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Manga debut

Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel 50: "Millennium Enemy 1: The Mysterious Transfer Student"

Dark Bakura (manga)
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Dark Bakura, also romanized as Yami Bakura is a character in the Yu-Gi-Oh! manga. This is the original depiction of Dark Bakura, as created by Kazuki Takahashi.

Dark Bakura stems from the soul of Bakura, King of Thieves and a partial soul of Zorc Necrophades, which was partly sealed in the Millennium Ring. After Ryo Bakura came into possession of the Millennium Ring, Dark Bakura gained the ability to take control of Ryo's body, while it was in proximity of the ring.


Ancient Egypt

Circa 1000 B.C., using the power of the Millennium Ring, Bakura, King of Thieves sealed a part of his soul in the Millennium Eye, while it was still worn by Akhenaden, corrupting him with evil.[1] Zorc Necrophades was resurrected after Akhenadin placed the seven Millennium Items in the stone slab. Akhenadin became the High Priest of Shadows and waged into a final battle against Pharaoh Atem. At the end of the battle, Atem gave his life to seal both the souls of Akhenaden, Zorc Necrophades, and his own soul in the Millennium Puzzle.[2] Zorc also sealed a part of his soul in the Millennium Ring.[3] In addition, during an unspecified period of time, Thief Bakura's spirit had been sealed within the Millennium Ring. The Puzzle was broken into pieces afterwards and sealed in the Valley of the Kings.[2]


3000 years later, Ryo Bakura came into possession of the Millennium Ring. While Bakura held the Ring, the fragment of Zorc Necrophades' soul combined with the soul of Thief King Bakura became able to take control Bakura his body as "Dark Bakura". Dark Bakura had lost many of his memories as Zorc Necrophades and Thief Bakura, and was commonly referred to as the "spirit of the Millennium Ring" or simply "Bakura" even after people became aware that he was a different mind than Ryo Bakura. However, Dark Bakura was able to recall that he was once a thief.

Monster World

YGO-050 Enter Dark Bakura

The prongs of the Millennium Ring pierced into Bakura's body to stop him from removing it.

Ryo Bakura used to play Monster World with his friends. However Dark Bakura would take control, without him knowing, and turn the games into Shadow Games. As Dark Bakura defeated Bakura's friends, he inflicted the "Mind Doll" Penalty Game on them, trapping their souls in Monster World miniatures, leaving their human bodies in comas. As a result, Bakura had to keep changing schools and isolated himself by living in an apartment.[4]

When Bakura transferred to Domino High School, he befriended Yugi Mutou, the owner of the Millennium Puzzle. Dark Bakura gained the ability to communicate with Bakura as a voice in his head. He theorized that it was a result of the Millennium Items resonating off of each other. Later that day, Dark Bakura introduced himself to Bakura. Bakura then tried removing the ring, only to find Dark Bakura had pierced its prongs into his body. Dark Bakura claimed to care for Bakura and to "pay [his] rent", he took over Bakura's body in order to exact revenge on the gym teacher, Mr. Karita, who had bullied Bakura earlier that day.[4]

YGO-050 Penalty Game

Dark Bakura inflicts a Penalty Game on Mr. Karita.

Dark Bakura returned to the school, where he confronted Karita and inflicted the "Mind Doll" Penalty Game on him. Dark Bakura sealed Karita's soul in a Monster World piece and laughed that Karita would live the rest of his life as a living game miniature.[4]

Bakura stayed home from school the next day. However his new friends, Yugi, Jonouchi, Anzu and Honda came to visit him after school, hoping to play Monster World. Bakura tried warning them to leave, but Dark Bakura took over and invited them in to play.[4]

Dark Bakura set up the game. He took on the role of Dark Master and used Zorc as his avatar. He also narrated the events of the game. The others played the adventurers and he helped them create their avatars; Yugi, Joey, Anzu and Honda. Among the non-player characters, he added was Karita who played the role of "Villager D".[5]

When the adventures entered the bar, they encountered Karita's character. Karita tried telling them what happened to him and asking for help. However Dark Bakura warned him to play his role or he would kill him.[5]

YGO-052 Transformation

Dark Bakura's avatar transforming into its true Zorc form.

