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Dark Beginning 1
  • Dark Beginning 1

Dark Beginning 1


Principio Oscuro 1

Set information


  • DB1-EN (en)
  • DB1-DE (de)
  • DB1-SP (sp)
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Yugioh-Card database ID
Release dates
English (na)
  • October 12, 2004
  • December 17, 2004
  • December 1, 2004

Dark Beginning 1

Dark Beginning 1 is the 14th booster pack in the TCG. It is the first set to feature Yugi Muto on the pack, as all the other sets usually have Yami Yugi.

This set is the TCG version of the OCG reprint set Beginner's Edition 1.


Dark Beginning 1 is the first reprint set in the TCG, containing the Japanese sets Duelist Legacy Volume.1, Duelist Legacy Volume.2, and the first "half" of Duelist Legacy Volume.3 (i.e., most cards from LOB-LON). It contains all 5 pieces of "Exodia the Forbidden One", as well as many other cards with decreased rarity. Also, it contains a few cards never before seen in boosters.

Designed for beginners, every pack has 12 cards—instead of the normal 9—and a "Tip Card", which has a special tip to increase your game knowledge. Dark Beginning (and all other Reprint Packs) always contain 6 Monster Cards, 3 Trap Cards, 3 Spell Cards, 1 Tip Card and 1 or even 2 rares.

Yugi Muto's appearance on the cover of this booster pack is taken from the title page for Yu-Gi-Oh! Millennium World Duel 47: "The Silent Duelist!!".


12 cards per pack, 24 packs per box. Includes 250 cards, comprised of:



