Dark Revelation Volume 1 is the sixteenth Booster Pack in the TCG. The second reprint set in the TCG, it contains most cards from Pharaonic Guardian to Dark Crisis. It contains cards with decreased rarity. This set was also the first to contain Tip Cards, which had not yet been released in Booster Packs.


Every pack contains 12 cards instead of the usual 9, and a "Tip Card", which has a special tip to increase your game knowledge. Dark Revelation (and all other Reprint Packs) always contain 6 Monster Cards, 3 Spell Cards, 3 Trap Cards, 1 Tip Card and 1 or even 2 Rares.


  • Yami Yugi's appearance on the cover of this booster pack is taken from the title page for Yu-Gi-Oh! Duelist Duel 76: "Rigged!". However, the traditional playing cards are replaced with Yu-Gi-Oh! trading cards, and a Duel Disk is added to his arm. This was also used earlier for Expert Edition Volume.1.




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