Dark Bakura disguised his avatar, Zorc as an innocent man lying unconscious in the adventurers' path. When the adventurers woke him, he lied that he had been traveling to the village to give the hero a holy sword capable of defeating Zorc, but he had been attacked in the forest and had it stolen. Despite Yugi's suspicions of a trap, the adventurers agreed to help him and were led into the forest. After they battled a group of monsters and tamed Pokii, Dark Bakura revealed that the man was in fact Zorc in disguise. Zorc switched to his true form to battle the adventurers and won initiative, having caught them off guard.[6]

Dark Bakura rolled a super critical, 00, for Zorc, allowing him to inflict the "Mind Doll" Penalty Game on Anzu, trapping her in her miniature.[6] This was soon followed by Jonouchi rolling a fumble, 99, causing him to be trapped in his miniature too. Dark Bakura proceeded to mock Honda, calling his character cowardly as he failed to roll high enough to overcome Zorc's aura and then rolled another 00, trapping Honda in his miniature too. Yugi suspected foul play on Dark Bakura's behalf and requested that he be sealed in his miniature too. Dark Bakura obliged, as Game Master, and then thought he had won, having no opponents left capable of rolling the dice. However, Dark Yugi then took over for Yugi.[7] Dark Yugi was the soul of the Pharaoh that Dark Bakura had battled as Zorc Necrophades.

Using the double hit, technique, Dark Yugi rolled a critical for Honda, allowing them to blast off Zorc's left hand, causing it to mutate into more monsters. Dark Bakura then got Zorc to retreat to Zorc Castle, where he had prepared a special place for their final battle. Using more double hits, Dark Yugi got his friends to tame Pao and dispose of the remaining monsters. After the double hit had been exposed, both players agreed to drop the dice in a manner that made the technique impossible.[7][8]

When the adventurers made it to Zorc Castle, Dark Bakura trapped them in a tower by dropping a ceiling on their heads. Seeing instant death traps as amateurish, he gave them three turns to roll a number to complete the supporting column before the weight of the ceiling crushed the miniatures. While they were trapped, he even got Zorc to attack them. Dark Yugi managed to roll the necessary 33, completing the column. Dark Bakura underestimated the speed of the adventurers and had Zorc slice the tower in two in an attempt to kill them before they escaped. The adventurers escaped in time and caught Zorc off guard, winning initiative.[9]

Channeling his friends emotions into the dice, Dark Yugi rolled more criticals for his friends and had them attack Zorc. However this proved futile due to the difference in levels and Zorc wasn't too badly injured. With the power of the Millennium Ring, Dark Bakura had previously sealed the souls of some of Bakura's former gaming companions in dice. These "brainwashed dice" allowed him to roll a super critical. This caused Zorc to use his "Dark Catastrophe" attack, which normally means instant death for any victim with less than 50 HP. However Ryo Bakura had managed to gain control of Dark Bakura's left hand, which Dark Bakura had lost due to his connection with Zorc. Bakura used the left hand to interfere with the calculation leaving the adventurers with 1 HP each. Using his left hand to type, Bakura told Dark Bakura that he wasn't going to be controlled anymore or let him harm his friends.[10] Dark Yugi rolled another critical for Jonouchi, allowing him to stab out Zorc's left eye. Due to his connection with Zorc, Dark Bakura lost the use of his own left eye. To prevent Bakura from interfering, Dark Bakura slid the computer away from his left hand.[11]

YGO-057 Self-impalement

Dark Bakura impales his hand on a tower to stop Bakura interfering.

