Dark Beginning 1 is the 14th booster pack in the TCG. It is the first set to feature Yugi Muto on the pack, as all the other sets usually have Yami Yugi.

This set is the TCG version of the OCG reprint set Beginner's Edition 1.


Dark Beginning 1 is the first reprint set in the TCG, containing the Japanese sets Duelist Legacy Volume.1, Duelist Legacy Volume.2, and the first "half" of Duelist Legacy Volume.3 (i.e., most cards from LOB-LON). It contains all 5 pieces of "Exodia the Forbidden One", as well as many other cards with decreased rarity. Also, it contains a few cards never before seen in boosters.

Designed for beginners, every pack has 12 cards—instead of the normal 9—and a "Tip Card", which has a special tip to increase your game knowledge. Dark Beginning (and all other Reprint Packs) always contain 6 Monster Cards, 3 Trap Cards, 3 Spell Cards, 1 Tip Card and 1 or even 2 rares.

Yugi Muto's appearance on the cover of this booster pack is taken from the title page for Yu-Gi-Oh! Millennium World Duel 47: "The Silent Duelist!!".


12 cards per pack, 24 packs per box. Includes 250 cards, comprised of:



Set number Name Rarity Category
DB1-EN001 Penguin Knight Common Effect Monster
DB1-EN002 Axe of Despair Rare Equip Spell Card
DB1-EN003 Black Pendant Rare Equip Spell Card
DB1-EN004 Horn of Light Common Equip Spell Card
DB1-EN005 Malevolent Nuzzler Common Equip Spell Card
DB1-EN006 Spellbinding Circle Rare Continuous Trap Card
DB1-EN007 Electric Snake Common Effect Monster
DB1-EN008 Ameba Common Effect Monster
DB1-EN009 Maha Vailo Common Effect Monster
DB1-EN010 Minar Common Effect Monster
DB1-EN011 Griggle Common Effect Monster
DB1-EN012 Hiro's Shadow Scout Common Flip monster
DB1-EN013 Invader of the Throne Common Flip monster
DB1-EN014 Slot Machine Common Normal Monster
DB1-EN015 Relinquished Super Rare Effect Ritual Monster
DB1-EN016 Red Archery Girl Common Normal Monster
DB1-EN017 Gravekeeper's Servant Common Continuous Spell Card
DB1-EN018 Upstart Goblin Common Normal Spell Card
DB1-EN019 Toll Common Continuous Spell Card
DB1-EN020 Final Destiny Common Normal Spell Card
DB1-EN021 Snatch Steal Ultra Rare Equip Spell Card
DB1-EN022 Chorus of Sanctuary Common Field Spell Card
DB1-EN023 Confiscation Common Normal Spell Card
DB1-EN024 Delinquent Duo Super Rare Normal Spell Card
DB1-EN025 Fairy's Hand Mirror Common Normal Trap Card
DB1-EN026 Tailor of the Fickle Common Quick-Play Spell Card
DB1-EN027 Rush Recklessly Common Quick-Play Spell Card
DB1-EN028 The Reliable Guardian Common Quick-Play Spell Card
DB1-EN029 The Forceful Sentry Rare Normal Spell Card
DB1-EN030 Chain Energy Common Continuous Spell Card
DB1-EN031 Mystical Space Typhoon Super Rare Quick-Play Spell Card
DB1-EN032 Giant Trunade Rare Normal Spell Card
DB1-EN033 Painful Choice Common Normal Spell Card
DB1-EN034 Horn of the Unicorn Common Equip Spell Card
DB1-EN035 Labyrinth Wall Common Normal Monster
DB1-EN036 Eternal Rest Common Normal Spell Card
DB1-EN037 Megamorph Super Rare Equip Spell Card
DB1-EN038 Manga Ryu-Ran Common Toon monster
DB1-EN039 Toon Mermaid Common Toon monster
DB1-EN040 Toon Summoned Skull Rare Toon monster
DB1-EN041 Hyozanryu Common Normal Monster
DB1-EN042 Toon World Common Continuous Spell Card
DB1-EN043 Cyber Jar Rare Flip monster
DB1-EN044 Banisher of the Light Common Effect Monster
DB1-EN045 Giant Rat Rare Effect Monster
DB1-EN046 Senju of the Thousand Hands Common Effect Monster
DB1-EN047 UFO Turtle Common Effect Monster
DB1-EN048 Flash Assailant Common Effect Monster
DB1-EN049 Karate Man Common Effect Monster
DB1-EN050 Giant Germ Common Effect Monster
DB1-EN051 Nimble Momonga Rare Effect Monster
DB1-EN052 Shining Angel Common Effect Monster
DB1-EN053 Mother Grizzly Common Effect Monster
DB1-EN054 Flying Kamakiri #1 Common Effect Monster
DB1-EN055 Ceremonial Bell Common Effect Monster
DB1-EN056 Sonic Bird Common Effect Monster
DB1-EN057 Mystic Tomato Rare Effect Monster
DB1-EN058 Kotodama Common Effect Monster
DB1-EN059 Gaia Power Common Field Spell Card
DB1-EN060 Umiiruka Common Field Spell Card
DB1-EN061 Molten Destruction Common Field Spell Card
DB1-EN062 Rising Air Current Common Field Spell Card
DB1-EN063 Luminous Spark Common Field Spell Card
DB1-EN064 Mystic Plasma Zone Common Field Spell Card
DB1-EN065 Messenger of Peace Common Continuous Spell Card
DB1-EN066 Blue-Eyes Toon Dragon Super Rare Toon monster
DB1-EN067 Jinzo Ultra Rare Effect Monster
DB1-EN068 Parasite Paracide Common Effect Monster
DB1-EN069 Lightforce Sword Common Normal Trap Card
DB1-EN070 Chain Destruction Common Normal Trap Card
DB1-EN071 Time Seal Common Normal Trap Card
DB1-EN072 Graverobber Common Normal Trap Card
DB1-EN073 Gift of the Mystical Elf Common Normal Trap Card
DB1-EN074 The Eye of Truth Common Continuous Trap Card
DB1-EN075 Dust Tornado Rare Normal Trap Card
DB1-EN076 Call of the Haunted Super Rare Continuous Trap Card
DB1-EN077 Enchanted Javelin Common Normal Trap Card
DB1-EN078 Mirror Wall Common Continuous Trap Card
DB1-EN079 Numinous Healer Common Normal Trap Card
DB1-EN080 Forced Requisition Common Continuous Trap Card
DB1-EN081 DNA Surgery Common Continuous Trap Card
DB1-EN082 Backup Soldier Common Normal Trap Card
DB1-EN083 Ceasefire Super Rare Normal Trap Card
DB1-EN084 Light of Intervention Common Continuous Trap Card
DB1-EN085 Respect Play Common Continuous Trap Card
DB1-EN086 Imperial Order Ultra Rare Continuous Trap Card
DB1-EN087 Magical Hats Rare Normal Trap Card
DB1-EN088 Nobleman of Crossout Super Rare Normal Spell Card
DB1-EN089 Nobleman of Extermination Common Normal Spell Card
DB1-EN090 The Shallow Grave Common Normal Spell Card
DB1-EN091 Premature Burial Super Rare Equip Spell Card
DB1-EN092 Morphing Jar #2 Rare Effect Monster
DB1-EN093 Kiseitai Common Effect Monster
DB1-EN094 Harpie's Brother Common Normal Monster
DB1-EN095 Buster Blader Super Rare Effect Monster
DB1-EN096 Dark Sage Ultra Rare Effect Monster
DB1-EN097 Big Shield Gardna Ultra Rare Effect Monster
