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Continuous Effect



Japanese (romanized)

Eizoku Kōka


Continuous Effect

Continuous Effects (Japanese: 永続効果 Eizoku Kōka) are a type of monster effect that applies while the monster remains face-up on the field. Some of these effects must meet additional requirements before they can be applied, and others may only be applied temporarily. These effects never "activate", and thus, do not start a Chain.

"Jinzo" and "Starduston" are two such cards with Continuous Effects. Since these effects don't start a Chain, they do not interact with effects that negate activations. However, they can still be negated by other card effects that negate monster effects that don't needing to respond to an activation, such as "Skill Drain", "Effect Veiler", "Junk Synchron", etc.

Some Continuous Monster Effects only have an effect when specific requirements are met, rather than being applied as long as the monster is face-up on the field. "Bountiful Artemis", "Ancient Gear Golem", and "Steamroid" are cards with this kind of Continuous Effect.

On cards using Problem-Solving Card Text, Continuous Effects are easier to recognize due to not using colons or semicolons.



List of TCG and OCG monsters with Continuous Effects

  Japanese name Monster type Monster subtype Attribute Type Level/Rank ATK DEF
A-Assault Core A-アサルト・コア Effect Monster
Monster Card
Union monster LIGHT Machine 4 1900 200
Abyss Actor - Sassy Rookie 魔界劇団-サッシー・ルーキー Monster Card
Pendulum Monster
DARK Fiend 4 1700 1000
Abyss Actor - Superstar 魔界劇団-ビッグ・スター Monster Card
Pendulum Monster
DARK Fiend 7 2500 1800
Abyss Dweller 深淵に潜む者 Xyz Monster
Monster Card
WATER Sea Serpent 4 1700 1400
Abyssal Kingshark 深海王デビルシャーク Effect Monster
Monster Card
WATER Fish 4 1700 600
Adhesive Explosive 瞬着ボマー Effect Monster
Monster Card
WIND Machine 3 1000 1000
Advanced Chemical Beast Dyoxen 進化合獣ダイオーキシン Monster Card
Effect Monster
Gemini monster DARK Fiend 8 2800 200
Advanced Chemical Beast Hy Dragon 進化合獣ヒュードラゴン Monster Card
Effect Monster
Gemini monster WATER Dragon 8 200 2800
Airknight Parshath 天空騎士パーシアス Effect Monster
Monster Card
LIGHT Fairy 5 1900 1400
Al-Lumi'raj イルミラージュ Effect Monster
Monster Card
Tuner monster WIND Wyrm 3 1600 1000
… further results

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