Complete Deck Lists by Type

A Cyber End/Metamorphosis OTK relies on using a combo of "Cyber End Dragon", "Metal Reflect Slime", "Metamorphosis" and "Limiter Removal" to OTK the opponent without using "Cyber Dragon" or "Polymerization". In order to perform this OTK, set "Metal Reflect Slime" (It would help to have something that restricts Spells such as "Imperial Order" in play to protect it until your next turn.) Then, next turn activate "Metal Reflect Slime". Next, activate "Metamorphosis" to sacrifice "Metal Reflect Slime" in order to Summon "Cyber End Dragon". Lastly, use "Limiter Removal" and attack (but remember to clear the Opponent's Spell and Trap Card zones first, if possible) directly for the win. In the case your opponent has a monster in play, destroy it with cards such as "Lightning Vortex" and "Nobleman of Crossout".

Cards Recommended

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