DB1-EN098 Blue-Eyes White Dragon Ultra Rare Normal Monster
DB1-EN099 Hitotsu-Me Giant Common Normal Monster
DB1-EN100 Flame Swordsman Rare Fusion Monster
DB1-EN101 Skull Servant Common Normal Monster
DB1-EN102 Dark Magician Ultra Rare Normal Monster
DB1-EN103 Gaia the Fierce Knight Rare Normal Monster
DB1-EN104 Celtic Guardian Common Normal Monster
DB1-EN105 Mammoth Graveyard Common Normal Monster
DB1-EN106 Silver Fang Common Normal Monster
DB1-EN107 Flame Manipulator Common Normal Monster
DB1-EN108 Dark King of the Abyss Common Normal Monster
DB1-EN109 Aqua Madoor Common Normal Monster
DB1-EN110 Masaki the Legendary Swordsman Common Normal Monster
DB1-EN111 Dragon Capture Jar Common Continuous Trap Card
DB1-EN112 Umi Common Field Spell Card
DB1-EN113 Dark Hole Super Rare Normal Spell Card
DB1-EN114 Raigeki Ultra Rare Normal Spell Card
DB1-EN115 Red Medicine Common Normal Spell Card
DB1-EN116 Hinotama Common Normal Spell Card
DB1-EN117 Fissure Rare Normal Spell Card
DB1-EN118 Trap Hole Rare Normal Trap Card
DB1-EN119 Polymerization Common Normal Spell Card
DB1-EN120 Mystical Elf Common Normal Monster
DB1-EN121 Beaver Warrior Common Normal Monster
DB1-EN122 Gaia the Dragon Champion Rare Fusion Monster
DB1-EN123 Curse of Dragon Common Normal Monster
DB1-EN124 Giant Soldier of Stone Common Normal Monster
DB1-EN125 Uraby Common Normal Monster
DB1-EN126 Red-Eyes B. Dragon Super Rare Normal Monster
DB1-EN127 Reaper of the Cards Common Flip monster
DB1-EN128 Stop Defense Common Normal Spell Card
DB1-EN129 Swords of Revealing Light Super Rare Normal Spell Card
DB1-EN130 Armed Ninja Common Flip monster
DB1-EN131 Man-Eater Bug Rare Flip monster
DB1-EN132 Hane-Hane Common Flip monster
DB1-EN133 Monster Reborn Ultra Rare Normal Spell Card
DB1-EN134 Pot of Greed Super Rare Normal Spell Card
DB1-EN135 Right Leg of the Forbidden One Common Normal Monster
DB1-EN136 Left Leg of the Forbidden One Common Normal Monster
DB1-EN137 Right Arm of the Forbidden One Common Normal Monster
DB1-EN138 Left Arm of the Forbidden One Common Normal Monster
DB1-EN139 Exodia the Forbidden One Ultra Rare Effect Monster
DB1-EN140 Feral Imp Common Normal Monster
DB1-EN141 Winged Dragon, Guardian of the Fortress #1 Common Normal Monster
DB1-EN142 Summoned Skull Super Rare Normal Monster
DB1-EN143 Armored Lizard Common Normal Monster
DB1-EN144 Larvae Moth Common Effect Monster
DB1-EN145 Harpie Lady Common Normal Monster
DB1-EN146 Harpie Lady Sisters Common Effect Monster
DB1-EN147 Kojikocy Common Normal Monster
DB1-EN148 Cocoon of Evolution Common Effect Monster
DB1-EN149 Armored Zombie Common Normal Monster
DB1-EN150 Mask of Darkness Common Flip monster
DB1-EN151 White Magical Hat Common Effect Monster
DB1-EN152 Big Eye Common Flip monster
DB1-EN153 B. Skull Dragon Super Rare Fusion Monster
DB1-EN154 Masked Sorcerer Common Effect Monster
DB1-EN155 Petit Moth Common Normal Monster
DB1-EN156 Elegant Egotist Common Normal Spell Card
DB1-EN157 Sanga of the Thunder Common Effect Monster
DB1-EN158 Kazejin Common Effect Monster
DB1-EN159 Suijin Common Effect Monster
DB1-EN160 Mystic Lamp Common Effect Monster
DB1-EN161 Blast Juggler Common Effect Monster
DB1-EN162 Jinzo #7 Common Effect Monster
DB1-EN163 Magician of Faith Rare Flip monster
DB1-EN164 Fake Trap Common Normal Trap Card
DB1-EN165 Tribute to the Doomed Rare Normal Spell Card
DB1-EN166 Soul Release Common Normal Spell Card
DB1-EN167 The Cheerful Coffin Common Normal Spell Card
DB1-EN168 Change of Heart Ultra Rare Normal Spell Card
DB1-EN169 Makyura the Destructor Super Rare Effect Monster
DB1-EN170 Exchange Super Rare Normal Spell Card
DB1-EN171 Minor Goblin Official Common Continuous Trap Card
DB1-EN172 Gamble Common Normal Trap Card
DB1-EN173 Attack and Receive Common Normal Trap Card
DB1-EN174 Solemn Wishes Common Continuous Trap Card
DB1-EN175 Skull Invitation Common Continuous Trap Card
DB1-EN176 Bubonic Vermin Common Flip monster
DB1-EN177 Burning Land Common Continuous Spell Card
DB1-EN178 Fairy Meteor Crush Rare Equip Spell Card
DB1-EN179 Limiter Removal Rare Quick-Play Spell Card
DB1-EN180 Rain of Mercy Common Normal Spell Card
DB1-EN181 Monster Recovery Common Quick-Play Spell Card
DB1-EN182 Shift Common Normal Trap Card
DB1-EN183 Dimensionhole Common Normal Spell Card
DB1-EN184 Ground Collapse Common Continuous Spell Card
DB1-EN185 Magic Drain Rare Counter Trap Card
DB1-EN186 Infinite Dismissal Common Continuous Trap Card
DB1-EN187 Gravity Bind Common Continuous Trap Card
DB1-EN188 Type Zero Magic Crusher Common Continuous Trap Card
DB1-EN189 Shadow of Eyes Common Normal Trap Card
DB1-EN190 The Legendary Fisherman Rare Effect Monster
DB1-EN191 Sword Hunter Common Effect Monster
DB1-EN192 Drill Bug Common Effect Monster
DB1-EN193 Deepsea Warrior Common Effect Monster
DB1-EN194 Thousand-Eyes Idol Common Normal Monster
DB1-EN195 Thousand-Eyes Restrict Ultra Rare Effect Fusion Monster
DB1-EN196 Hayabusa Knight Rare Effect Monster
DB1-EN197 Bombardment Beetle Common Flip monster
DB1-EN198 4-Starred Ladybug of Doom Common Flip monster
DB1-EN199 Gradius Common Normal Monster
DB1-EN200 Vampire Baby Common Effect Monster
DB1-EN201 Mad Sword Beast Rare Effect Monster
DB1-EN202 Goblin Attack Force Super Rare Effect Monster
DB1-EN203 The Fiend Megacyber Rare Effect Monster
DB1-EN204 Gearfried the Iron Knight Rare Effect Monster
DB1-EN205 Insect Barrier Common Continuous Spell Card
DB1-EN206 Swordsman of Landstar Common Normal Monster
DB1-EN207 Humanoid Slime Common Normal Monster
DB1-EN208 Worm Drake Common Normal Monster
DB1-EN209 Humanoid Worm Drake Common Fusion Monster
DB1-EN210 Revival Jam Common Effect Monster
DB1-EN211 Amphibian Beast Common Normal Monster
DB1-EN212 Shining Abyss Common Normal Monster
DB1-EN213 Grand Tiki Elder Common Normal Monster
DB1-EN214 The Masked Beast Super Rare Ritual Monster
DB1-EN215 Melchid the Four-Face Beast Common Normal Monster
DB1-EN216 Nuvia the Wicked Common Effect Monster