Zorc and Anzu tired on initiative for the next move, so the players had to roll to see who won initiative. Dark Bakura tried rolling the brainwashed dice to force a super critical, 00. However Bakura had swapped them with the regular dice and he only rolled a 10, which lost to Dark Yugi's 09. After Anzu healed the party, Dark Bakura prepared to take his turn, but Bakura used his left hand to roll the brainwashed dice, forcing a fumble, 99, causing Zorc's attack to backfire and hit himself. Frustrated, Dark Bakura impaled his left hand on one of the diorama towers to prevent Bakura from interfering.[11]

Dark Yugi and his friends began to suspect that Dark Bakura was a different person than the Bakura that they knew. Dark Yugi rolled a 05 for Yugi and got him to use his training hand on Zork. Dark Bakura misunderstood this a futile attempt to tame Zorc. However, the training hand pulled the White Wizard Bakura, the Monster World avatar of Ryo Bakura out of the wound in Zorc's left arm. Bakura used his magic to lower Zorc's defenses, allowing Honda to inflict serious damage on Zorc.[11]

YGO-059 Final Big Bang

Dark Bakura's avatar, Zorc, is killed.

With Zorc's hit points low, Dark Bakura transformed Zorc into Last Zorc as a final resort. He then rolled a super critical, allowing Zorc to use his "Zorc Inferno" attack. However Bakura used his white magic to shield the party, allowing them to survive the attack with minimal HP remaining. Dark Yugi discovered that the muzzle from Last Zorc's attack was his weak point, so Pokii flew into the hole to stop it closing. Afterwhich the adventurers punched through the weak point and sliced Last Zorc in half.[12]

Last Zorc survived the onslaught and Dark Bakura prepared to make him self-destruct. He and Dark Yugi rolled for initiative on the next attack.[12] Dark Bakura sealed a part of his own soul in his dice, making them "doppelganger dice" and rolled a 00, which tied with Dark Yugi's roll. However Bakura had also sealed his own soul in the doppelganger dice and with that was able to make the dice self-destruct. This allowed Dark Yugi to make the next roll, which he used to make Anzu slay Zorc. Dark Bakura lost control of Bakura with the death of Zorc and everyone he sealed in miniatures returned to their bodies. Bakura's body seemed to be dead, but Dark Yugi rolled for the Wizard Bakura who returned his soul to his own body.[13]

Duelist Kingdom

Following the Monster World game, Bakura stopped wearing the Millennium Ring, thinking that would be sufficient to prevent Dark Bakura from surfacing.[14]

Bakura went to the Duelist Kingdom tournament to support Yugi and Jonouchi, but also to learn about the Millennium Items from Maximillion J. Pegasus.[14][15] At times the Millennium Ring would point in the direction of Pegasus Castle.[16] Dark Bakura claimed that he was guiding Bakura towards the Millennium Eye.[17]

D-039 Dark Bakura's advice

Dark Bakura tries convincing Bakura to let him take control.

Following Dark Yugi and Jonouchi's victory against the Meikyû Brothers, they and their friends had to solve a riddle to determine the correct door to exit the dungeon. While Bakura, Anzu, Honda and Jonouchi searched the chamber for clues, Dark Bakura began to communicate with Bakura. He requested that Bakura allow him to take control. Being a thief, he stated that he would have no problem determining the exit. Bakura refused, despite his claims to have changed. Dark Bakura reminded him that his friends would be trapped if he didn't accept his help. Reluctantly Bakura allowed Dark Bakura to take control. Using a coin trick, Dark Yugi had the brothers think that he guessed the "Mei" door. Dark Bakura shouted that he was wrong; the "Kyû" door was correct, but the Brothers disallowed a change of answer and revealed that the Kyû door was correct. However Dark Yugi then revealed that he had actually chosen the "Kyû", knowing they would say whichever door they thought he guessed was wrong. Although thinking it was done by Bakura, Dark Yugi credited Dark Bakura's disruption to the Meikyû Brothers not detecting his coin trick. As they left, Dark Bakura returned control to Bakura, who was unaware of what happened.[17]

D-074 Millennium Eye lick

Dark Bakura steals the Millennium Eye.