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Dark Beginning 1
(TCG - Worldwide English)
Set # Name Rarity Card # Category
DB1-EN001 Penguin Knight Common 36039163 Effect Monster
DB1-EN002 Axe of Despair Rare 40619825 Equip Spell Card
DB1-EN003 Black Pendant Rare 65169794 Equip Spell Card
DB1-EN004 Horn of Light Common 38552107 Equip Spell Card
DB1-EN005 Malevolent Nuzzler Common 99597615 Equip Spell Card
DB1-EN006 Spellbinding Circle Rare 18807108 Continuous Trap Card
DB1-EN007 Electric Snake Common 11324436 Effect Monster
DB1-EN008 Ameba Common 95174353 Effect Monster
DB1-EN009 Maha Vailo Common 93013676 Effect Monster
DB1-EN010 Minar Common 32539892 Effect Monster
DB1-EN011 Griggle Common 95744531 Effect Monster
DB1-EN012 Hiro's Shadow Scout Common 81863068 Flip Effect Monster
DB1-EN013 Invader of the Throne Common 03056267 Flip Effect Monster
DB1-EN014 Slot Machine Common 03797883 Normal Monster
DB1-EN015 Relinquished Super Rare 64631466 Ritual Monster
DB1-EN016 Red Archery Girl Common 65570596 Normal Monster
DB1-EN017 Gravekeeper's Servant Common 16762927 Continuous Spell Card
DB1-EN018 Upstart Goblin Common 70368879 Normal Spell Card
DB1-EN019 Toll Common 82003859 Continuous Spell Card
DB1-EN020 Final Destiny Common 18591904 Normal Spell Card
DB1-EN021 Snatch Steal Ultra Rare 45986603 Equip Spell Card
DB1-EN022 Chorus of Sanctuary Common 81380218 Field Spell Card
DB1-EN023 Confiscation Common 17375316 Normal Spell Card
DB1-EN024 Delinquent Duo Super Rare 44763025 Normal Spell Card
DB1-EN025 Fairy's Hand Mirror Common 17653779 Normal Trap Card
DB1-EN026 Tailor of the Fickle Common 43641473 Quick-Play Spell Card
DB1-EN027 Rush Recklessly Common 70046172 Quick-Play Spell Card
DB1-EN028 The Reliable Guardian Common 16430187 Quick-Play Spell Card
DB1-EN029 The Forceful Sentry Rare 42829885 Normal Spell Card
DB1-EN030 Chain Energy Common 79323590 Continuous Spell Card
DB1-EN031 Mystical Space Typhoon Super Rare 05318639 Quick-Play Spell Card
DB1-EN032 Giant Trunade Rare 42703248 Normal Spell Card
DB1-EN033 Painful Choice Common 74191942 Normal Spell Card
DB1-EN034 Horn of the Unicorn Common 64047146 Equip Spell Card
DB1-EN035 Labyrinth Wall Common 67284908 Normal Monster
DB1-EN036 Eternal Rest Common 95051344 Normal Spell Card
DB1-EN037 Megamorph Super Rare 22046459 Equip Spell Card
DB1-EN038 Manga Ryu-Ran Common 38369349 Toon Monster
DB1-EN039 Toon Mermaid Common 65458948 Toon Monster
DB1-EN040 Toon Summoned Skull Rare 91842653 Toon Monster
DB1-EN041 Hyozanryu Common 62397231 Normal Monster
DB1-EN042 Toon World Common 15259703 Continuous Spell Card
DB1-EN043 Cyber Jar Rare 34124316 Flip Effect Monster
DB1-EN044 Banisher of the Light Common 61528025 Effect Monster
DB1-EN045 Giant Rat Rare 97017120 Effect Monster
DB1-EN046 Senju of the Thousand Hands Common 23401839 Effect Monster
DB1-EN047 UFO Turtle Common 60806437 Effect Monster
DB1-EN048 Flash Assailant Common 96890582 Effect Monster
DB1-EN049 Karate Man Common 23289281 Effect Monster
DB1-EN050 Giant Germ Common 95178994 Effect Monster
DB1-EN051 Nimble Momonga Rare 22567609 Effect Monster
DB1-EN052 Shining Angel Common 95956346 Effect Monster
DB1-EN053 Mother Grizzly Common 57839750 Effect Monster
DB1-EN054 Flying Kamakiri #1 Common 84834865 Effect Monster
DB1-EN055 Ceremonial Bell Common 20228463 Effect Monster
DB1-EN056 Sonic Bird Common 57617178 Effect Monster
DB1-EN057 Mystic Tomato Rare 83011277 Effect Monster
DB1-EN058 Kotodama Common 19406822 Effect Monster
DB1-EN059 Gaia Power Common 56594520 Field Spell Card
DB1-EN060 Umiiruka Common 82999629 Field Spell Card
DB1-EN061 Molten Destruction Common 19384334 Field Spell Card
DB1-EN062 Rising Air Current Common 45778932 Field Spell Card
DB1-EN063 Luminous Spark Common 81777047 Field Spell Card
