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Chariot Pile
English Chariot Pile
German Raddornen
Spanish Auto de Batalla
Japanese チャリオット・パイル
Japanese (rōmaji) Chariotto Pairu
Type Trap Card TRAP
Property Continuous Continuous
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Facts about "Chariot Pile"RDF feed
AttributeTrap +
Attribute TextTrap +
Card ImageChariotPile-TF04-JP-VG +
Card Image TextChariotPile-TF04-JP-VG.png +
Card typeTrap Card + and Continuous Trap Card +
Card type TextTrap Card + and Continuous Trap Card +
Class 1VGEx +
Class 4VG +
Croatian nameKočijski Šiljak +
English nameChariot Pile +
English name (linked)Chariot Pile +
German nameRaddornen +
Japanese kana nameチャリオット・パイル +
Japanese nameチャリオット・パイル +
LPDamages your opponent and Pays Life Points for cost
LoreOnce per turn, during your [[Main PhasOnce per turn, during your Main Phase, you can inflict 300 damage to your opponent. Once per turn, when an opponent's monster declares a direct attack, you can pay 800 Life Points to destroy the attacking monster.he attacking monster.
MediumTF04 +
MiscLimited activations
MonsterSpellTrapDestroys Monster Cards
Page nameChariot Pile +
Page typeCard page +
Phonetic nameChariotto Pairu +
Romaji nameChariotto Pairu +
Ruby Japanese nameチャリオット・パイル
S/T ClassContinuous Trap Card +
Spanish nameAuto de Batalla +
TypesContinuous +

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