In the night before the tournament finals, Dark Bakura possessed Bakura and began searching the castle. He saw Pegasus' portrait of Shadi and laughed that he did not expect to see his face there.[18] At some point, he gave control back to Bakura, who was spotted by Pegasus' guards and told to go back to his room. Later in the night, Dark Bakura resumed control. He knocked a guard unconscious and freed Honda from a dungeon cell.[19] The two of them spent the night looking for Mokuba Kaiba's body, which Pegasus had stripped of its soul. Honda noticed Bakura had been acting different, but decided not to speak up.[20]

After the tournament, Dark Bakura confronted Pegasus and proceeded to gouge out the Millennium Eye, killing him. He took the eye with him and left a replica behind.[21]

Dungeon Dice Monsters

D-085 Parasite Mind

Dark Bakura seals a fragment of his soul in a piece of the Millennium Puzzle.

The Millennium Ring alerted Dark Bakura that something had happened to the Millennium Puzzle while Yugi was playing Dungeon Dice Monsters against Ryuji Otogi.[22] Dark Bakura now considered the survival of the Millennium Puzzle and its wielder important to his plan. He entered the Black Clown, easily dispatching of the two guards and found his way to Yugi and Ryuji's game.[23]

Dark Bakura mocked Ryuji for thinking he was capable of handling the Millennium Puzzle. Yugi realized that this wasn't the regular Bakura talking. Dark Bakura claimed to have turned over a new leaf and that he was now an ally of Yugi. He inspected the game and saw that the odds were against Yugi, but predicted that he would still turn the game around.[23] As Yugi doubted he could win, Dark Bakura insisted that this was just another test to see if Yugi is the true successor of the Puzzle and the one capable of awakening the king's memories.[24]

When Yugi won the game, Dark Bakura helped him gather the pieces of the disassembled Millennium Puzzle. Secretly he used the Parasite Mind ability of the Millennium Ring to seal a part of his soul in one of the pieces. This part of him was to serve as a spy in Dark Yugi's soul room after the Puzzle was reconstructed.[25]

Battle City

During the Battle City tournament, the Millennium Ring reacted to the nearby presence of the Millennium Rod. Dark Bakura took control of Bakura and separated from Jonouchi, Anzu and Sugoroku as they went to the aquarium. He knocked out a participant and stole his Duel Disk and Puzzle Card in order to take part in the tournament. He then located Marik Ishtar and asked him to hand over his Millennium Item. When questioned as to who he was, Dark Bakura replied that he was the person who would kill Marik if he interfered with his plan.[26]

Dark Bakura and Marik went to a pier to discuss the Millennium Items. Dark Bakura explained that he was collecting them for power; by inserting the seven Millennium Items into the Millennium Stone the Door of Darkness, grating evil power to the one who opened it. Marik was surprised that Dark Bakura knew that much, but informed him that more than just the Items were necessary to open that door. Marik claimed that he was not interested in gathering the Items and only wanted to kill Yugi. If Dark Bakura helped him, he said he would happily give him the Rod once it was over. If Dark Bakura refused, he threatened to kill him. He gave him five minutes to decide.[27]

D-122 Stab

Dark Bakura stabs himself.

Dark Bakura said that he would side with Marik and explained that the best way to hurt Yugi was to go through his friends. Although Marik already had a plan for this, Dark Bakura thought that Marik would still need to win their trust before he could deceive them.[28] He then stabbed himself in the arm and returned control to Bakura, who fell unconscious, so that Marik could use Bakura to get to Yugi.[29]

Marik brought Bakura to where Anzu, Jonouchi and Sugoroku would notice them. He explained that he found Bakura lying in the street and treated him as best he could. The boy whose Duel Disk Dark Bakura stole then showed up with a friend and tried attacking Bakura. Marik, under the alias "Namu", got injured protecting him, winning Jonouchi and Anzu's trust.[30] Sugoroku took Bakura to the hospital to get treated, but when he took his eyes off of him, Dark Bakura took control and left.[31]

D-142 Dark Bakura VS Ghost Kotsuzuka

Dark Bakura and Ghost Kozuka's Duel.

