Clock Knight

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Clock Knight
Clock Knight
Lyndon with "Clock Knight No. 12" and "Clock Knight No. 3".

  • クロック・ナイト
  • Kurokku Naito (romanized)


  • Uhrenritter


  • Cavaleiro Relógio


  • Reloj Caballero

Anime appearances

"Clock Knight" (クロック・ナイト Kurokku Naito) is a small archetype exclusive to the Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's anime. It is used by Zora's son, Lyndon, and features monsters numbered 1 through 12 just like the numbers on a clock. They all share an effect that involves a Coin Toss, increasing their ATK by 1200 if it lands on "heads", but destroying them if it lands on "tails". In addition, if more than one "Clock Knight" monster is on the player's field, the coin toss can be repeated. The ATK and DEF of each "Clock Knight" is equal to its number times 100, and its Level is equal to its number divided by three. Only two "Clock Knight" monsters and one support card were shown.

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