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Clockwise from top left: "Hiita", "Aussa", "Eria" and "Wynn".

  • (れい)使(つか)
  • 霊使い (base)
  • れいつかい (ruby)
  • Reitsukai (romanized)
  • Spirit Charmer (translated)


  • la Charmeuse
  • the Charmer (translated)


  • Verzaubererin
  • Enchantress (translated)


  • Ammaliatore/Ammaliatrice
  • Enchanter/Enchantress (translated)


  • 령사
  • 靈師 (Hanja)
  • Ryeongsa (romanized)
  • Spirit Charmer (translated)


  • Encantador
  • Enchanter (translated)


  • el/la Encanatador/a
  • the Enchanter/ess (translated)
  • Encanatador/a
  • Enchanter/ess (translated)


Anime appearances

"Charmer", called "Spirit Charmer" ((れい)使(つか)Reitsukai) in the Japanese version, is an archetype of six Level 3 Spellcaster-Type Flip monsters with 500 ATK and 1500 DEF. There is one "Charmer" for each main Attribute. The effect of each "Charmer" allows it to take control of 1 opponent's face-up monster of the same Attribute as that "Charmer" for as long as the "Charmer" is face-up on the field.

Each "Charmer" features a familiar, a Level 1 or 2 monster with the same Attribute as the "Charmer".

The "Charmers" also have three more advanced forms: "Familiar-Possessed", "Cataclysmic Charmers" and "Spiritual Arts".

The original four "Charmers", "Aussa", "Eria", "Hiita", and "Wynn", were first released in The Lost Millennium. Two packs later, in Elemental Energy, they had their "Familiar-Possessed" forms released, and their final forms were released two packs after that, in Enemy of Justice. "Dharc" and "Lyna", the DARK and LIGHT "Charmers", do not follow this trend: "Dharc", which was released in The Duelist Genesis, did not get his "Familiar-Possessed" form until 14 packs later in Order of Chaos, and "Lyna", which was released in The Shining Darkness, still doesn't have her "Familiar-Possessed" form; neither of them have their final form yet. "Dharc" appears to be the only male "Charmer" in the archetype; this is supported by its German, Italian and Spanish names (with the masculine nouns "Zauberer", "Ammaliatore" and "Encantador" instead of the feminine "Zaubererin", "Ammaliatrice" and "Encantadora"), but refuted by its French name (with the feminine "Charmeuse").

As of recently, released on 2015, the Continous Trap Card card: "Unpossessed", released in Secrets of Eternity seems to be the only support suitable for each "Charmer" and their respective "Familiar-Possessed" forms being able to Special Summon any Charmer or Familiar-Possessed of a different Attribute of a monster destroyed by battle or effect. "Unpossessed" also protects the charmers from being destroyed by battle, effectively allowing them to use their effects. Furthermore, when a "Familiar-Possessed" monster attacks an opponent's monster it gains 800 ATK points during the damage step.

According to The Valuable Book 8, "霊使い" stands for "(せい)(れい)使い" (Shaman), "霊術" stands for "(せい)(れい)(じゅつ)".

Akina Fujiwara designed the "Charmers", although she did not draw their final forms.

Charmer Dharc Aussa Hiita Lyna Eria Wynn
Familiar Meda Bat Archfiend Marmot of Nefariousness Fox Fire Happy Lover Gigobyte Petit Dragon
Familiar Final Forms None yet Nefarious Archfiend Eater of Nefariousness Inari Fire None yet Jigabyte None yet
Familiar-Possessed Dharc Aussa Hiita None yet Eria Wynn
Cataclysmic Charmer None yet Avalanching Aussa Blazing Hiita None yet Raging Eria Storming Wynn
Spiritual Art Greed Kurogane Kurenai Hijiri Aoi Miyabi
Related Gishki Ariel Winda, Priestess of Gusto

Charmer Deck

A good way of making sure your opponent has monsters of the desired Attribute is by using cards that changes them to the desired one, for example "DNA Transplant" or "Scroll of Bewitchment". Then you can use the monster you just got from your opponent to Special Summon the Familiar-Possessed or use them for the Charmers Trap Cards. One good strategy is placing the Charmer monster face-down, then using "Scroll of Bewitchment" to change the enemies monster attribute, Then using "Book of Taiyou" to flip the Charmer and take the monster. The use of "Stumbling" is also recommended as your opponent will Summon to try and attack next turn. Another way to protect your Charmers is with "Swords of Revealing Light". This ensures that not only will your Charmers be safe from attacks, they will also have more face-up monsters to take control of. Also the use of the Extra Deck is a possibility, with cards like "Number 17: Leviathan Dragon", "Number 20: Giga-Brilliant", "Tempest Magician" and "Explosive Magician".

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