Dark Bakura defeated a number of participants, taking their Puzzle Cards. The last of these opponents was Ghost Kozuka, whose life he also took as a Penalty Game. With six Puzzle Cards, he proceeded to the Battle City finals.[31] Bakura's friends were surprised to see him at the finals. Dark Bakura released control to Bakura, who was partially brainwashed by Marik, and claimed to have won the Puzzle Cards himself.[32]

Bakura was paired up to Duel Yugi in the first round of the finals.[33] They fought each other as Dark Bakura and Dark Yugi. When Dark Yugi realized who his opponent was, he asked how long he had been controlling Bakura and if he was after the Millennium Puzzle again. Dark Bakura said that he was only after Dark Yugi's Egyptian God, "Slifer the Sky Dragon". He had planned on trading it for Marik's Millennium Rod. Marik thought if things did not go well, he would take control of Bakura to win the Duel, but Dark Bakura told him to stay out of it.[34]

D-146 Dark Yugi VS Dark Bakura

Dark Bakura Duels Dark Yugi.

On his first three turns, Dark Bakura Summoned monsters in Attack Mode, which Dark Yugi easily destroyed and drastically lowered Dark Bakura's Life Points. Some of the spectators began to wonder if Dark Bakura had a strategy, or if he even understood the basics of the game. Dark Bakura laughed that Dark Yugi had fallen for his trap, as those three monsters were a necessary sacrifice to Summon "Dark Necrofear".[34]

Dark Yugi destroyed "Dark Necrofear", but Dark Bakura had hoped for this, as it allowed him to use her effect. The soul of her marionette began possessing Dark Yugi's monsters causing their attacks to backfire, both lowering Dark Yugi's Life Points and increasing Dark Bakura's. With "Dark Necrofear" destroyed, Dark Bakura was also able to use "Destiny Board". This caused the spirit of "Dark Necrofear" to start spelling out the word "DEATH" on a Ouija board, one letter per turn.[35]

Using "The Dark Door" and "Dark Spirit of the Silent", he restricted Dark Yugi's attacks to one per turn, which he would force to be the possessed monster. He quickly managed to get his Life Points grossly higher than Dark Yugi's, who lost the same amount Bakura gained with each attack.[36]

Dark Yugi used "Monster Recovery" to clear his own field and Summoned "Kuriboh", which being his only monster became possessed by the marionette's spirit. Dark Yugi used "Chain Destruction" to destroy "Kuriboh" and the spirit with it. He also used "Monster Reborn" on "Dark Necrofear", preventing her from operating the Ouija board from the grave. However Dark Bakura used "Deja Vu" to return the field to its previous state.[37]

D-149 Duel end

Dark Bakura accepts his defeat.

With one turn left, before Dark Bakura won via "Destiny Board", Dark Yugi Summoned "Slifer the Sky Dragon". Dark Bakura tried to use the marionette's spirit to possess "Slifer". However it was not powerful enough to possess an Egyptian God and left him wide open for Slifer's attack. As Dark Bakura was about to lose, Rishid, who was pretending to be Marik while Marik posed as Namu, arrived at the Duel. He claimed that Bakura was being possessed by the Millennium Rod and then returned control to Bakura. Bakura's wound from being stabbed had more of an effect on him than Dark Bakura. Rishid claimed that an attack from "Slifer" would kill him and asked what Dark Yugi would do now. Dark Bakura was unhappy with Marik's plan, so he took back control of Bakura's body and allowed Dark Yugi to attack him, insisting that he wouldn't let Bakura die. Dark Yugi complied and won the Duel.[38]