DB1-EN217 Chosen One Common Normal Spell Card
DB1-EN218 Mask of Weakness Common Normal Trap Card
DB1-EN219 Curse of the Masked Beast Common Ritual Spell Card
DB1-EN220 Mask of Dispel Common Continuous Spell Card
DB1-EN221 Mask of Restrict Common Continuous Trap Card
DB1-EN222 Mask of the Accursed Common Equip Spell Card
DB1-EN223 Mask of Brutality Common Equip Spell Card
DB1-EN224 Return of the Doomed Common Normal Spell Card
DB1-EN225 Lightning Blade Common Equip Spell Card
DB1-EN226 Tornado Wall Common Continuous Trap Card
DB1-EN227 Fairy Box Common Continuous Trap Card
DB1-EN228 Torrential Tribute Ultra Rare Normal Trap Card
DB1-EN229 Jam Breeding Machine Common Continuous Spell Card
DB1-EN230 Infinite Cards Common Continuous Spell Card
DB1-EN231 Jam Defender Common Continuous Trap Card
DB1-EN232 Card of Safe Return Common Continuous Spell Card
DB1-EN233 Amazon Archer Common Effect Monster
DB1-EN234 Fire Princess Common Effect Monster
DB1-EN235 Spirit of the Breeze Common Effect Monster
DB1-EN236 Dancing Fairy Common Effect Monster
DB1-EN237 Cure Mermaid Common Effect Monster
DB1-EN238 Hysteric Fairy Common Effect Monster
DB1-EN239 The Forgiving Maiden Common Effect Monster
DB1-EN240 St. Joan Common Fusion Monster
DB1-EN241 Marie the Fallen One Common Effect Monster
DB1-EN242 Jar of Greed Rare Normal Trap Card
DB1-EN243 Scroll of Bewitchment Common Equip Spell Card
DB1-EN244 United We Stand Ultra Rare Equip Spell Card
DB1-EN245 Mage Power Ultra Rare Equip Spell Card
DB1-EN246 The Portrait's Secret Common Normal Monster
DB1-EN247 The Gross Ghost of Fled Dreams Common Normal Monster
DB1-EN248 Headless Knight Common Normal Monster
DB1-EN249 Earthbound Spirit Common Normal Monster
DB1-EN250 The Earl of Demise Common Normal Monster

Set number English name German name Rarity Category
DB1-DE001 Penguin Knight Pinguinritter Common Effect Monster
DB1-DE002 Axe of Despair Axt der Verzweiflung Rare Equip Spell Card
DB1-DE003 Black Pendant Schwarzer Anhänger Rare Equip Spell Card
DB1-DE004 Horn of Light Horn des Lichts Common Equip Spell Card
DB1-DE005 Malevolent Nuzzler Übelwollender Hätschler Common Equip Spell Card
DB1-DE006 Spellbinding Circle Faszinierender Kreis Rare Continuous Trap Card
DB1-DE007 Electric Snake Elektrische Schlange Common Effect Monster
DB1-DE008 Ameba Ameba Common Effect Monster
DB1-DE009 Maha Vailo Maha Vailo Common Effect Monster
DB1-DE010 Minar Minar Common Effect Monster
DB1-DE011 Griggle Griggel Common Effect Monster
DB1-DE012 Hiro's Shadow Scout Hiros Schattenspäher Common Flip monster
DB1-DE013 Invader of the Throne Thronangreifer Common Flip monster
DB1-DE014 Slot Machine Spielautomat Common Normal Monster
DB1-DE015 Relinquished Aufgegeben Super Rare Effect Ritual Monster
DB1-DE016 Red Archery Girl Rote Bogenschützin Common Normal Monster
DB1-DE017 Gravekeeper's Servant Grabwächters Diener Common Continuous Spell Card
DB1-DE018 Upstart Goblin Emporkömmling Goblin Common Normal Spell Card
DB1-DE019 Toll Tribut Common Continuous Spell Card
DB1-DE020 Final Destiny Endgültiges Schicksal Common Normal Spell Card
DB1-DE021 Snatch Steal Schnappstahl Ultra Rare Equip Spell Card
DB1-DE022 Chorus of Sanctuary Chor der heiligen Stätte Common Field Spell Card
DB1-DE023 Confiscation Beschlagnahme Common Normal Spell Card
DB1-DE024 Delinquent Duo Verbrecher-Duo Super Rare Normal Spell Card
DB1-DE025 Fairy's Hand Mirror Elfenhandspiegel Common Normal Trap Card
DB1-DE026 Tailor of the Fickle Schneider der Wankelmütigen Common Quick-Play Spell Card
DB1-DE027 Rush Recklessly Waghalsig voranstürmen Common Quick-Play Spell Card
DB1-DE028 The Reliable Guardian Zuverlässiger Beschützer Common Quick-Play Spell Card
DB1-DE029 The Forceful Sentry Starker Wachposten Rare Normal Spell Card
DB1-DE030 Chain Energy Kettenenergie Common Continuous Spell Card
DB1-DE031 Mystical Space Typhoon Mystischer Raum-Taifun Super Rare Quick-Play Spell Card
DB1-DE032 Giant Trunade Riesen-Trunade Rare Normal Spell Card
DB1-DE033 Painful Choice Qual der Wahl Common Normal Spell Card
DB1-DE034 Horn of the Unicorn Horn des Einhorns Common Equip Spell Card
DB1-DE035 Labyrinth Wall Labyrinthmauern Common Normal Monster
DB1-DE036 Eternal Rest Ewige Ruhe Common Normal Spell Card
DB1-DE037 Megamorph Megawandler Super Rare Equip Spell Card
DB1-DE038 Manga Ryu-Ran Manga Ryu-Ran Common Toon monster
DB1-DE039 Toon Mermaid Toon-Jungfrau Common Toon monster
DB1-DE040 Toon Summoned Skull Herbeigerufener Toon-Schädel Rare Toon monster
DB1-DE041 Hyozanryu Hyozanryu Common Normal Monster
DB1-DE042 Toon World Toon-Welt Common Continuous Spell Card
DB1-DE043 Cyber Jar Cyberdose Rare Flip monster
DB1-DE044 Banisher of the Light Verbanner des Lichts Common Effect Monster
DB1-DE045 Giant Rat Riesenratte Rare Effect Monster
DB1-DE046 Senju of the Thousand Hands Senju der tausend Hände Common Effect Monster
DB1-DE047 UFO Turtle Ufo-Schildkröte Common Effect Monster
DB1-DE048 Flash Assailant Blitzangreifer Common Effect Monster
DB1-DE049 Karate Man Karate-Mann Common Effect Monster
DB1-DE050 Giant Germ Riesenkeim Common Effect Monster
DB1-DE051 Nimble Momonga Flinker Momonga Rare Effect Monster
DB1-DE052 Shining Angel Glänzender Elf Common Effect Monster
DB1-DE053 Mother Grizzly Mutter Grizzly Common Effect Monster
DB1-DE054 Flying Kamakiri #1 Fliegender Kamakiri #1 Common Effect Monster
DB1-DE055 Ceremonial Bell Zeremonienglocke Common Effect Monster
DB1-DE056 Sonic Bird Klangvogel Common Effect Monster
DB1-DE057 Mystic Tomato Mystische Tomate Rare Effect Monster
DB1-DE058 Kotodama Kotodama Common Effect Monster
DB1-DE059 Gaia Power Gaia-Kraft Common Field Spell Card
DB1-DE060 Umiiruka Umiiruka Common Field Spell Card
DB1-DE061 Molten Destruction Geschmolzene Zerstörung Common Field Spell Card
DB1-DE062 Rising Air Current Steigende Luftströmung Common Field Spell Card
DB1-DE063 Luminous Spark Leuchtender Funke Common Field Spell Card
DB1-DE064 Mystic Plasma Zone Mystische Plasma-Zone Common Field Spell Card
