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Crawling Dragon #1
English Crawling Dragon #1
German Kriechdrache #1
Japanese (kana) ちをはうドラゴン
Japanese (base) 地を這うドラゴン
Japanese (rōmaji) Chi o Hau Doragon
Japanese (translated) Earth-Crawling Dragon
Type Dragon
Movement Normal
Level 2 SummonCrestIconLevel2
HP / ATK / DEF 20 / 10 / 10
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DDM sets
Card game counterpart Crawling Dragon #1
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Facts about "Crawling Dragon 1"RDF feed
Card ImageCrawlingDragon-B3-DDM-EN +
Card Image TextCrawlingDragon-B3-DDM-EN.jpg +
Card categoryMonster Card +
Card category TextMonster Card +
Card typeMonster Card + and Normal Monster +
Card type TextMonster Card + and Normal Monster +
Class 1DDM +
DDM Hit Points20 +
DDM Level2 +
English nameCrawling Dragon #1 +
English name (linked)Crawling Dragon #1 +
German nameKriechdrache #1 +
Japanese kana nameちをはうドラゴン +
Japanese name地を這うドラゴン +
LoreMagicCrest-DDM x4MagicCrest-DDM x4 Place a "Shelled Ground" counter anywhere on the Field EXCEPT in a square beside either you or your opponent's Monster Lord. Players cannot place Dungeon Pieces on any square where a Shelled Ground counter is located.e a Shelled Ground counter is located.</td></tr>
Page name</td>Crawling Dragon 1 +</td></tr>
Page type</td>Card page +</td></tr>
Phonetic name</td>Chi o Hau Doragon +</td></tr>
Romaji name</td>Chi o Hau Doragon +</td></tr>
Ruby Japanese name</td>うドラゴン</td></tr>
Ruby text</td>うドラゴン</td></tr>
Translated name</td>Earth-Crawling Dragon +</td></tr>
Type</td>Dragon +</td></tr>
Type Text</td>Dragon +</td></tr>
Types</td>Dragon +</td></tr></table></div>

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