Dark Bakura and Karita's Shadow Game was a Shadow Game in the Yu-Gi-Oh! manga and Toei anime between Dark Bakura and the gym teacher Mr. Karita.


YGO-050 Penalty Game

Karita's Penalty Game.

Mr. Karita bullied Ryo Bakura at school and ordered him to shave his hair. That night, Dark Bakura told Bakura that he was going to pay his rent and implied he was going to do something to Karita. Bakura unsuccessfully pleaded with him not to.

Dark Bakura went back to the school and faced Karita in a Shadow Game. The nature of the game was not shown, but Karita received the "Mind Doll" Penalty Game, in which his soul was sealed in a miniature version of himself for Bakura's Monster World RPG.


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