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A column (じゅうれつ Jūretsu) is a vertical line of Monster Zones and Spell & Trap Zones on the field stretching from one player's Spell & Trap Zone to their opponent's Spell & Trap Zone. There are five columns on the field.

"Storm Shooter", "Alien Infiltrator", "Rampaging Rhynos", "Blasting Fuse", and "Defense Zone" are the only cards that mention columns in their card text.

Master Rule 3

Every column contains exactly 4 Zones: a Monster Zone and a Spell & Trap Zone on each player's side of the field.

Master Rule 4

As per Master Rule 4, the second column and the fourth column (counting from either direction) have 5 Zones, while all others contain 4 Zones. The second and fourth columns each contain a Extra Monster Zone, in addition to the Main Monster Zone and Spell & Trap Zone on each player's side of the field.

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