DB1-DE065 Messenger of Peace Friedensbote Common Continuous Spell Card
DB1-DE066 Blue-Eyes Toon Dragon Blauäugiger Toon-Drache Super Rare Toon monster
DB1-DE067 Jinzo Jinzo Ultra Rare Effect Monster
DB1-DE068 Parasite Paracide Parasiten-Parazid Common Effect Monster
DB1-DE069 Lightforce Sword Licht-Schwert Common Normal Trap Card
DB1-DE070 Chain Destruction Kettenzerstörung Common Normal Trap Card
DB1-DE071 Time Seal Zeitsiegel Common Normal Trap Card
DB1-DE072 Graverobber Grabräuber Common Normal Trap Card
DB1-DE073 Gift of The Mystical Elf Gabe der Mystischen Elfe Common Normal Trap Card
DB1-DE074 The Eye of Truth Auge der Wahrheit Common Continuous Trap Card
DB1-DE075 Dust Tornado Staubtornado Rare Normal Trap Card
DB1-DE076 Call of the Haunted Ruf der Gejagten Super Rare Continuous Trap Card
DB1-DE077 Enchanted Javelin Verzauberter Speer Common Normal Trap Card
DB1-DE078 Mirror Wall Spiegelwand Common Continuous Trap Card
DB1-DE079 Numinous Healer Göttlicher Heiler Common Normal Trap Card
DB1-DE080 Forced Requisition Zwangsanforderung Common Continuous Trap Card
DB1-DE081 DNA Surgery DNA-Operation Common Continuous Trap Card
DB1-DE082 Backup Soldier Ersatzsoldat Common Normal Trap Card
DB1-DE083 Ceasefire Waffenstillstand Super Rare Normal Trap Card
DB1-DE084 Light of Intervention Licht der Vermittlung Common Continuous Trap Card
DB1-DE085 Respect Play Ritterliches Spiel Common Continuous Trap Card
DB1-DE086 Imperial Order Kaiserlicher Befehl Ultra Rare Continuous Trap Card
DB1-DE087 Magical Hats Magische Hüte Rare Normal Trap Card
DB1-DE088 Nobleman of Crossout Super Rare Normal Spell Card
DB1-DE089 Nobleman of Extermination Adliger der Vernichtung Common Normal Spell Card
DB1-DE090 The Shallow Grave Seichtes Grab Common Normal Spell Card
DB1-DE091 Premature Burial Voreiliges Begräbnis Super Rare Equip Spell Card
DB1-DE092 Morphing Jar #2 Verwandlungskrug #2 Rare Flip monster
DB1-DE093 Kiseitai Kiseitai Common Effect Monster
DB1-DE094 Harpie's Brother Sky Scout Common Normal Monster
DB1-DE095 Buster Blader Buster-Klingenkämpfer Super Rare Effect Monster
DB1-DE096 Dark Sage Dunkler Gelehrter Ultra Rare Effect Monster
DB1-DE097 Big Shield Gardna Großschild-Wache Ultra Rare Effect Monster
DB1-DE098 Blue-Eyes White Dragon Blauäugiger w. Drache Ultra Rare Normal Monster
DB1-DE099 Hitotsu-Me Giant Hitotsu-Me-Riese Common Normal Monster
DB1-DE100 Flame Swordsman Flammen-Schwertkämpfer Rare Fusion Monster
DB1-DE101 Skull Servant Totenkopfdiener Common Normal Monster
DB1-DE102 Dark Magician Dunkler Magier Ultra Rare Normal Monster
DB1-DE103 Gaia The Fierce Knight Gaia, zorniger Ritter Rare Normal Monster
DB1-DE104 Celtic Guardian Keltischer Wächter Common Normal Monster
DB1-DE105 Mammoth Graveyard Mammutfriedhof Common Normal Monster
DB1-DE106 Silver Fang Silberfang Common Normal Monster
DB1-DE107 Flame Manipulator Flammen-Manipulator Common Normal Monster
DB1-DE108 Dark King of the Abyss Dunkler König des Abgrunds Common Normal Monster
DB1-DE109 Aqua Madoor Aqua Madoor Common Normal Monster
DB1-DE110 Masaki the Legendary Swordsman Masaki, Legendärer Schwertkämpfer Common Normal Monster
DB1-DE111 Dragon Capture Jar Drachenfanggefäß Common Continuous Trap Card
DB1-DE112 Umi Umi Common Field Spell Card
DB1-DE113 Dark Hole Schwarzes Loch Super Rare Normal Spell Card
DB1-DE114 Raigeki Raigeki Ultra Rare Normal Spell Card
DB1-DE115 Red Medicine Rote Medizin Common Normal Spell Card
DB1-DE116 Hinotama Hinotama Common Normal Spell Card
DB1-DE117 Fissure Spalt Rare Normal Spell Card
DB1-DE118 Trap Hole Fallgrube Rare Normal Trap Card
DB1-DE119 Polymerization Polymerisation Common Normal Spell Card
DB1-DE120 Mystical Elf Mystische Elfe Common Normal Monster
DB1-DE121 Beaver Warrior Biberkrieger Common Normal Monster
DB1-DE122 Gaia the Dragon Champion Drachenmeister Gaia Rare Fusion Monster
DB1-DE123 Curse of Dragon Drachenfluch Common Normal Monster
DB1-DE124 Giant Soldier of Stone Riesen-Steinsoldat Common Normal Monster
DB1-DE125 Uraby Uraby Common Normal Monster
DB1-DE126 Red-Eyes B. Dragon Rotäugiger schwarzer Drache Super Rare Normal Monster
DB1-DE127 Reaper of the Cards Sensenmann der Karten Common Flip monster
DB1-DE128 Stop Defense Verteidigung stoppen Common Normal Spell Card
DB1-DE129 Swords of Revealing Light Verräterische Schwerter Super Rare Normal Spell Card
DB1-DE130 Armed Ninja Bewaffneter Ninja Common Flip monster
DB1-DE131 Man-Eater Bug Menschenfresserkäfer Rare Flip monster
DB1-DE132 Hane-Hane Hane-Hane Common Flip monster
DB1-DE133 Monster Reborn Wiedergeburt Ultra Rare Normal Spell Card
DB1-DE134 Pot of Greed Topf der Gier Super Rare Normal Spell Card
DB1-DE135 Right Leg of the Forbidden One Rechtes Bein der Verbotenen Common Normal Monster
DB1-DE136 Left Leg of the Forbidden One Linkes Bein der Verbotenen Common Normal Monster
DB1-DE137 Right Arm of the Forbidden One Rechter Arm der Verbotenen Common Normal Monster
DB1-DE138 Left Arm of the Forbidden One Linker Arm der Verbotenen Common Normal Monster
DB1-DE139 Exodia the Forbidden One Exodia, die Verbotene Ultra Rare Effect Monster
DB1-DE140 Feral Imp Wilder Kobold Common Normal Monster
DB1-DE141 Winged Dragon, Guardian of the Fortress #1 Geflügelter Drache, Festungswächter #1 Common Normal Monster
DB1-DE142 Summoned Skull Herbeigerufener Totenkopf Super Rare Normal Monster
DB1-DE143 Armored Lizard Panzerechse Common Normal Monster
DB1-DE144 Larvae Moth Mottenlarve Common Effect Monster
DB1-DE145 Harpie Lady Harpyie Common Normal Monster
DB1-DE146 Harpie Lady Sisters Harpyien-Schwestern Common Effect Monster
DB1-DE147 Kojikocy Kojikocy Common Normal Monster
DB1-DE148 Cocoon of Evolution Kokon der Evolution Common Effect Monster
DB1-DE149 Armored Zombie Panzerzombie Common Normal Monster
DB1-DE150 Mask of Darkness Maske der Finsternis Common Flip monster
DB1-DE151 White Magical Hat Weißer Zauberhut Common Effect Monster
DB1-DE152 Big Eye Großes Auge Common Flip monster
