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The Chaos Emperor Dragon OTK is a very powerful, hard to stop OTK which can be achieved very easily. All you need are "Chaos Emperor Dragon - Envoy of the End", Primal Seed , Pot of Greed and one other card. There are two versions of this OTK.

How to Perform It

Special Summon "Chaos Emperor Dragon - Envoy of the End", then play "Macro Cosmos" to remove all cards from play that would go to the Graveyard. After that, play "Pot of Greed" allowing you to draw 2 cards from your deck. Then, play "Primal Seed" taking back "Pot of Greed" and another card. Play "Pot of Greed" again. Then play a second "Primal Seed" taking back "Pot of Greed" and the first "Primal Seed". Repeat this until you have enough cards in your hand to activate Chaos Emperor Dragon's effect and win the duel. If the duel is in the latter stages, use "Skull Lair" to remove as many cards from your graveyard as possible. Then continue to play "Primal Seed" to get back a 2nd Primal Seed and any other card. Repeat until only "Primal Seed" is banished. Then use the effect "Chaos Emperor Dragon" to win the duel. This combo can be fused with the "Butterfly Dagger - Elma OTK". However, this OTK method is most likely to not be workable since of the Banlist in September 2011 Lists, with "Primal Seed" being limited.

It is also possible for a First Turn Kill with "Chaos Emperor Dragon - Envoy of the End" although it requires a perfect draw. Use "Graceful Charity" and discard a LIGHT monster and a DARK monster. Banish them to Summon the "Chaos Emperor Dragon". Summon either "Banisher of the Light" or "Banisher of the Radiance". Then, play "Pot of Greed", followed by "Primal Seed" to bring back "Pot of Greed" and either monster you used for the Summoning of "Chaos Emperor Dragon". Play a second "Primal Seed" to bring back the 1st "Primal Seed" and "Pot of Greed". Continue until you have at least 27 cards in your hand and then blow it all up with "Chaos Emperor Dragon".

Recommended Cards

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