DB1-EN064 Mystic Plasma Zone Common 18161786 Field Spell Card
DB1-EN065 Messenger of Peace Common 44656491 Continuous Spell Card
DB1-EN066 Blue-Eyes Toon Dragon Super Rare 53183600 Toon Monster
DB1-EN067 Jinzo Ultra Rare 77585513 Effect Monster
DB1-EN068 Parasite Paracide Common 27911549 Flip Effect Monster
DB1-EN069 Lightforce Sword Common 49587034 Normal Trap Card
DB1-EN070 Chain Destruction Common 01248895 Normal Trap Card
DB1-EN071 Time Seal Common 35316708 Normal Trap Card
DB1-EN072 Graverobber Common 61705417 Normal Trap Card
DB1-EN073 Gift of the Mystical Elf Common 98299011 Normal Trap Card
DB1-EN074 The Eye of Truth Common 34694160 Continuous Trap Card
DB1-EN075 Dust Tornado Rare 60082869 Normal Trap Card
DB1-EN076 Call of the Haunted Super Rare 97077563 Continuous Trap Card
DB1-EN077 Enchanted Javelin Common 96355986 Normal Trap Card
DB1-EN078 Mirror Wall Common 22359980 Continuous Trap Card
DB1-EN079 Numinous Healer Common 02130625 Normal Trap Card
DB1-EN080 Forced Requisition Common 74923978 Continuous Trap Card
DB1-EN081 DNA Surgery Common 74701381 Continuous Trap Card
DB1-EN082 Backup Soldier Common 36280194 Normal Trap Card
DB1-EN083 Ceasefire Super Rare 36468556 Normal Trap Card
DB1-EN084 Light of Intervention Common 62867251 Continuous Trap Card
DB1-EN085 Respect Play Common 08951260 Continuous Trap Card
DB1-EN086 Imperial Order Ultra Rare 61740673 Continuous Trap Card
DB1-EN087 Magical Hats Rare 81210420 Normal Trap Card
DB1-EN088 Nobleman of Crossout Super Rare 71044499 Normal Spell Card
DB1-EN089 Nobleman of Extermination Common 17449108 Normal Spell Card
DB1-EN090 The Shallow Grave Common 43434803 Normal Spell Card
DB1-EN091 Premature Burial Super Rare 70828912 Equip Spell Card
DB1-EN092 Morphing Jar #2 Rare 79106360 Flip Effect Monster
DB1-EN093 Kiseitai Common 04266839 Effect Monster
DB1-EN094 Harpie's Brother Common 30532390 Normal Monster
DB1-EN095 Buster Blader Super Rare 78193831 Effect Monster
DB1-EN096 Dark Sage Ultra Rare 92377303 Effect Monster
DB1-EN097 Big Shield Gardna Ultra Rare 65240384 Effect Monster
DB1-EN098 Blue-Eyes White Dragon Ultra Rare 89631139 Normal Monster
DB1-EN099 Hitotsu-Me Giant Common 76184692 Normal Monster
DB1-EN100 Flame Swordsman Rare 45231177 Fusion Monster
DB1-EN101 Skull Servant Common 32274490 Normal Monster
DB1-EN102 Dark Magician Ultra Rare 46986414 Normal Monster
DB1-EN103 Gaia the Fierce Knight Rare 06368038 Normal Monster
DB1-EN104 Celtic Guardian Common 91152256 Normal Monster
DB1-EN105 Mammoth Graveyard Common 40374923 Normal Monster
DB1-EN106 Silver Fang Common 90357090 Normal Monster
DB1-EN107 Flame Manipulator Common 34460851 Normal Monster
DB1-EN108 Dark King of the Abyss Common 53375573 Normal Monster
DB1-EN109 Aqua Madoor Common 85639257 Normal Monster
DB1-EN110 Masaki the Legendary Swordsman Common 44287299 Normal Monster
DB1-EN111 Dragon Capture Jar Common 50045299 Continuous Trap Card
DB1-EN112 Umi Common 22702055 Field Spell Card
DB1-EN113 Dark Hole Super Rare 53129443 Normal Spell Card
DB1-EN114 Raigeki Ultra Rare 12580477 Normal Spell Card
DB1-EN115 Red Medicine Common 38199696 Normal Spell Card
DB1-EN116 Hinotama Common 46130346 Normal Spell Card
DB1-EN117 Fissure Rare 66788016 Normal Spell Card
DB1-EN118 Trap Hole Rare 04206964 Normal Trap Card
DB1-EN119 Polymerization Common 24094653 Normal Spell Card
DB1-EN120 Mystical Elf Common 15025844 Normal Monster
DB1-EN121 Beaver Warrior Common 32452818 Normal Monster
DB1-EN122 Gaia the Dragon Champion Rare 66889139 Fusion Monster
DB1-EN123 Curse of Dragon Common 28279543 Normal Monster
DB1-EN124 Giant Soldier of Stone Common 13039848 Normal Monster
DB1-EN125 Uraby Common 01784619 Normal Monster
DB1-EN126 Red-Eyes B. Dragon Super Rare 74677422 Normal Monster