DB1-DE153 B. Skull Dragon Schw. Totenkopfdrache Super Rare Fusion Monster
DB1-DE154 Masked Sorcerer Maskierter Hexenmeister Common Effect Monster
DB1-DE155 Petit Moth Kleine Motte Common Normal Monster
DB1-DE156 Elegant Egotist Vornehmer Egotist Common Normal Spell Card
DB1-DE157 Sanga of the Thunder Sanga des Donners Common Effect Monster
DB1-DE158 Kazejin Kazejin Common Effect Monster
DB1-DE159 Suijin Suijin Common Effect Monster
DB1-DE160 Mystic Lamp Mystische Lampe Common Effect Monster
DB1-DE161 Blast Juggler Sprenggaukler Common Effect Monster
DB1-DE162 Jinzo #7 Jinzo #7 Common Effect Monster
DB1-DE163 Magician of Faith Magier des Glaubens Rare Flip monster
DB1-DE164 Fake Trap Falsche Falle Common Normal Trap Card
DB1-DE165 Tribute to the Doomed Rare Normal Spell Card
DB1-DE166 Soul Release Seelenerlöser Common Normal Spell Card
DB1-DE167 The Cheerful Coffin Fröhlicher Sarg Common Normal Spell Card
DB1-DE168 Change of Heart Überläufer Ultra Rare Normal Spell Card
DB1-DE169 Makyura the Destructor Makyura der Zerstörer Super Rare Effect Monster
DB1-DE170 Exchange Austausch Super Rare Normal Spell Card
DB1-DE171 Minor Goblin Official Geringerer Goblin-Beamter Common Continuous Trap Card
DB1-DE172 Gamble Glücksspiel Common Normal Trap Card
DB1-DE173 Attack and Receive Einstecken und Austeilen Common Normal Trap Card
DB1-DE174 Solemn Wishes Feierliche Wünsche Common Continuous Trap Card
DB1-DE175 Skull Invitation Totenkopfaufforderung Common Continuous Trap Card
DB1-DE176 Bubonic Vermin Beulenungeziefer Common Flip monster
DB1-DE177 Burning Land Brennendes Land Common Continuous Spell Card
DB1-DE178 Fairy Meteor Crush Elfenmeteoreinschlag Rare Equip Spell Card
DB1-DE179 Limiter Removal Begrenzer-Entferner Rare Quick-Play Spell Card
DB1-DE180 Rain of Mercy Regen der Gnade Common Normal Spell Card
DB1-DE181 Monster Recovery Monsterrettung Common Quick-Play Spell Card
DB1-DE182 Shift Verlagerung Common Normal Trap Card
DB1-DE183 Dimensionhole Dimensionsloch Common Normal Spell Card
DB1-DE184 Ground Collapse Bodeneinsturz Common Continuous Spell Card
DB1-DE185 Magic Drain Magischer Abfluss Rare Counter Trap Card
DB1-DE186 Infinite Dismissal Unbegrenzte Entlassung Common Continuous Trap Card
DB1-DE187 Gravity Bind Schwerkraftbindung Common Continuous Trap Card
DB1-DE188 Type Zero Magic Crusher Magischer Vernichter Typ Null Common Continuous Trap Card
DB1-DE189 Shadow of Eyes Augenschatten Common Normal Trap Card
DB1-DE190 The Legendary Fisherman Legendärer Fischer Rare Effect Monster
DB1-DE191 Sword Hunter Schwertjäger Common Effect Monster
DB1-DE192 Drill Bug Bohrkäfer Common Effect Monster
DB1-DE193 Deepsea Warrior Tiefseekrieger Common Effect Monster
DB1-DE194 Thousand-Eyes Idol Tausendäugiger Abgott Common Normal Monster
DB1-DE195 Thousand-Eyes Restrict Tausendäugiges Opfer Ultra Rare Effect Fusion Monster
DB1-DE196 Hayabusa Knight Hayabusa Ritter Rare Effect Monster
DB1-DE197 Bombardment Beetle Bombardierkäfer Common Flip monster
DB1-DE198 4-Starred Ladybug of Doom 4-sterniger Marienkäfer der Verdammung Common Flip monster
DB1-DE199 Gradius Gradius Common Normal Monster
DB1-DE200 Vampire Baby Vampirbaby Common Effect Monster
DB1-DE201 Mad Sword Beast Verrückte Schwertbestie Rare Effect Monster
DB1-DE202 Goblin Attack Force Goblin Angriffstrupp Super Rare Effect Monster
DB1-DE203 The Fiend Megacyber Der Unterweltler Mega-Cyber Rare Effect Monster
DB1-DE204 Gearfried the Iron Knight Gerfried, Eisenritter Rare Effect Monster
DB1-DE205 Insect Barrier Insektensperre Common Continuous Spell Card
DB1-DE206 Swordsman of Landstar Schwertkämpfer von Landstern Common Normal Monster
DB1-DE207 Humanoid Slime Menschlicher Schleim Common Normal Monster
DB1-DE208 Worm Drake Drachenwurm Common Normal Monster
DB1-DE209 Humanoid Worm Drake Menschlicher Drachenwurm Common Fusion Monster
DB1-DE210 Revival Jam Wiederbelebungsschleim Common Effect Monster
DB1-DE211 Amphibian Beast Amphibische Bestie Common Normal Monster
DB1-DE212 Shining Abyss Leuchtender Abgrund Common Normal Monster
DB1-DE213 Grand Tiki Elder Großer Ältester Tiki Common Normal Monster
DB1-DE214 The Masked Beast Die Maskierte Bestie Super Rare Ritual Monster
DB1-DE215 Melchid the Four-Face Beast Melchid, Bestie mit vier Gesichtern Common Normal Monster
DB1-DE216 Nuvia the Wicked Nuvia, Die Böse Common Effect Monster
DB1-DE217 Chosen One Der Auserwählte Common Normal Spell Card
DB1-DE218 Mask of Weakness Maske der Schwäche Common Normal Trap Card
DB1-DE219 Curse of the Masked Beast Fluch der Maskierten Bestie Common Ritual Spell Card
DB1-DE220 Mask of Dispel Maske der Furcht Common Continuous Spell Card
DB1-DE221 Mask of Restrict Maske der Beschränkung Common Continuous Trap Card
DB1-DE222 Mask of the Accursed Maske der Verfluchten Common Equip Spell Card
DB1-DE223 Mask of Brutality Maske der Brutalität Common Equip Spell Card
DB1-DE224 Return of the Doomed Rückkehr der Verdammten Common Normal Spell Card
DB1-DE225 Lightning Blade Blitzklinge Common Equip Spell Card
DB1-DE226 Tornado Wall Tornadowand Common Continuous Trap Card
DB1-DE227 Fairy Box Elfenbox Common Continuous Trap Card
DB1-DE228 Torrential Tribute Reißender Tribut Ultra Rare Normal Trap Card
DB1-DE229 Jam Breeding Machine Schleimbrutmaschine Common Continuous Spell Card
DB1-DE230 Infinite Cards Unbegrenzte Karten Common Continuous Spell Card
DB1-DE231 Jam Defender Schleimverteidiger Common Continuous Trap Card
DB1-DE232 Card of Safe Return Karte der sicheren Wiederkehr Common Continuous Spell Card
DB1-DE233 Amazon Archer Amazonische Bogenschützin Common Effect Monster
DB1-DE234 Fire Princess Feuerprinzessin Common Effect Monster
DB1-DE235 Spirit of the Breeze Geist der Brise Common Effect Monster
DB1-DE236 Dancing Fairy Tanzende Fee Common Effect Monster
DB1-DE237 Cure Mermaid Heilende Nixe Common Effect Monster
DB1-DE238 Hysteric Fairy Hysterischer Elf Common Effect Monster
DB1-DE239 The Forgiving Maiden Nachsichtige Jungfrau Common Effect Monster
