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A Continuous-like Effect is an unofficial term used to refer to the effect of a Spell/Trap Card on the field that is continuously "applied" while that Spell/Trap Card remains face-up on the field. Just like the Continuous Effects of monsters, these effects do not start a Chain (although the activation of their Spell/Trap Card does) and sometimes need to meet extra conditions in order to be applied. These effects are commonly associated with Continuous Spell Cards and Continuous Trap Cards, as well as Equip Cards.

Similar to how Continuous Effects are only applied if their corresponding monsters were Summoned successfully (i.e. their Summon wasn't negated), the Continuous-like Effects of Spell/Trap Cards are only applied if the activation of the card resolves successfully without being negated.



List of OCG/TCG cards with Continuous-like Effects

Note: This list may be incomplete.
 Japanese nameAttributeCard type
"A" Cell Incubator「A」細胞培養装置Spell Card
Continuous Spell Card
7 Completed7カードSpell Card
Equip Spell Card
The A. Forces連合軍Spell Card
Continuous Spell Card
Abyss Actor - Sassy Rookie魔界劇団-サッシー・ルーキーDARKMonster Card
Pendulum Monster
Abyss Actor - Twinkle Littlestar魔界劇団-ティンクル・リトルスターDARKMonster Card
Pendulum Monster
Abyss Prop - Wild Wagon魔界大道具「ニゲ馬車」Spell Card
Continuous Spell Card
Abyss Stungray深淵のスタングレイTrap Card
Continuous Trap Card
Abyss-scale of Cetusアビスケイル-ケートスSpell Card
Equip Spell Card
Abyss-scale of the Krakenアビスケイル-クラーケンSpell Card
Equip Spell Card
Abyss-scale of the Mizuchiアビスケイル-ミヅチSpell Card
Equip Spell Card
... further results

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