After the Duel, Bakura was taken away to be treated. Anzu, who was possessed by Marik, took the Millennium Ring saying it was dangerous to leave it near Bakura.[39]

A piece of Marik still existed in Bakura's body from when he had possessed him before. Dark Bakura and Marik made an agreement, in which Dark Bakura would help Marik save Rishid's life in exchange for his help in getting the Millennium Rod and reading the secret's carved on the back of Marik's body.[40]

During the night after the quarter finals, Dark Marik, now in full control of Marik's body, went to Rishid's room to kill him, while he was unconscious. However, Dark Bakura interrupted him and demanded that he hand over the Millennium Rod and show him his back, offering to spare his life if he did so quietly. They began to try over powering each other with the power of their Millennium Items, before agreeing to play a Shadow Game, in which the loser was to be killed.[40]

Bakura relied on information about Dark Marik's Deck from the regular Marik. However Dark Marik had reconstructed the Deck, meaning Marik could only tell him about the abilities of "The Winged Dragon of Ra". Marik explained how he had spawned Dark Marik and killed his father under his influence. Dark Bakura was surprised to hear that Marik had met Shadi after the murder, who was supposed to have died long ago. Before the Duel, Dark Bakura also said that he would burn Dark Marik's body if he won, a condition which Marik was okay with.[41]

D-177 Dark Bakura VS Dark Marik

Dark Bakura and Dark Marik's Duel.

As players lost Life Points, parts of their bodies disappeared and they were to be consumed by darkness when they lost. Since Dark Marik knew about Dark Bakura's "Destiny Board", "Dark Necrofear" strategy, Dark Bakura used his Deck's other tactic. He used "Dark Designator" to force Dark Marik to add "The Winged Dragon of Ra" to his hand, "Multiple Destruction" to force him to discard it. Since the ATK of "Ra" was determined by the Sacrifice Summon, Dark Bakura thought it would be useless in the Graveyard, even if it was to be revived with "Monster Reborn".[42] Dark Bakura Summoned "Puppet Master" and used its effect to revive cards he had destroyed or discarded; "Headless Knight", "Dark Necrofear" and "Gernia". His Life Points were greatly lowered by his own actions, but he still had the advantage and he planned on winning on the next turn.[42] However Dark Marik revived "Ra" with "Monster Reborn" and activated its One Turn Kill effect, transferring 3999 of his 4000 Life Points to ATK for "Ra". "Ra" proceeded to destroy all of Dark Bakura's monsters and drop his Life Points to 0. Dark Bakura and Marik were consumed by the shadows, but Dark Bakura vowed to revive again and kill Dark Marik, claiming to be "the darkness."[43]

The part of Dark Bakura's soul that he had sealed in the Millennium Puzzle was still alive and had been unable to find Dark Yugi's true soul room.[44]

When the Yugi's defeated Dark Marik in the finals, Marik had managed to regain control of his body. He gave the "The Winged Dragon of Ra", the Millennium Ring and Millennium Rod to the Yugi's. Bakura also woke up and was unable to find the Millennium Ring. Dark Yugi lied that he hadn't seen the Ring, in order to stop Bakura from taking it back and getting possessed again.[45] However Bakura later found the Ring in Yugi's room and took it back, allowing Dark Bakura access to his body again.[46]

Project R.A.

Dark Bakura's murder of Pegasus led Yako Tenma down the path for revenge, and the false account of Keith Howard caused Yako to target Yugi.

Memory World

Dark Bakura took advantage of Bakura's diorama building hobby and the fact that Bakura's father owned the museum. He got Bakura to construct a diorama of an Ancient Egyptian city and had it set up in a secret room in the museum, along with the mummy of Akhenaden, both of which were tools of the Shadow RPG, he intended to play with Dark Yugi.[47]

MW-002 Eye imparting

Dark Bakura gives Yugi the Millennium Eye.