DB1-DE240 St. Joan Heilige Johanna Common Fusion Monster
DB1-DE241 Marie the Fallen One Common Effect Monster
DB1-DE242 Jar of Greed Krug der Gier Rare Normal Trap Card
DB1-DE243 Scroll of Bewitchment Zauberschriftrolle Common Equip Spell Card
DB1-DE244 United We Stand Gemeinsam sind wir stark Ultra Rare Equip Spell Card
DB1-DE245 Mage Power Kraft der Magie Ultra Rare Equip Spell Card
DB1-DE246 The Portrait's Secret Geheimnis des Porträts Common Normal Monster
DB1-DE247 The Gross Ghost of Fled Dreams Grausamer Geist der geflohenen Träume Common Normal Monster
DB1-DE248 Headless Knight Kopfloser Ritter Common Normal Monster
DB1-DE249 Earthbound Spirit Erdgebundener Geist Common Normal Monster
DB1-DE250 The Earl of Demise Graf des Untergangs Common Normal Monster

Set number English name Spanish name Rarity Category
DB1-SP001 Penguin Knight Caballero Pingüino Common Effect Monster
DB1-SP002 Axe of Despair Hacha del Desespero Rare Equip Spell Card
DB1-SP003 Black Pendant Colgante Negro Rare Equip Spell Card
DB1-SP004 Horn of Light Cuerno de Luz Common Equip Spell Card
DB1-SP005 Malevolent Nuzzler Nuzzler Malévolo Common Equip Spell Card
DB1-SP006 Spellbinding Circle Círculo Atahechizos Rare Continuous Trap Card
DB1-SP007 Electric Snake Serpiente Eléctrica Common Effect Monster
DB1-SP008 Ameba Ameba Common Effect Monster
DB1-SP009 Maha Vailo Maha Vailo Common Effect Monster
DB1-SP010 Minar Minar Common Effect Monster
DB1-SP011 Griggle Griggle Common Effect Monster
DB1-SP012 Hiro's Shadow Scout Explorador Sombrío de Hiro Common Flip monster
DB1-SP013 Invader of the Throne Invasora del Trono Common Flip monster
DB1-SP014 Slot Machine Máquina Tragaperras Common Normal Monster
DB1-SP015 Relinquished Renunciado Super Rare Effect Ritual Monster
DB1-SP016 Red Archery Girl Arquera Roja Common Normal Monster
DB1-SP017 Gravekeeper's Servant Servidor del Cuidador de Tumbas Common Continuous Spell Card
DB1-SP018 Upstart Goblin Goblin Insolente Common Normal Spell Card
DB1-SP019 Toll Peaje Common Continuous Spell Card
DB1-SP020 Final Destiny Destino Final Common Normal Spell Card
DB1-SP021 Snatch Steal Robo Oportunista Ultra Rare Equip Spell Card
DB1-SP022 Chorus of Sanctuary Coro del Santuario Common Field Spell Card
DB1-SP023 Confiscation Confiscación Common Normal Spell Card
DB1-SP024 Delinquent Duo Dúo de Delincuentes Super Rare Normal Spell Card
DB1-SP025 Fairy's Hand Mirror Espejo de Mano de Hada Common Normal Trap Card
DB1-SP026 Tailor of the Fickle Sastre de lo Voluble Common Quick-Play Spell Card
DB1-SP027 Rush Recklessly Arremetida Imprudente Common Quick-Play Spell Card
DB1-SP028 The Reliable Guardian El Guardián Fiable Common Quick-Play Spell Card
DB1-SP029 The Forceful Sentry El Centinela Enérgico Rare Normal Spell Card
DB1-SP030 Chain Energy Energía en Cadena Common Continuous Spell Card
DB1-SP031 Mystical Space Typhoon Tifón del Espacio Místico Super Rare Quick-Play Spell Card
DB1-SP032 Giant Trunade Tornado Gigante Rare Normal Spell Card
DB1-SP033 Painful Choice Elección Dolorosa Common Normal Spell Card
DB1-SP034 Horn of the Unicorn Cuerno del Unicornio Common Equip Spell Card
DB1-SP035 Labyrinth Wall Muro Laberinto Common Normal Monster
DB1-SP036 Eternal Rest Descanso Eterno Common Normal Spell Card
DB1-SP037 Megamorph Megamorfo Super Rare Equip Spell Card
DB1-SP038 Manga Ryu-Ran Ryu-Ran Manga Common Toon monster
DB1-SP039 Toon Mermaid Sirena Toon Common Toon monster
DB1-SP040 Toon Summoned Skull Cráneo Invocado Toon Rare Toon monster
DB1-SP041 Hyozanryu Hyozanryu Common Normal Monster
DB1-SP042 Toon World Mundo Toon Common Continuous Spell Card
DB1-SP043 Cyber Jar Ciber Jarra Rare Flip monster
DB1-SP044 Banisher of the Light Desterrador de la Luz Common Effect Monster
DB1-SP045 Giant Rat Rata Gigante Rare Effect Monster
DB1-SP046 Senju of the Thousand Hands Senju de las Mil Manos Common Effect Monster
DB1-SP047 UFO Turtle Tortuga OVNI Common Effect Monster
DB1-SP048 Flash Assailant Agresor Relampagueante Common Effect Monster
DB1-SP049 Karate Man Karateka Common Effect Monster
DB1-SP050 Giant Germ Germen Gigante Common Effect Monster
DB1-SP051 Nimble Momonga Momonga Ágil Rare Effect Monster
DB1-SP052 Shining Angel Ángel Resplandeciente Common Effect Monster
DB1-SP053 Mother Grizzly Madre Oso Pardo Common Effect Monster
DB1-SP054 Flying Kamakiri #1 Kamakiri Volador #1 Common Effect Monster
DB1-SP055 Ceremonial Bell Campana Ceremonial Common Effect Monster
DB1-SP056 Sonic Bird Pájaro Sónico Common Effect Monster
DB1-SP057 Mystic Tomato Tomate Místico Rare Effect Monster
DB1-SP058 Kotodama Kotodama Common Effect Monster
DB1-SP059 Gaia Power Poder de Gaia Common Field Spell Card
DB1-SP060 Umiiruka Umiiruka Common Field Spell Card
DB1-SP061 Molten Destruction Destrucción Fundida Common Field Spell Card
DB1-SP062 Rising Air Current Corriente de Aire Ascendente Common Field Spell Card
DB1-SP063 Luminous Spark Chispa Reluciente Common Field Spell Card
DB1-SP064 Mystic Plasma Zone Zona de Plasma Místico Common Field Spell Card
DB1-SP065 Messenger of Peace Mensajero de la Paz Common Continuous Spell Card
DB1-SP066 Blue-Eyes Toon Dragon Dragón Toon de Ojos Azules Super Rare Toon monster
DB1-SP067 Jinzo Jinzo Ultra Rare Effect Monster
DB1-SP068 Parasite Paracide Parásito Paracida Common Effect Monster
DB1-SP069 Lightforce Sword Espada de la Fuerza de Luz Common Normal Trap Card
DB1-SP070 Chain Destruction Destrucción en Cadena Common Normal Trap Card
DB1-SP071 Time Seal Sello Temporal Common Normal Trap Card
DB1-SP072 Graverobber Ladrón de Tumbas Common Normal Trap Card
DB1-SP073 Gift of The Mystical Elf Don del Duende Místico Common Normal Trap Card
DB1-SP074 The Eye of Truth El Ojo de la Verdad Common Continuous Trap Card
DB1-SP075 Dust Tornado Tornado de Polvo Rare Normal Trap Card
DB1-SP076 Call of the Haunted Llamada de los Condenados Super Rare Continuous Trap Card
DB1-SP077 Enchanted Javelin Jabalina Encantada Common Normal Trap Card
DB1-SP078 Mirror Wall Muro de Espejo Common Continuous Trap Card
