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Counter Fairy
"Guiding Ariadne"


The Counter Fairies are a series of cards introduced in Enemy of Justice. They consist of Fairy-Type monsters whose effects revolve around Counter Trap Cards.

Play style

On their own, the Counter Fairies do not synergize well, but work to support other Fairy archetypes. Their support effects trigger when a Counter Trap successfully activates and/or resolves, and either destroy cards on the field or replenish the player's hand, maintaining card advantage. Counter Traps like "Magic Jammer," "Seven Tools of the Bandit," and "Drastic Drop Off" are best, as the effects of the Counter Fairies will make up for the lost resources used to activate those cards. "Malfunction" and "Goblin Out of the Frying Pan" are also useful; while they do not directly destroy cards, the opponent will have to activate their card again, triggering the effects of the Counter Fairies twice. The "Solemn" series is also useful.

With cards like "Banisher of the Light" and "Banisher of the Radiance", the player can form a loop using "Layard the Liberator". When using a Counter Trap that has a discard cost, like "Magic Jammer," "Divine Wrath," or "Destruction Jammer," the player can discard a Fairy-type monster for the activation cost, then use the effect of "Layard" to return that Fairy to the hand along with another discarded Fairy. The banishment effects of "Banisher of the Light" and "Banisher of the Radiance" will further deprive the opponent of resources as their destroyed and negated cards are banished, while "Layard" keeps returning the player's banished Fairies to the hand for use.

With the introduction of "Guiding Ariadne", Counter Fairies have gained the ability to use any Counter Trap for no cost, due to "Ariadne's" Pendulum Effect. Because of this, even if the player's LP or hand are low, they can still use cards such as "Cursed Seal of the Forbidden Spell" or the "Solemn" traps without putting themselves at more of a disadvantage.

Typical cards


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