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Yu-Gi-Oh! VRAINS episode 1: "My Name is Playmaker"

Cyberse is a hidden digital world in Yu-Gi-Oh! VRAINS, created and populated by sentient AI known as the Ignis.[1] This world was under attack by the Knights of Hanoi, led by Varis. One of the Ignis, Ai, was able to keep its location hidden, before barely escaping "Cracking Dragon".

The state of Cyberse is critical and has been reduced to a wasteland by an unknown force.


The Cyberse World was created by the Ignis, AI with free will, as a place of their own inside the internet, where no humans could reach it. And it is also the birthplace of the Cyberse Monsters. [2] The Ignis divided the duties of maintaining their world among themselves, each dividing Cyberse into their own territories.

Five years before the start of the series, Varis assaulted Cyberse with "Cracking Dragon" with the intention to destroy it. The different Ignis that protected it were restrained by Varis and thus unable to stop the destruction of their world. However an Ignis that had not been trapped appeared and forced a disconnection of Cyberse from the rest of the network, thus forcing Varis out of Cyberse while keeping its location known only to him. However, Varis, furious by this Ignis' interference, ordered his "Cracking Dragon" to capture it, which led to the AI being dismembered by the monster's jaws. This made Varis and the Knights of Hanoi spend the following years searching for the Ignis' remnants in order to find the location of Cyberse.[3]

SOL Technology is also searching for the Ignis because without the Cyberse, their network will continue to deteriorate, having already dropped 30% by the time the series started.[3]

Cyberse World getting attacked by Judgement Arrows

Judgement Arrows used to destroy Cyberse world

At an unspecified time when Ai and Playmaker are battling against the Knights of Hanoi an unknown enemy breaks through Ai's program and starts an attack against the Cyberse world. Using Judgement Arrows, they discovered the realm's weaknesses and instantly destroy it. The Ignis evacuate the world to parts unknown, as Flame contacts Takeru Homura in the Human World.

Ai reopens the Cyberse after the threat of the Knights of Hanoi was eliminated, but is devastated by the state he finds it in. Unable to find the other Ignis, Ai begins to panic before discovering Linkuriboh hiding among the ruins of the city. A conversation between Queen and Akira Zaizen seems to indicate SOL Technologies was able to locate the Cyberse World and realized the Ignis are missing.[4]


According to Ai's flashback, Cyberse a is utopian paradise for the Ignis. Cyberse was once a barren land with a tower made of stone, strapped to the ground cables. As the Ignis evolved, so did their world. Cyberse, in its evolved state, is divided into six biomes outside a hexagonal out-layer with six cities on the points. The cities are connected by grasslands that outline a large city surrounding the pillar, which has been weathered down and now tethered to six, metallic pillars hovering above the outer cities with yellow spheres. The original tower is in the middle of a deep hole.

The setup of Cyberse shows the counteracting elements being across from one another as each biome represents a Monster Card Attribute: Fire (the volcano) is across from Water (the ocean), Wind (the valleys) is across from Earth (the mountains), and Light (the plains/desert) is across from Dark (the gorge).

When Varis invaded Cyberse, the world became dark with dark green clouds that block light and the hole around the tower is filled with lava, which started melting the tower. A large ring surrounds the tower.

When Ai returns to Cyberse, the world had been desolated into a barren wasteland with the central tower missing. The sky is red and with dark clouds and the pillars have been broken and fallen to the ground. The cities have been reduced to ruins and giant craters dot the land.

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