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Crimson Dragon
English name
  • The Crimson Dragon

Millions of years old

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Protector of the Cosmos
Deity of the World

Anime debut

Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's episode 5: "A Blast From The Past, Part 2"

Appears in
Crimson Dragon
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The Crimson Dragon, known as Red Dragon (アカキリ Akakiryu) in the Japanese version, is an almighty and limitlessness strong cosmic entity made of pure fire and flame. It is the physical embodiment and manifestation of the mighty Dragon Star in the Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's anime.


Ancient times

Battle with the Crimson Devil

5Dx113 Ancient battle

The Crimson Dragon and its servants battling Red Nova.

10,000 years before the present days events, the Crimson Dragon along with Ancient Fairy Dragon, Black Rose Dragon, Black-Winged Dragon, Red Dragon Archfiend and Stardust Dragon fought the Crimson Devil, Red Nova.[1]

During the battle, the Legendary Signer came forward from the ashes of a volcano and absorbed the Crimson Dragon's vast and limitless power, through Blazing Soul, and used it to defeat and seal the Crimson Devil.[1]

Battle with the Earthbound Immortals

5Dx030 Legendary battle

The Crimson Dragon and its servants battling the Earthbound Immortals.

5,000 years before present day events, the People of the Stars, called upon the "Dragon Star" for aid to save their lands from the Earthbound Immortals that threatened the peace of their civilization. The "Dragon Star" answered their call and came down from the heavens in the form of the Crimson Dragon.[2]

The Crimson Dragon had fought the Earthbound Immortals, with the help of its Five Servants. However, instead of Black-Winged Dragon, Life Stream Dragon was present. The dragons managed to seal the Earthbound Immortals within the Nazca Lines. Consequently, Ancient Fairy Dragon was lost, as Earthbound Immortal Uru dragged her in with it as the Dark Gods were defeated.[3]

Present Day

Fortune Cup

5Dx005 Crimson Dragon appears

The Crimson Dragon, during Jack and Yusei's Duel.

The Crimson Dragon reappeared during Yusei and Jack's duel when "Stardust Dragon" and "Red Dragon Archfiend" battled.[4]

Once again in their rematch, the Crimson Dragon appeared. However, everyone was there witness it and with the four Signers present at the Fortune Cup, its appearance was more defined than the last time. Each Birthmark was clearly represented and the dragon's head also changed. During the duel, the legendary Dragon God transported Yusei, Jack, Luna and Akiza into an alternate dimension and showed a disturbing vision in which Satellite was being destroyed by an unknown force and in its place, a Dark Mark which resembled the Spider appeared.[5]

Dark Signers

The Red Dragon God showed itself once again to the four Signers at Rex Goodwin's place as he invited them in, right after Yusei and Akiza's second duel concluded. Goodwin then revealed to them a secret that concerned the Red Dragon. That being; according to Goodwin, some sort of "fate" had been derived from the Crimson Dragon's power; one that, to those who are Signers, could not be escaped from. That same so called fate was the one responsible so that Yusei and Jack could arrive to New Domino City.[6]

After the King of the Netherworld was finally revived and headed toward New Domino City, where the Condor Geoglypgh was, the Dragon God appeared in the sky, and took the Signers, along with their companions, to where the ultimate fight would be held. It also transported Yusei's, Jack's and Crow's Duel Runners.[7]

After Yusei defeated Goodwin in the Ultimate Shadow Turbo Duel, the Crimson Dragon arrived, and used Majestic Star Dragon to gain physical form, and destroyed the King of the Netherworld by flying right through it. It disappeared after that.[8]

World Racing Grand Prix

During season 2, the Dragon appeared toward the conclusion of the duel between Leo and Luna against Lester. As Lester's Meklord Emperor Skiel ∞'s attack toward Leo caused him to be blown off the riding lane, the Dragon used a sphere that emerged from its claw, which ultimately engulfed the falling Leo, just to land him safely on a bridge that was below them. After this, it disappeared.[9]

Towards the end of the Ritual Duel between the Familiar of Red Nova and Jack Atlas, Red Nova appeared summoned by his servant wanting to take Jack. However, the Crimson Dragon appeared and protected Jack. Greiger and Max identified the dragon as the shrine's protector Quetzalcoatl. Jack used the ability "Blazing Soul" to capture Red Nova and transfer its power into a card, and created "Red Nova Dragon". After Jack defeated the Familiar, the temple came crumbling down around Jack, Yusei, Greiger and Max. However, the Crimson Dragon protected the four of them and flew away afterward.[1]

In his duel with Halldor, when Yusei Summoned "Majestic Star Dragon", Halldor looked at it through his Rune Eye and briefly saw the Crimson Dragon. Halldor realized that the "Majestic Star Dragon" was the incarnation of the Crimson Dragon itself.[10]

After Yusei won the duel, Halldor used his Rune Eye once again and when he looked at Yusei, he saw "Shooting Star Dragon" and the Crimson Dragon. Halldor realized that the Aesir saw the Crimson Dragon and Team 5D's as allies rather than enemies.[11]

Ark Cradle

While on the 3 against 1 duel against Aporia, the Crimson Dragon appeared again and gave Leo his own Mark of the Dragon and released Life Stream Dragon from Power Tool Dragon.[12]

The Crimson Dragon also made an appearance while Yusei was Limit Over Accel Synchro Summoning Shooting Quasar Dragon.[13]

When Z-one was defeated in his duel with Yusei, the Divine Temple shut down and began to collapse. As Team 5D's head to their Duel Runners, the floor broke apart beneath them and everyone started to fall. The Crimson Dragon appeared and saved everyone, and transported them to a nearby highway.[14]

Team 5D's future

The Crimson Dragon made one final appearance at the end of the last episode. With the Signers' mission complete, the Crimson Dragon reabsorbed all of its Marks since the Signers no longer required them.[15]

Abilities and Powers

As an almighty cosmic entity and deity of infinitely limitless power, the crimson Dragon is practically capable of doing anything it wishes. It possesses the ability to freely create, control and manipulate cosmic-like fire, flames and heat at will.

To keep itself safe, the Crimson Dragon shared five fractions of its immeasurable energies and entrusted each to five humans it chose. It also has the extremely difficult ability to influence certain events in people's lives; such as it caused its five chosen Signers to meet and befriend one another so that they could unlock its full strength and abilities to save the world from annihilation once again.

Other Appearances

Yu-Gi-Oh! 3D Bonds Beyond Time

The Crimson Dragon appeared during the movie Yu-Gi-Oh! 3D Bonds Beyond Time, to transport Yusei Fudo through time to chase after Paradox who was in Europe, where Jaden Yuki was. At that moment, Jaden was being assaulted by Paradox with Stardust Dragon, however the Crimson Dragon appeared just in time to protect Jaden from Stardust's attack, and brought Yusei along with it.

Later, it transported Yusei and Jaden to the past, to Yugi Muto's time, at the moment when Maximillion Pegasus and people, including Solomon Muto, were attacked and killed by Paradox with Stardust Dragon, Cyber End Dragon, and Rainbow Dragon. The Crimson Dragon than grabbed Yugi and took all three of them back 30 minutes prior to the moment when Paradox arrived, and where they teamed up in order to duel Paradox.

The Crimson Dragon also made an appearance behind Yusei when he, Jaden and Yugi challenged Paradox to a duel, as Yusei's Mark of the Dragon glowed. It was also assumed that the Crimson Dragon returned Yusei and Jaden back to their proper timelines after Paradox was defeated.


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