Cards Per Pack: 5
Price Per Pack: 150 DP
Number of Cards: 80
Unlocked: Story Mode, Chapter 5

Card List

Ultra Rares (5)

Black Rose Dragon

Doomkaiser Dragon

Revived King Ha Des

Turbo Warrior

Urgent Tuning

Super Rares (9)

Black Garden


Lineage of Destruction

Mark of the Rose

Psychic Trigger

Queen of Thorns

Storm Caller

Tiger Dragon

Tytannial, Princess of Camellias

Rares (18)

Battle Mania

Botanical Girl

Everliving Underworld Cannon

Gadget Driver

Iron Chain Dragon

Iron Chain Snake

Jade Knight

Mad Archfiend

Morphtronic Accelerator

Morphtronic Boomboxen

Morphtronic Cameran

Plaguespreader Zombie

Prideful Roar

Psychic Lifetrancer


Search Striker

Secret Village of the Spellcasters

Zombie Mammoth

Commons (48)

Bamboo Scrap

Card Rotator

Comrade Swordsman of Landstar

Confusion Chaff

Copy Plant

Cursed Fig

DNA Checkup


Factory of 100 Machines

Fragrance Storm

Gadget Hauler

Giant Trap Hole

Gigantic Cephalotus

Goblin Decoy Squad

Gozen Match

Healing Wave Generator


Iron Chain Blaster

Iron Chain Coil

Iron Chain Repairman

Miracle Fertilizer


Morphtronic Celfon

Morphtronic Clocken

Morphtronic Cord

Morphtronic Datatron

Morphtronic Engine

Morphtronic Magnen

Morphtronic Monitron

Morphtronic Radion


Omega Goggles

Paralyzing Chain

Plant Food Chain

Poison Chain


Power Injector

Pursuit Chaser

Psychic Jumper

Revival Gift

Seed of Deception

Synchro Strike


The White Stone of Legend

The World Tree

Trap of the Imperial Tomb

Turbo Synchron

Wall of Ivy

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