Manju of the Ten Thousand Hands Common 95492061 Effect Monster
DR2-EN090 Getsu Fuhma Common 21887179 Effect Monster
DR2-EN091 Ryu Kokki Super Rare 57281778 Effect Monster
DR2-EN092 Gryphon's Feather Duster Common 34370473 Normal Spell Card
DR2-EN093 Stray Lambs Rare 60764581 Normal Spell Card
DR2-EN094 Smashing Ground Common 97169186 Normal Spell Card
DR2-EN095 Dimension Fusion Super Rare 23557835 Normal Spell Card
DR2-EN096 Dedication through Light and Darkness Super Rare 69542930 Quick-Play Spell Card
DR2-EN097 Salvage Common 96947648 Normal Spell Card
DR2-EN098 Ultra Evolution Pill Common 22431243 Normal Spell Card
DR2-EN099 Multiplication of Ants Common 22493811 Normal Spell Card
DR2-EN100 Earth Chant Common 59820352 Ritual Spell Card
DR2-EN101 Jade Insect Whistle Common 95214051 Normal Spell Card
DR2-EN102 Destruction Ring Common 21219755 Normal Trap Card
DR2-EN103 Fiend's Hand Mirror Common 58607704 Normal Trap Card
DR2-EN104 Compulsory Evacuation Device Rare 94192409 Normal Trap Card
DR2-EN105 A Hero Emerges Common 21597117 Normal Trap Card
DR2-EN106 Self-Destruct Button Common 57585212 Normal Trap Card
DR2-EN107 Curse of Darkness Rare 84970821 Continuous Trap Card
DR2-EN108 Begone, Knave! Common 20374520 Continuous Trap Card
DR2-EN109 DNA Transplant Common 56769674 Continuous Trap Card
DR2-EN110 Robbin' Zombie Rare 83258273 Continuous Trap Card
DR2-EN111 Trap Jammer Rare 19252988 Counter Trap Card
DR2-EN112 Invader of Darkness Ultra Rare 56647086 Effect Monster
DR2-EN113 Gogiga Gagagigo Common 39674352 Normal Monster
DR2-EN114 Warrior of Zera Common 66073051 Normal Monster
DR2-EN115 Sealmaster Meisei Common 02468169 Normal Monster
DR2-EN116 Mystical Shine Ball Common 39552864 Normal Monster
DR2-EN117 Metal Armored Bug Common 65957473 Normal Monster
DR2-EN118 The Agent of Judgment - Saturn Super Rare 91345518 Effect Monster
DR2-EN119 The Agent of Wisdom - Mercury Common 38730226 Effect Monster
DR2-EN120 The Agent of Creation - Venus Common 64734921 Effect Monster
DR2-EN121 The Agent of Force - Mars Common 91123920 Effect Monster
DR2-EN122 The Unhappy Girl Common 27618634 Effect Monster
DR2-EN123 Soul-Absorbing Bone Tower Common 63012333 Effect Monster
DR2-EN124 The Kick Man Common 90407382 Effect Monster
DR2-EN125 Vampire Lady Common 26495087 Effect Monster
DR2-EN126 Stone Statue of the Aztecs Rare 31812496 Effect Monster
DR2-EN127 Rocket Jumper Common 53890795 Effect Monster
DR2-EN128 Avatar of The Pot Common 99284890 Effect Monster
DR2-EN129 Legendary Jujitsu Master Common 25773409 Effect Monster
DR2-EN130 Gear Golem the Moving Fortress Super Rare 30190809 Effect Monster
DR2-EN131 KA-2 Des Scissors Common 52768103 Effect Monster
DR2-EN132 Needle Burrower Rare 98162242 Effect Monster
DR2-EN133 Sonic Jammer Common 84550200 Effect Monster
DR2-EN134 Blowback Dragon Ultra Rare 25551951 Effect Monster
DR2-EN135 Zaborg the Thunder Monarch Super Rare 51945556 Effect Monster
DR2-EN136 Atomic Firefly Common 87340664 Effect Monster
DR2-EN137 Mermaid Knight Rare 24435369 Effect Monster
DR2-EN138 Piranha Army Common 50823978 Effect Monster
DR2-EN139 Two Thousand Needles Common 83228073 Effect Monster
DR2-EN140 Disc Fighter Common 19612721 Effect Monster
DR2-EN141 Arcane Archer of the Forest Common 55001420 Effect Monster
DR2-EN142 Lady Ninja Yae Common 82005435 Effect Monster
DR2-EN143 Goblin King Common 18590133 Effect Monster
DR2-EN144 Solar Flare Dragon Common 45985838 Effect Monster
DR2-EN145 White Magician Pikeru Common 81383947 Effect Monster
DR2-EN146 Archlord Zerato Ultra Rare 18378582 Effect Monster
DR2-EN147 Opti-Camouflage Armor Common 44762290 Equip Spell Card
DR2-EN148 Mystik Wok Common 80161395 Quick-Play Spell Card
DR2-EN149 Enemy Controller Super Rare 98045062 Quick-Play Spell Card
DR2-EN150 Burst Stream of Destruction Super Rare 17655904 Normal Spell Card
DR2-EN151 Monster Gate Common 43040603 Normal Spell Card
DR2-EN152 Amplifier Rare 00303660 Equip Spell Card
DR2-EN153 Weapon Change Common 10035717 Continuous Spell Card
DR2-EN154 The Sanctuary in the Sky Common 56433456 Field Spell Card
DR2-EN155 Earthquake Common 82828051 Normal Spell Card
DR2-EN156 Talisman of Trap Sealing Common 19312169 Continuous Spell Card
