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A 'Cyber Dragon OTK Deck' focuses on swarming on the field with powerful Cyber Style monsters such as "Cyber Eltanin", Cyber Style Fusion Monsters, and "Malefic Cyber End Dragon" with the use of "Limiter Removal", "Power Bond", "Super Polymerization", and "Polymerization" to achieve an OTK.

  • Note that "Future Fusion" is no longer banned in Advanced Format, however the card has a new "Errata" which slows the strategy down.
  • You can Fusion Summon a "Cyber Twin Dragon" using "Power Bond". Because of the effects of "Power Bond" the summoned "Cyber Twin Dragon" has its attack doubled making it 5600. Clear your opponents field and attack twice directly with the summoned "Cyber Twin". This adds up to 11200 of damage to your opponent. You also can use "Limiter Removal" to increase its attack up to 11200 points and use the first attack to destroy probably the only monster your opponent has on the field.

Cyber OTKs

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