One night someone tried to steal the Egyptian God cards from Yugi's house. Dark Bakura became aware of this and assaulted the thief. He reminded Yugi that if they lost the God cards, the Pharaoh, Dark Yugi, would not be able to regain his memories. He said that it was Yugi's job to protect those cards, but since he was so careless, he had to watch over him. Yugi thanked him, but pointed out that Bakura was wearing the Millennium Ring again. Dark Bakura was aware that Yugi would be needing all seven Millennium Items at some point and said that he would give the Ring no sooner than that time. To make up for it, he gave Yugi the Millennium Eye, saying it was his way of swearing loyalty.[48]

When asked, Dark Bakura told Yugi that the tablet in Kul Elna links their world to the afterlife and the its door would be opened when the Millennium Items are placed in the tablet. Yugi realized that this meant the Pharaoh would be returned to his world and asked Dark Bakura why he was helping. Dark Bakura explained that like the Pharaoh, he is a spirit from 3000 years ago sealed in a Millennium Item and wants to return to his world. Before leaving, he told Yugi that Bakura would be going to the museum with Yugi and his friends tomorrow and he wouldn't be there himself, but would be watching from the shadows.[49]

MW-011 Spy

Dark Bakura's "shadow" spies on Yugi and his friends as they search for the door to the Memory World.

The next day, Dark Bakura secretly watched Dark Yugi presenting the Egyptian Gods to the tablet in the museum and getting sucked into the Memory World.[50] Yugi's friends were about to enter the Memory World too by finding the true door in the Pharaoh's soul room, which still existed within Yugi.[51] Before using the Millennium Key to let them enter the soul room, Bobasa used the Millennium Scale to check for evil in their hearts. Since Dark Bakura was still residing within Bakura, evil was detected in Bakura's heart and he was not permitted to enter. This didn't bother Dark Bakura as a part of his soul, which he referred to as his shadow, was already existing within the soul room from when he sealed it in the Millennium Puzzle.[52]

The Dark Bakura in the Puzzle spied on the others after they entered and learned that the Pharaoh's real name was the key to open the door to the underworld.[53] When they found the true door to the Memory World, he followed them through it.[54] Like Yugi and his friends, Dark Bakura was invisible and intangible to the indigenous people of the Memory World.

MW-041 Ultimate Shadow RPG

Dark Bakura faces Dark Yugi in the Shadow RPG.

While part of Dark Yugi's soul went to the Memory World as the Pharaoh, another part was taken to another room in the museum, where he was able to exist outside of Yugi's body and faced Dark Bakura in the Shadow RPG. The Memory World was constructed using the memories of the Pharaoh and Zorc Necrophades, which existed through Akhenadin's mummy. The events of the Memory World were controlled by the Shadow RPG. Dark Bakura had also taken the bodies of Yugi's friends and placed them in coffins of the room, while they existed in the RPG as non-player characters. Dark Bakura compared the Shadow RPG to their previous game of Monster World, which he claimed was warm-up for this game.[47]

Dark Yugi and Dark Bakura each had a Deck of blank cards. As they envisioned significant people or items from their memories, the blank cards would fill in. Each person had a ba gauge on their card, which when emptied resulted in the person's death. Dark Bakura's main cards were Bakura, King of Thieves, a portion of his past self, and Akhenaden, while Dark Yugi's main character was himself, the Pharaoh. While uncontrolled, characters carried out their motives from the original timeline.[47]

Dark Bakura had Thief Bakura attack the palace with Diabound, only to retreat when the Pharaoh Summoned Obelisk the Tormentor[55][56] and later had him battle Mahado and steal the Millennium Ring.[57]

As the Dark Bakura in the Memory World watched over the Egyptian city, he began to regain his memories. He overheard people talking about the probability of Thief Bakura's death, but knew that their suspicions were incorrect as he remembered what happened to him. He located Thief Bakura and watched him slaughter a group of attackers in an inn.[58]

MW-029 Duel Disk spawn

Dark Bakura spawns a Duel Disk.