DR2-EN157 Goblin Thief Common 45311864 Normal Spell Card
DR2-EN158 Backfire Common 82705573 Continuous Trap Card
DR2-EN159 Micro Ray Common 18190572 Normal Trap Card
DR2-EN160 Light of Judgment Common 44595286 Normal Trap Card
DR2-EN161 Talisman of Spell Sealing Common 71983925 Continuous Trap Card
DR2-EN162 Wall of Revealing Light Common 17078030 Continuous Trap Card
DR2-EN163 Solar Ray Common 44472639 Normal Trap Card
DR2-EN164 Ninjitsu Art of Transformation Common 70861343 Continuous Trap Card
DR2-EN165 Beckoning Light Common 16255442 Normal Trap Card
DR2-EN166 Draining Shield Rare 43250041 Normal Trap Card
DR2-EN167 Armor Break Common 79649195 Counter Trap Card
DR2-EN168 Mazera DeVille Ultra Rare 06133894 Effect Monster
DR2-EN169 Gigobyte Common 53776525 Normal Monster
DR2-EN170 Mokey Mokey Common 27288416 Normal Monster
DR2-EN171 Kozaky Common 99171160 Normal Monster
DR2-EN172 Fiend Scorpion Common 26566878 Normal Monster
DR2-EN173 Pharaoh's Servant Common 52550973 Normal Monster
DR2-EN174 Pharaonic Protector Common 89959682 Normal Monster
DR2-EN175 Spirit of the Pharaoh Ultra Rare 25343280 Effect Monster
DR2-EN176 Theban Nightmare Rare 51838385 Effect Monster
DR2-EN177 Aswan Apparition Common 88236094 Effect Monster
DR2-EN178 Protector of the Sanctuary Rare 24221739 Effect Monster
DR2-EN179 Nubian Guard Common 51616747 Effect Monster
DR2-EN180 Legacy Hunter Super Rare 87010442 Effect Monster
DR2-EN181 Desertapir Common 13409151 Effect Monster
DR2-EN182 Sand Gambler Common 50593156 Effect Monster
DR2-EN183 3-Hump Lacooda Common 86988864 Effect Monster
DR2-EN184 Ghost Knight of Jackal Ultra Rare 13386503 Effect Monster
DR2-EN185 Absorbing Kid from the Sky Common 49771608 Effect Monster
DR2-EN186 Elephant Statue of Blessing Common 85166216 Effect Monster
DR2-EN187 Elephant Statue of Disaster Common 12160911 Effect Monster
DR2-EN188 Spirit Caller Common 48659020 Effect Monster
DR2-EN189 Emissary of the Afterlife Super Rare 75043725 Effect Monster
DR2-EN190 Grave Protector Common 11448373 Effect Monster
DR2-EN191 Double Coston Rare 44436472 Effect Monster
DR2-EN192 Regenerating Mummy Common 70821187 Effect Monster
DR2-EN193 Night Assailant Rare 16226786 Effect Monster
DR2-EN194 Man-Thro' Tro' Common 43714890 Effect Monster
DR2-EN195 King of the Swamp Common 79109599 Effect Monster
DR2-EN196 Emissary of the Oasis Common 06103294 Effect Monster
DR2-EN197 Special Hurricane Rare 42598242 Normal Spell Card
DR2-EN198 Order to Charge Common 78986941 Quick-Play Spell Card
DR2-EN199 Sword of the Soul-Eater Common 05371656 Equip Spell Card
DR2-EN200 Dust Barrier Common 31476755 Continuous Spell Card
DR2-EN201 Soul Reversal Common 78864369 Quick-Play Spell Card
DR2-EN202 Spell Economics Rare 04259068 Continuous Spell Card
DR2-EN203 Blessings of the Nile Common 30653113 Continuous Spell Card
DR2-EN204 7 Common 67048711 Continuous Spell Card
DR2-EN205 Level Limit - Area B Rare 03136426 Continuous Spell Card
DR2-EN206 Enchanting Fitting Room Common 30531525 Normal Spell Card
DR2-EN207 The Law of the Normal Common 66926224 Normal Spell Card
DR2-EN208 Dark Magic Attack Ultra Rare 02314238 Normal Spell Card
DR2-EN209 Delta Attacker Common 39719977 Normal Spell Card
DR2-EN210 Thousand Energy Common 05703682 Normal Spell Card
DR2-EN211 Triangle Power Common 32298781 Normal Spell Card
DR2-EN212 The Third Sarcophagus Common 78697395 Continuous Spell Card
DR2-EN213 The Second Sarcophagus Common 04081094 Continuous Spell Card
DR2-EN214 The First Sarcophagus Super Rare 31076103 Continuous Trap Card
DR2-EN215 Dora of Fate Common 67464807 Normal Trap Card
DR2-EN216 Judgment of the Desert Common 04869446 Continuous Trap Card
DR2-EN217 Human-Wave Tactics Common 30353551 Continuous Trap Card
DR2-EN218 Curse of Anubis Super Rare 66742250 Normal Trap Card
DR2-EN219 Desert Sunlight Common 93747864 Normal Trap Card
DR2-EN220 Des Counterblow Rare 39131963 Continuous Trap Card
DR2-EN221 Labyrinth of Nightmare Common 66526672 Continuous Trap Card
DR2-EN222 Soul Resurrection Rare 92924317 Continuous Trap Card
DR2-EN223 Order to Smash Common 39019325 Normal Trap Card
DR2-EN224 The End of Anubis Ultra Rare 65403020 Effect Monster

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