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Chazz Princeton's Deck changes gradually throughout the Seasons of the Yu-Gi-Oh! GX anime. His ever-changing Deck is a parallel to his ever-changing philosophy on Dueling and his place in the world. His manga counterpart uses a different Deck entirely, composed of Dragon-Type monsters and their support cards, with his ace card being "Light and Darkness Dragon".


Seven Stars

Chazz's Deck goes through a large amount of changes in this season alone, as he rarely uses the same Deck for more than one Duel.


Opponent(s) Episode(s) Outcome(s)
Jaden Yuki 2 No result
Bastion Misawa 12 Lose

Chazz originally played a "Chthonian" Deck. "Chthonian" is an archaic word literally meaning "of or relating to the Underworld" and was used as a replacement for "Hell" when the TCG cards were released and the series was dubbed.

Chthonian Deck


Opponent(s) Episode(s) Outcome(s)
Jaden Yuki 4 Lose

Chazz is given rare "VWXYZ" cards by Vellian Crowler that he uses against Jaden for the duration of one episode. Though the Deck itself is only used once, all of the cards in it are shown again when Chazz starts combining separate Deck concepts in Seasons 2 and 3.


North Academy

Opponent(s) Episode(s) Outcome(s)
45 students 24 Win
4 students 24 Win
Czar 24 Win

After all of his "Chthonian" cards were destroyed while stranded, he enters North Academy with a Deck made up of cards he had found on the grounds around the school, focusing on a One Turn Kill strategy. He defeated all 50 students at the Academy and became its new top Duelist.

North Academy Deck

Armed Dragon

Opponent(s) Episode(s) Outcome(s)
Jaden Yuki 25-26 Lose

After becoming the top-ranked student at North Academy by defeating all fifty other students, including their top-ranked student Czar, Chazz is gifted with the "Armed Dragon" Deck by North Academy's Chancellor Foster to use against Jaden Yuki in the "School Duel", an annual match between a nominated member of the student bodies of North Academy and Duel Academy.

Chancellor Foster forgets to take the "Armed Dragon" Deck back after Chazz opts to remain at Duel Academy (in the dub this line is changed to him bemoaning the fact that he didn't get a kiss from Ms. Dorothy). Despite this, Chazz keeps the cards and the issue is never brought up again.

It is around this time in the original version that he debuts his nickname "Manjoume Thunder." The name is a pun in Japanese, but was considered untranslatable. The chant is simply changed to "Chazz it Up" in the dub.

Armed Dragon Deck


Opponent(s) Episode(s) Outcome(s)
Slade Princeton 35 Win

While Dueling against his brother Slade Princeton with the fate of Duel Academy on the line, Chazz is held down by a stipulation stating that he may only use monsters with less than 500 ATK He journeys to a well deep in the forest and retrieves a myriad variety of cards thrown there by other students over the years who believed the cards too weak to ever be used.

Chazz constructs a 0 ATK Deck and develops several strategies that ultimately result in his victory.

0-ATK Deck

Ojama/Armed Dragon

Opponent(s) Episode(s) Outcome(s)
Don Zaloog 39 Win
Amnael 44 Lose

During his Duel against Don Zaloog, Chazz combines elements of his "Armed Dragon" Deck with "Ojama" monsters and debuts new support cards for both themes to create an "Ojama"/"Armed Dragon" Deck.

Ojama/Armed Dragon Deck


Opponent(s) Episode(s) Outcome(s)
Alexis Rhodes 47 Lose

Chazz goes to Atticus Rhodes, the brother of Alexis Rhodes to get his help in winning Alexis' affections. Atticus lends Chazz "love cards" which is put in a Deck with his Ojama monsters to create a Love Deck. Despite his efforts, he is defeated.

Love Deck


Chazz gathered many cards from Reject Well to build a Deck for a Duel against his brother Slade. He used monster with 0-ATK, while remaining monster cards were kept in his safe. When the "Dark Scorpions" were defeated and returned to their card form, Chazz added them to the cards from well for safety's sake.

Misc Deck

Society of Light

Chazz's Deck remains consistent for most of this season, though he does uses a vastly different Deck at one point.

Armed Dragon/Ojama/Machine Union

Opponent(s) Episode(s) Outcome(s)
Reginald Van Howell III 54 Win
Jaden Yuki 60 No result
Sartorius 61 Lose
Taiyou Torimaki 70 Win
Raizou Mototani 70 Win
Various Obelisk Blue students 70 Win
Alexis Rhodes 70 Win
Bob Banter 81 Win (off-screen)
Ishiki Erishi, America Uchimura & Ra Yellow student 82 Win
Bastion Misawa 82 Win
Various Society of Light members 102 Win
Blair Flannigan 103-104 Win

In the Society of Light arc, Chazz uses a mixed Deck of '"Ojama"/"Armed Dragon"/"VWXYZ". During his time in the Society of Light, Chazz acquires the Beetron Union Monsters. He ceases using this Deck late in his service to the Society and begins to use it again after being freed from Sartorius' influence by Jaden Yuki. Some of the cards from his "Chthonian" Deck were also featured in the opening theme and also discarded via card effects.

