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Chosen Warrior is the seventeenth pack in Yu-Gi-Oh! Nightmare Troubadour, and is accessible when you defeat Yami Marik with an Egyptian God Card. This series has powerful monsters that will help you greatly... but only if you know how to control them! This pack also contains many Spell Cards which will take your Deck to the next level!

The 52 cards in Chosen Warrior include 1 Normal Monster Card, 7 Effect Monster Cards, 3 Fusion Monster Cards, 0 Ritual Monster Cards, 28 Spell Cards, and 13 Trap Cards.

Ultra Rares in Chosen Warrior

Super Rares in Chosen Warrior

Rares in Chosen Warrior

Commons in Chosen Warrior

Card List

Monster Cards

Normal Monsters

Effect Monsters

Fusion Monsters

Spell Cards

Trap Cards

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