DB1-EN127 Reaper of the Cards Common 33066139 Flip Effect Monster
DB1-EN128 Stop Defense Common 63102017 Normal Spell Card
DB1-EN129 Swords of Revealing Light Super Rare 72302403 Normal Spell Card
DB1-EN130 Armed Ninja Common 09076207 Flip Effect Monster
DB1-EN131 Man-Eater Bug Rare 54652250 Flip Effect Monster
DB1-EN132 Hane-Hane Common 07089711 Flip Effect Monster
DB1-EN133 Monster Reborn Ultra Rare 83764718 Normal Spell Card
DB1-EN134 Pot of Greed Super Rare 55144522 Normal Spell Card
DB1-EN135 Right Leg of the Forbidden One Common 08124921 Normal Monster
DB1-EN136 Left Leg of the Forbidden One Common 44519536 Normal Monster
DB1-EN137 Right Arm of the Forbidden One Common 70903634 Normal Monster
DB1-EN138 Left Arm of the Forbidden One Common 07902349 Normal Monster
DB1-EN139 Exodia the Forbidden One Ultra Rare 33396948 Effect Monster
DB1-EN140 Feral Imp Common 41392891 Normal Monster
DB1-EN141 Winged Dragon, Guardian of the Fortress #1 Common 87796900 Normal Monster
DB1-EN142 Summoned Skull Super Rare 70781052 Normal Monster
DB1-EN143 Armored Lizard Common 15480588 Normal Monster
DB1-EN144 Larvae Moth Common 87756343 Effect Monster
DB1-EN145 Harpie Lady Common 76812113 Normal Monster
DB1-EN146 Harpie Lady Sisters Common 12206212 Effect Monster
DB1-EN147 Kojikocy Common 01184620 Normal Monster
DB1-EN148 Cocoon of Evolution Common 40240595 Effect Monster
DB1-EN149 Armored Zombie Common 20277860 Normal Monster
DB1-EN150 Mask of Darkness Common 28933734 Flip Effect Monster
DB1-EN151 White Magical Hat Common 15150365 Effect Monster
DB1-EN152 Big Eye Common 16768387 Flip Effect Monster
DB1-EN153 B. Skull Dragon Super Rare 11901678 Fusion Monster
DB1-EN154 Masked Sorcerer Common 10189126 Effect Monster
DB1-EN155 Petit Moth Common 58192742 Normal Monster
DB1-EN156 Elegant Egotist Common 90219263 Normal Spell Card
DB1-EN157 Sanga of the Thunder Common 25955164 Effect Monster
DB1-EN158 Kazejin Common 62340868 Effect Monster
DB1-EN159 Suijin Common 98434877 Effect Monster
DB1-EN160 Mystic Lamp Common 98049915 Effect Monster
DB1-EN161 Blast Juggler Common 70138455 Effect Monster
DB1-EN162 Jinzo #7 Common 32809211 Effect Monster
DB1-EN163 Magician of Faith Rare 31560081 Flip Effect Monster
DB1-EN164 Fake Trap Common 03027001 Normal Trap Card
DB1-EN165 Tribute to the Doomed Rare 79759861 Normal Spell Card
DB1-EN166 Soul Release Common 05758500 Normal Spell Card
DB1-EN167 The Cheerful Coffin Common 41142615 Normal Spell Card
DB1-EN168 Change of Heart Ultra Rare 04031928 Normal Spell Card
DB1-EN169 Makyura the Destructor Super Rare 21593977 Effect Monster
DB1-EN170 Exchange Super Rare 05556668 Normal Spell Card
DB1-EN171 Minor Goblin Official Common 01918087 Continuous Trap Card
DB1-EN172 Gamble Common 37313786 Normal Trap Card
DB1-EN173 Attack and Receive Common 63689843 Normal Trap Card
DB1-EN174 Solemn Wishes Common 35346968 Continuous Trap Card
DB1-EN175 Skull Invitation Common 98139712 Continuous Trap Card
DB1-EN176 Bubonic Vermin Common 06104968 Flip Effect Monster
DB1-EN177 Burning Land Common 24294108 Continuous Spell Card
DB1-EN178 Fairy Meteor Crush Rare 97687912 Equip Spell Card
DB1-EN179 Limiter Removal Rare 23171610 Quick-Play Spell Card
DB1-EN180 Rain of Mercy Common 66719324 Normal Spell Card
DB1-EN181 Monster Recovery Common 93108433 Quick-Play Spell Card
DB1-EN182 Shift Common 59560625 Normal Trap Card
DB1-EN183 Dimensionhole Common 22959079 Normal Spell Card
DB1-EN184 Ground Collapse Common 90502999 Continuous Spell Card
DB1-EN185 Magic Drain Rare 59344077 Counter Trap Card
DB1-EN186 Infinite Dismissal Common 54109233 Continuous Trap Card
DB1-EN187 Gravity Bind Common 85742772 Continuous Trap Card
DB1-EN188 Type Zero Magic Crusher Common 21237481 Continuous Trap Card