DB1-SP079 Numinous Healer Common Normal Trap Card
DB1-SP080 Forced Requisition Requisamiento Forzoso Common Continuous Trap Card
DB1-SP081 DNA Surgery Cirugía de ADN Common Continuous Trap Card
DB1-SP082 Backup Soldier Soldado de Apoyo Common Normal Trap Card
DB1-SP083 Ceasefire Tregua Super Rare Normal Trap Card
DB1-SP084 Light of Intervention Luz de la Intervención Common Continuous Trap Card
DB1-SP085 Respect Play Respetar el Juego Common Continuous Trap Card
DB1-SP086 Imperial Order Orden Imperial Ultra Rare Continuous Trap Card
DB1-SP087 Magical Hats Sombreros Mágicos Rare Normal Trap Card
DB1-SP088 Nobleman of Crossout Super Rare Normal Spell Card
DB1-SP089 Nobleman of Extermination Noble de Exterminio Common Normal Spell Card
DB1-SP090 The Shallow Grave La Tumba Superficial Common Normal Spell Card
DB1-SP091 Premature Burial Entierro Prematuro Super Rare Equip Spell Card
DB1-SP092 Morphing Jar #2 Jarra de la Metamorfosis #2 Rare Flip monster
DB1-SP093 Kiseitai Kiseitai Common Effect Monster
DB1-SP094 Harpie's Brother Sky Scout Common Normal Monster
DB1-SP095 Buster Blader Buster Blader Super Rare Effect Monster
DB1-SP096 Dark Sage Sabio Oscuro Ultra Rare Effect Monster
DB1-SP097 Big Shield Gardna Gran Escudo Gardna Ultra Rare Effect Monster
DB1-SP098 Blue-Eyes White Dragon Dragón Blanco de Ojos Azules Ultra Rare Normal Monster
DB1-SP099 Hitotsu-Me Giant Gigante Hitotsu-Me Common Normal Monster
DB1-SP100 Flame Swordsman Espadachín de la Llama Rare Fusion Monster
DB1-SP101 Skull Servant Sirviente de la Calavera Common Normal Monster
DB1-SP102 Dark Magician Mago Oscuro Ultra Rare Normal Monster
DB1-SP103 Gaia The Fierce Knight Gaia el Caballero Feroz Rare Normal Monster
DB1-SP104 Celtic Guardian Guardián Celta Common Normal Monster
DB1-SP105 Mammoth Graveyard Cementerio de Mamuts Common Normal Monster
DB1-SP106 Silver Fang Colmillo Plateado Common Normal Monster
DB1-SP107 Flame Manipulator Manipulador de la Llama Common Normal Monster
DB1-SP108 Dark King of the Abyss Rey Oscuro del Abismo Common Normal Monster
DB1-SP109 Aqua Madoor Madoor de Aqua Common Normal Monster
DB1-SP110 Masaki the Legendary Swordsman Masaki el Espadachín Legendario Common Normal Monster
DB1-SP111 Dragon Capture Jar Jarra de Captura de Dragones Common Continuous Trap Card
DB1-SP112 Umi Umi Common Field Spell Card
DB1-SP113 Dark Hole Agujero Oscuro Super Rare Normal Spell Card
DB1-SP114 Raigeki Raigeki Ultra Rare Normal Spell Card
DB1-SP115 Red Medicine Medicina Roja Common Normal Spell Card
DB1-SP116 Hinotama Hinotama Common Normal Spell Card
DB1-SP117 Fissure Fisura Rare Normal Spell Card
DB1-SP118 Trap Hole Agujero Trampa Rare Normal Trap Card
DB1-SP119 Polymerization Polimerización Common Normal Spell Card
DB1-SP120 Mystical Elf Duende Místico Common Normal Monster
DB1-SP121 Beaver Warrior Guerrero Castor Common Normal Monster
DB1-SP122 Gaia the Dragon Champion Gaia el Campeón Dragón Rare Fusion Monster
DB1-SP123 Curse of Dragon Maldición de Dragón Common Normal Monster
DB1-SP124 Giant Soldier of Stone Soldado Gigante de Piedra Common Normal Monster
DB1-SP125 Uraby Uraby Common Normal Monster
DB1-SP126 Red-Eyes B. Dragon Dragón Negro de Ojos Rojos Super Rare Normal Monster
DB1-SP127 Reaper of the Cards Segadora de las Cartas Common Flip monster
DB1-SP128 Stop Defense Parar la Defensa Common Normal Spell Card
DB1-SP129 Swords of Revealing Light Espadas de la Luz Reveladora Super Rare Normal Spell Card
DB1-SP130 Armed Ninja Ninja Armado Common Flip monster
DB1-SP131 Man-Eater Bug Insecto Come-hombres Rare Flip monster
DB1-SP132 Hane-Hane Hane-Hane Common Flip monster
DB1-SP133 Monster Reborn Monstruo Renacido Ultra Rare Normal Spell Card
DB1-SP134 Pot of Greed Olla de la Codicia Super Rare Normal Spell Card
DB1-SP135 Right Leg of the Forbidden One Pierna Derecha del Prohibido Common Normal Monster
DB1-SP136 Left Leg of the Forbidden One Pierna Izquierda del Prohibido Common Normal Monster
DB1-SP137 Right Arm of the Forbidden One Brazo Derecho del Prohibido Common Normal Monster
DB1-SP138 Left Arm of the Forbidden One Brazo Izquierdo del Prohibido Common Normal Monster
DB1-SP139 Exodia the Forbidden One Exodia, el Prohibido Ultra Rare Effect Monster
DB1-SP140 Feral Imp Diablillo Salvaje Common Normal Monster
DB1-SP141 Winged Dragon, Guardian of the Fortress #1 Dragón Alado, Guardián de la Fortaleza #1 Common Normal Monster
DB1-SP142 Summoned Skull Cráneo Convocado Super Rare Normal Monster
DB1-SP143 Armored Lizard Lagarto Armado Common Normal Monster
DB1-SP144 Larvae Moth Larva de Moth Common Effect Monster
DB1-SP145 Harpie Lady Dama Arpía Common Normal Monster
DB1-SP146 Harpie Lady Sisters Hermanas de la Dama Arpía Common Effect Monster
DB1-SP147 Kojikocy Kojikocy Common Normal Monster
DB1-SP148 Cocoon of Evolution Capullo Evolutivo Common Effect Monster
DB1-SP149 Armored Zombie Zombi Acorazado Common Normal Monster
DB1-SP150 Mask of Darkness Máscara de la Oscuridad Common Flip monster
DB1-SP151 White Magical Hat Sombrero Mágico Blanco Common Effect Monster
DB1-SP152 Big Eye Gran Ojo Common Flip monster
DB1-SP153 B. Skull Dragon Dragón B. Cráneo Super Rare Fusion Monster
DB1-SP154 Masked Sorcerer Brujo Enmascarado Common Effect Monster
DB1-SP155 Petit Moth Petit Moth Common Normal Monster
DB1-SP156 Elegant Egotist Egotista Elegante Common Normal Spell Card
DB1-SP157 Sanga of the Thunder Sanga del Trueno Common Effect Monster
DB1-SP158 Kazejin Kazejin Common Effect Monster
DB1-SP159 Suijin Suijin Common Effect Monster
DB1-SP160 Mystic Lamp Lámpara Mística Common Effect Monster
DB1-SP161 Blast Juggler Malabarista del Estallido Common Effect Monster
DB1-SP162 Jinzo #7 Jinzo #7 Common Effect Monster
DB1-SP163 Magician of Faith Mago de la Fe Rare Flip monster
DB1-SP164 Fake Trap Trampa Falsa Common Normal Trap Card
DB1-SP165 Tribute to the Doomed Rare Normal Spell Card
DB1-SP166 Soul Release Liberación del Alma Common Normal Spell Card