The Dark Bakura in the Memory World later witnessed a battle between Thief Bakura and the Pharaoh, which he remembered Thief Bakura winning. However Yugi interfered and helped the Pharaoh win this time. Dark Bakura contacted Zorc Necrophades, who had returned to the Memory World, and told him what had happened. The Dark Bakura at the RPG table, used an Hourglass Token[59] to allow Zorc to use his "Memory Reverse" ability to rewind time.[2] This time, the Dark Bakura in the Memory World stood before Yugi and his friends to stop them interfering again.[60] He explained how he was a fragment of Zorc Necrophades as well and reviving his true self had been his plan all along. The non-natives of the Memory World had some reality warping skills through willpower. So Dark Bakura made a Duel Disk grow on his arm and challenged them Shadow Games of Duel Monsters in which the loser would die.[3]

Jonouchi volunteered to Duel Dark Bakura. He defeated Dark Bakura's "Death Spirit Zoma". This activated the effect of "Zoma" in which it would possess the opponent and devour their soul. However meanwhile the Pharaoh was knocked unconscious as he was defeated by Thief Bakura. His memories temporarily ceased, causing the world to go black.[3] By the time the darkness lifted, Dark Bakura had left.[61]

The Dark Bakura at the RPG table, had Thief Bakura battle the Pharaoh and the priests at Kul Elna and steal their Millennium Items, but the Pharaoh was able to defeat Thief Bakura's Diabound.[62] Thief Bakura inserted the Items he had managed to steal into the stone. However he turned to sand and disappeared afterwards, as, despite also being a portion of his past self, he was also Dark Bakura's pawn, who had fulfilled his purpose. The Dark Bakura within the Memory World then appeared before the Pharaoh and explained that they were actually within a role-playing game.[63] Meanwhile, the Dark Bakura at the RPG table used an Hourglass Token, allowing Zorc to freeze time,[59] while Akhenaden took the remaining Millennium Items from the priests and inserted them into the stone,[63][47] causing Zorc Necrophades to be reborn in the Memory World. Zorc then granted Akhenaden a portion of his power, making him the High Priest of Darkness.[59]

In the end, when Atem summoned Horakhty and destroyed Zorc, Dark Bakura was also killed. Upon returning to the real world, Dark Yugi took the empty Millennium Ring from Ryo's unconscious body, freeing him from the dark spirit.

Gaming items

Monster World pieces

Dark Bakura's avatar for the game of Monster World that he played with Dark Yugi and his friends was Dark Master Zorc.

As Game Master, he had some control over some of the NPCs, including the monsters "Beega", "Goblin", Zorc Arm Dragon, "Pokii" and "Zorc Arm Eyeball" and the people "Barman" and "Villager D".

He did not control, but helped create the miniatures, "Yugi", "Anzu", "Joey" and "Hiroto".


During Battle City, Dark Bakura used an "Occult" Deck. His strategy involved letting his monsters be destroyed as a necessary sacrifice to Summon "Dark Necrofear". He used "Dark Necrofear" to possess his opponent's monsters, stopping them attacking him, while he got his Ouija board, "Destiny Board", to spell out "DEATH" for his opponent.

During the Memory World, Dark Bakura used an "Undead Lock" Deck.


Dark Bakura played the following games.

Game Outcome Chapters
VSMr. Karita Win 50
VSYugi Mutou, Katsuya Jonouchi, Anzu Mazaki, Hiroto Honda and Dark Yugi Monster World Lose 51, 52, 53, 54, 55, 56, 57, 58, 59
VS — Battle City participants Duel Monsters Win Off panel
VSGhost Kozuka Duel Monsters Win 142 (201)
VSDark Yugi Duel Monsters Lose 145 (204), 146 (205), 147 (206), 148 (207)
VSDark Yugi Shadow RPG Lose
VSKatsuya Jonouchi Duel Monsters Inconclusive
VSYugi Mutou Duel Monsters Lose


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