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Dark Lucius

  • 漆黒の魔王ダーク・ルシアス
  • 漆黒の魔王 (base)
  • ダーク・ルシアス (ruby)
  • Dāku Rushiasu (romanized)


  • Reine Charmeuse


Dark Lucius is a series of 3 EARTH Fiend-Type "LV" monsters released in Cyberdark Impact. They can negate the effects of monsters that are defeated by them, similar to the effect of "Wicked-Breaking Flamberge - Baou". The trump card of this series is "Dark Lucius LV8", which can even banish the defeated monsters, if it was Summoned through the effect of "Dark Lucius LV6".


Recommended Cards

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