Close-Up Conjuring, known as Close-Up Magic! (クロースアップマジック!) in the Japanese version, is a Duel Puzzle in Yu-Gi-Oh! Ultimate Masters: World Championship 2006.


  1. Activate "Reinforcement of the Army" and add "King's Knight" to your hand.
  2. Activate the effect of "Summon Priest", discard "Monster Reincarnation" and Special Summon "Queen's Knight" from your deck..
  3. Activate "Generation Shift" to destroy "Summon Priest" and add 1 copy of it to your hand.
  4. Normal Summon "King's Knight" and activate his effect to Special Summon "Jack's Knight".
  5. Activate "Polymerization" and Fusion Summon "Arcana Knight Joker" in Attack Position.
  6. Activate "Premature Burial" to Special Summon "Jack's Knight" in Attack Position.
  7. Attack "Newdoria" with "Jack's Knight".
  8. Activate "Arcana Knight Joker"'s effect, discarding "Summon Priest" to negate "Newdoria"'s effect.
  9. Attack with "Arcana Knight Joker".

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