"Danger!" is a TCG-exclusive archetype of DARK monsters that debuted in Cybernetic Horizon.



The "Danger!" monsters are based on cryptids, animals of questionable existence, from around the world.


Monster Origin
Danger! Bigfoot! Bigfoot
Danger! Chupacabra! Chupacabra
Danger! Nessie! Loch Ness Monster
Danger!? Jackalope? Jackalope

Playing style


The deck aims to amass card advantage from various discard effects. They reveal themselves in the hand to activate their effects, then 'hide' in the hand again, making the opponent discard a card from the hand. If they fail to 'catch' the "Danger!" monster, the monster is summoned and a card is drawn. If they do 'catch' the "Danger!" monster, it triggers its discard effect, such destroying cards or bring additional "Danger!" cards (back) into play. As such, activating a "Danger!" monster's effect will only rarely be a disadvantage to their user. Summoning several "Danger!" monsters in a turn is difficult and they can quickly reach a combined ATK value of 8000 for a One Turn Kill, especially when combined with other archtypes.

The archetype combines well with other archetypes, such as the "Dark World" and the "Fabled" archetypes, whose effects activate when they are discarded from the hand; the "Dark World" or "Fabled" has its discard-effect triggered, while the "Danger!" monster is summoned and grants a draw. Since the discarding is part of the "Danger!" effect, "Dark World" monsters' effects are triggered by it, unlike cards that discard for cost, such as "Monster Reincarnation". Note that discards for costs do trigger "Danger!" and "Fabled" monsters' effects.


As their effects work only in the hand or in the GY, they're weak to commonly-used cards such as "Abyss Dweller", the often Side Decked card "Shadow-Imprisoning Mirror" and less-seen cards like "Debunk" or "Skull Meister". In the same way, the archetype does not appreciate "Macro Cosmos" and "Dimensional Fissure" banishing their monsters. It should be noted "Danger!" monsters still trigger if they are discard and banished, unlike most "Dark World" and "Fabled" monsters, which have to reach the Graveyard.

Because the monsters have to reveal themselves in the hand, cards like "Ceremonial Bell" and "Respect Play" can seriously disrupt this deck's strategy, because they simply reveal the monsters so their owner can no longer reveal them by their own effect.

Recommended cards