"Infernal White" and "White Veil" were given to Chazz by Sartorius and in his mind represented this servitude to the Society, so he ceased using them after his exodus from the group. He also begins calling himself "Manjoume White Thunder" in the Japanese version, signifying his devotion to Sartorius.

Armed Dragon/Ojama/Machine Union Deck

White Knight

Opponent(s) Episode(s) Outcome(s)
Gelgo 87 Win
Jaden Yuki 87-88 Lose

During the height of Chazz's time in the Society of Light, he is given a new Deck by Sartorius, focusing on a beatdown strategy with a "White Knight" theme.

He defeats professional Duelist Gelgo during the Genex Tournament using this Deck. He later Duels Jaden Yuki, who uses Chazz's Ojama cards to break Sartorius' mind control. Using the card "Cemetery Change", Chazz reclaims his Ojama monsters and also removes his white coat (calling himself "Manjoume Black Thunder" in the Japanese version). Despite this, he loses the Duel.

White Knight Deck

Dimension World

Opponent(s) Episode(s) Outcome(s)
Adrian Gecko 111-112 Lose
Duel Ghoul 122 Win
5 Duel Ghouls 122 Win
Duel Ghouls 122 Not shown
Jaden Yuki 126 Lose
Tyranno Hassleberry 129 Draw
Bastion Misawa 129 Draw
Alexis Rhodes 129 Draw
Jim Crocodile Cook 129 Draw

In the Dimension World arc, Chazz's Deck morphs once again, as he ceases his use of the "Armed Dragons", though a few are shown in the Japanese ending theme, Sun along with cards from his original "Chthonian" Deck. In episodes, he uses an "Ojama"/Union Deck.

Ojama/VWXYZ/Chthonian Deck


Opponent(s) Episode(s) Outcome(s)
Jaden Yuki 165 Lose
Aster Phoenix 166 Win
Various Duel Academy students 168 Not shown
Trueman 173 Lose
Pro League Duelist 173 Lose (vision)
Pro League Duelist 173 Not shown (vision)
Pro League Duelist 174 Not shown (vision)
Rare Hunter 174 Not shown (vision)
Pro League Duelist 174 Interrupted (vision)
Pro League Duelist 178 Not shown (vision)

In the Darkness arc Chazz gets two episodes devoted to the final steps in the development of his character, during which he utilizes another combination "Ojama"/"Armed Dragon" Deck, debuting new Spell and Trap support for both themes.

Armed Dragon/Ojama Deck


Video games

Tag Force

In Yu-Gi-Oh! GX Tag Force, Chazz uses several Decks, the first of which is a dedicated "VWXYZ" Deck. He uses this Deck during the first half of part one.

Quintuple Combine VWXYZ

Chazz's second Deck is a combination "Ojama" and "Armed Dragon" Deck. This Deck is used in part one once Chazz returns to Duel Academy after the inter-scholastic match.

The Weak and Strong

This is a dedicated "Armed Dragon" Deck which Chazz uses when selected as a parnter in the Tag Force tournament. He also uses this Deck as an opponent in the tournament.

Resurrected Dragon

Chazz uses this Deck during the finals of the Tag Force Tournament should the player face him there.

Ending Interference

This Deck focuses on the "Ojama" monsters, with support from a myriad of disruptive and annoying Spell and Trap Cards.

Persistent Pester

Chazz's final Deck focuses on the "Phantom Beast" monsters, whose effects were based on those of the "White Knight" monsters that Chazz used towards the end of this time in the Society of Light. This is one of the few Decks featured in the game to also utilize a Side Deck.

Awakening of the Beasts
Side Deck

Tag Force 2

Go, Ojama!
Chazz it Up
Romantic Chazz
White Chazz
White Chazz Rev
Love Chazz
Angry Chazz
Dreamy Chazz
Sad Chazz

Tag Force 3

When selected as a partner in Yu-Gi-Oh! GX Tag Force 3, Chazz plays a Deck focused on the Ojamas and bringing out their fused "Ojama Knight" and "Ojama King" forms, and includes other field dispruption and Monster Card Zone blocking cards.

Chazz Princeton 01
Chazz Princeton 02
Chazz Princeton 03
Chazz Princeton 04
Chazz Princeton 05
Chazz Princeton 06
Chazz Princeton 07
Chazz Princeton 08

Spirit Caller

Obelisk Blue

Underworld Corpse
XYZ Formation

Post-North Academy

Rough Armed Dragon
Loser of Losers
Furious Armed Dragon
Armed Dragon Howl
Black Flame Dragon

World Championship 2007

Armed Dragon Howl
Loser of Losers

World Championship 2008

Deep Down Grit
Black Artifice

Duel Terminal

Demon Roar God Revival!!

Demon Roar God Revival!!


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