DB1-SP167 The Cheerful Coffin El Ataúd Risueño Common Normal Spell Card
DB1-SP168 Change of Heart Cambio de Fidelidad Ultra Rare Normal Spell Card
DB1-SP169 Makyura the Destructor Makyura the Destructor Super Rare Effect Monster
DB1-SP170 Exchange Intercambio Super Rare Normal Spell Card
DB1-SP171 Minor Goblin Official Oficial Goblin Menor Common Continuous Trap Card
DB1-SP172 Gamble Apuesta Common Normal Trap Card
DB1-SP173 Attack and Receive Atacar y Recibir Common Normal Trap Card
DB1-SP174 Solemn Wishes Deseos Solemnes Common Continuous Trap Card
DB1-SP175 Skull Invitation Invitación del Cráneo Common Continuous Trap Card
DB1-SP176 Bubonic Vermin Alimaña Bubónica Common Flip monster
DB1-SP177 Burning Land Tierra Ardiente Common Continuous Spell Card
DB1-SP178 Fairy Meteor Crush Impacto de Meteoro de Hada Rare Equip Spell Card
DB1-SP179 Limiter Removal Quitar el Limitador Rare Quick-Play Spell Card
DB1-SP180 Rain of Mercy Lluvia de Piedad Common Normal Spell Card
DB1-SP181 Monster Recovery Recuperación de Monstruo Common Quick-Play Spell Card
DB1-SP182 Shift Cambio Common Normal Trap Card
DB1-SP183 Dimensionhole Agujero Dimensional Common Normal Spell Card
DB1-SP184 Ground Collapse Derrumbamiento del Suelo Common Continuous Spell Card
DB1-SP185 Magic Drain Drenaje Mágico Rare Counter Trap Card
DB1-SP186 Infinite Dismissal Despido Infinito Common Continuous Trap Card
DB1-SP187 Gravity Bind Atar a la Gravedad Common Continuous Trap Card
DB1-SP188 Type Zero Magic Crusher Aplastador Mágico Tipo Cero Common Continuous Trap Card
DB1-SP189 Shadow of Eyes Sombra de Ojos Common Normal Trap Card
DB1-SP190 The Legendary Fisherman El Pescador Legendario Rare Effect Monster
DB1-SP191 Sword Hunter Cazador de Espadas Common Effect Monster
DB1-SP192 Drill Bug Bicho Excavador Common Effect Monster
DB1-SP193 Deepsea Warrior Guerrero del Mar Profundo Common Effect Monster
DB1-SP194 Thousand-Eyes Idol Ídolo de los Mil Ojos Common Normal Monster
DB1-SP195 Thousand-Eyes Restrict Límite de los Mil Ojos Ultra Rare Effect Fusion Monster
DB1-SP196 Hayabusa Knight Caballero Hayabusa Rare Effect Monster
DB1-SP197 Bombardment Beetle Escarabajo Bombardero Common Flip monster
DB1-SP198 4-Starred Ladybug of Doom Ladybug de 4 Estrellas de la Perdición Common Flip monster
DB1-SP199 Gradius Gradius Common Normal Monster
DB1-SP200 Vampire Baby Bebé Vampiro Common Effect Monster
DB1-SP201 Mad Sword Beast Bestia Loca de la Espada Rare Effect Monster
DB1-SP202 Goblin Attack Force Fuerza de Ataque Goblin Super Rare Effect Monster
DB1-SP203 The Fiend Megacyber El Mega-ciber Demoníaco Rare Effect Monster
DB1-SP204 Gearfried the Iron Knight Gearfried el Caballero de Hierro Rare Effect Monster
DB1-SP205 Insect Barrier Barrera de Insectos Common Continuous Spell Card
DB1-SP206 Swordsman of Landstar Espadachin de Landstar Common Normal Monster
DB1-SP207 Humanoid Slime Gelatina Humanoide Common Normal Monster
DB1-SP208 Worm Drake Dragón Gusano Common Normal Monster
DB1-SP209 Humanoid Worm Drake Dragón Gusano Humanoide Common Fusion Monster
DB1-SP210 Revival Jam Gelatina Reanimada Common Effect Monster
DB1-SP211 Amphibian Beast Bestia Anfibia Common Normal Monster
DB1-SP212 Shining Abyss Abismo Reluciente Common Normal Monster
DB1-SP213 Grand Tiki Elder Gran Tiki Anciano Common Normal Monster
DB1-SP214 The Masked Beast La Bestia Enmascarada Super Rare Ritual Monster
DB1-SP215 Melchid the Four-Face Beast Melchid la Bestia de las Cuatro Caras Common Normal Monster
DB1-SP216 Nuvia the Wicked Common Effect Monster
DB1-SP217 Chosen One La Elegida Common Normal Spell Card
DB1-SP218 Mask of Weakness Máscara de la Debilidad Common Normal Trap Card
DB1-SP219 Curse of the Masked Beast Maldición de la Bestia Enmascarada Common Ritual Spell Card
DB1-SP220 Mask of Dispel Máscara de Disipar Common Continuous Spell Card
DB1-SP221 Mask of Restrict Máscara de Restricción Common Continuous Trap Card
DB1-SP222 Mask of the Accursed Máscara de los Malditos Common Equip Spell Card
DB1-SP223 Mask of Brutality Máscara de Brutalidad Common Equip Spell Card
DB1-SP224 Return of the Doomed Common Normal Spell Card
DB1-SP225 Lightning Blade Hoja de Rayos Common Equip Spell Card
DB1-SP226 Tornado Wall Muro de Tornado Common Continuous Trap Card
DB1-SP227 Fairy Box Caja de Hada Common Continuous Trap Card
DB1-SP228 Torrential Tribute Tributo Torrencial Ultra Rare Normal Trap Card
DB1-SP229 Jam Breeding Machine Máquina de Reproducción de Gelatina Common Continuous Spell Card
DB1-SP230 Infinite Cards Cartas Infinitas Common Continuous Spell Card
DB1-SP231 Jam Defender Defensor de Gelatina Common Continuous Trap Card
DB1-SP232 Card of Safe Return Carta de Retorno Seguro Common Continuous Spell Card
DB1-SP233 Amazon Archer Arquera Amazoness Common Effect Monster
DB1-SP234 Fire Princess Princesa de Fuego Common Effect Monster
DB1-SP235 Spirit of the Breeze Espíritu de la Brisa Common Effect Monster
DB1-SP236 Dancing Fairy Hada Danzante Common Effect Monster
DB1-SP237 Cure Mermaid Sirena Curadora Common Effect Monster
DB1-SP238 Hysteric Fairy Hada Histérica Common Effect Monster
DB1-SP239 The Forgiving Maiden La Doncella Compasiva Common Effect Monster
DB1-SP240 St. Joan St.Joan Common Fusion Monster
DB1-SP241 Marie the Fallen One Common Effect Monster
DB1-SP242 Jar of Greed Jarra de la Codicia Rare Normal Trap Card
DB1-SP243 Scroll of Bewitchment Pergamino de Hechizar Common Equip Spell Card
DB1-SP244 United We Stand Estamos Juntos Ultra Rare Equip Spell Card
DB1-SP245 Mage Power Poder del Mago Ultra Rare Equip Spell Card
DB1-SP246 The Portrait's Secret El Secreto del Retrato Common Normal Monster
DB1-SP247 The Gross Ghost of Fled Dreams El Fantasma Ordinario de Escapa Sueños Common Normal Monster
DB1-SP248 Headless Knight Caballero Sin Cabeza Common Normal Monster
DB1-SP249 Earthbound Spirit Espiritu Atado a la Tierra Common Normal Monster
DB1-SP250 The Earl of Demise El Conde de la Defunción Common Normal Monster

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