DB1-EN189 Shadow of Eyes Common 58621589 Normal Trap Card
DB1-EN190 The Legendary Fisherman Rare 03643300 Effect Monster
DB1-EN191 Sword Hunter Common 51345461 Effect Monster
DB1-EN192 Drill Bug Common 88733579 Effect Monster
DB1-EN193 Deepsea Warrior Common 24128274 Effect Monster
DB1-EN194 Thousand-Eyes Idol Common 27125110 Normal Monster
DB1-EN195 Thousand-Eyes Restrict Ultra Rare 63519819 Fusion Monster
DB1-EN196 Hayabusa Knight Rare 21015833 Effect Monster
DB1-EN197 Bombardment Beetle Common 57409948 Flip Effect Monster
DB1-EN198 4-Starred Ladybug of Doom Common 83994646 Flip Effect Monster
DB1-EN199 Gradius Common 10992251 Normal Monster
DB1-EN200 Vampire Baby Common 56387350 Effect Monster
DB1-EN201 Mad Sword Beast Rare 79870141 Effect Monster
DB1-EN202 Goblin Attack Force Super Rare 78658564 Effect Monster
DB1-EN203 The Fiend Megacyber Rare 66362965 Effect Monster
DB1-EN204 Gearfried the Iron Knight Rare 00423705 Effect Monster
DB1-EN205 Insect Barrier Common 23615409 Continuous Spell Card
DB1-EN206 Swordsman of Landstar Common 03573512 Normal Monster
DB1-EN207 Humanoid Slime Common 46821314 Normal Monster
DB1-EN208 Worm Drake Common 73216412 Normal Monster
DB1-EN209 Humanoid Worm Drake Common 05600127 Fusion Monster
DB1-EN210 Revival Jam Common 31709826 Effect Monster
DB1-EN211 Amphibian Beast Common 67371383 Normal Monster
DB1-EN212 Shining Abyss Common 87303357 Normal Monster
DB1-EN213 Grand Tiki Elder Common 13676474 Normal Monster
DB1-EN214 The Masked Beast Super Rare 49064413 Ritual Monster
DB1-EN215 Melchid the Four-Face Beast Common 86569121 Normal Monster
DB1-EN216 Nuvia the Wicked Common 12953226 Effect Monster
DB1-EN217 Chosen One Common 21888494 Normal Spell Card
DB1-EN218 Mask of Weakness Common 57882509 Normal Trap Card
DB1-EN219 Curse of the Masked Beast Common 94377247 Ritual Spell Card
DB1-EN220 Mask of Dispel Common 20765952 Continuous Spell Card
DB1-EN221 Mask of Restrict Common 29549364 Continuous Trap Card
DB1-EN222 Mask of the Accursed Common 56948373 Equip Spell Card
DB1-EN223 Mask of Brutality Common 82432018 Equip Spell Card
DB1-EN224 Return of the Doomed Common 19827717 Normal Spell Card
DB1-EN225 Lightning Blade Common 55226821 Equip Spell Card
DB1-EN226 Tornado Wall Common 18605135 Continuous Trap Card
DB1-EN227 Fairy Box Common 21598948 Continuous Trap Card
DB1-EN228 Torrential Tribute Ultra Rare 53582587 Normal Trap Card
DB1-EN229 Jam Breeding Machine Common 21770260 Continuous Spell Card
DB1-EN230 Infinite Cards Common 94163677 Continuous Spell Card
DB1-EN231 Jam Defender Common 21558682 Continuous Trap Card
DB1-EN232 Card of Safe Return Common 57953380 Continuous Spell Card
DB1-EN233 Amazon Archer Common 91869203 Effect Monster
DB1-EN234 Fire Princess Common 64752646 Effect Monster
DB1-EN235 Spirit of the Breeze Common 53530069 Effect Monster
DB1-EN236 Dancing Fairy Common 90925163 Effect Monster
DB1-EN237 Cure Mermaid Common 85802526 Effect Monster
DB1-EN238 Hysteric Fairy Common 21297224 Effect Monster
DB1-EN239 The Forgiving Maiden Common 84080938 Effect Monster
DB1-EN240 St. Joan Common 21175632 Fusion Monster
DB1-EN241 Marie the Fallen One Common 57579381 Effect Monster
DB1-EN242 Jar of Greed Rare 83968380 Normal Trap Card
DB1-EN243 Scroll of Bewitchment Common 10352095 Equip Spell Card
DB1-EN244 United We Stand Ultra Rare 56747793 Equip Spell Card
DB1-EN245 Mage Power Ultra Rare 83746708 Equip Spell Card
DB1-EN246 The Portrait's Secret Common 32541773 Normal Monster
DB1-EN247 The Gross Ghost of Fled Dreams Common 68049471 Normal Monster
DB1-EN248 Headless Knight Common 05434080 Normal Monster
DB1-EN249 Earthbound Spirit Common 67105242 Normal Monster
DB1-EN250 The Earl of Demise Common 66989694 Normal Monster

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