"Crawler" is an archetype of Level/Link 2 EARTH Insect monsters debuting in Circuit Break. The archetype is related to, as well as supported by, the "World Legacy" archetype.


According to the lore of "Beckoned by the World Chalice", the "Crawlers" are the enemies of the "World Chalice". Their names and designs are based on the human nervous system.


Main Deck

Crawler Origin
Axon Axon
Dendrite Dendrite
Glia Neuroglia
Ranvier Ranvier
Receptor Receptor
Spine Spine

Extra Deck

Excrawler Origin
Neurogos Neuron
Qualiark Qualia
Synapses Synapse

Playing style

The Crawler's focus on Flip Effects that have a variety of uses, such as destruction, or sending cards from the Deck to the GY. Each Main Deck "Crawler" monster has an effect where if it is destroyed by an opponent's card effect, you can Special Summon 2 more "Crawlers" from the deck in face-down Defense Position. All of the archetype's Link Monsters so far are Link 2, and have offensive effects, increasing the ATK of other "Crawlers", and giving them other abilities, such as preventing them from being destroyed by battle, attacking twice, or dealing double battle damage.

Recommended Cards

Recommended Cards

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