Champion Pack: Game Three is the third in Champion Pack series in the Yu-Gi-Oh! Trading Card Game.

«Building upon the success of the first two Champion Packs, Champion Pack GAME THREE spotlights popular foil versions of the best Common and Rare cards from previous tournament-winning Decks. As a special bonus, the 20-card Champion Pack GAME THREE set introduces the fabled "Magicians Unite," an Ultra Rare Spell Card from the classic Yu-Gi-Oh! TV series. Never before released in America, this powerful card will surely excite not only dedicated Duelists, but also the show's legion of diehard fans.»

Even though this Pack apparently was not released in Spanish, it is listed on the Spanish version of the official card database. Curiously, it uses the French name.[1]


Each pack contains 3 cards: 1 Rare and 2 Commons.

This set contains 20 cards:



Set number English name French name Rarity Category
CP03-FR001 Magicians Unite Unité des Magiciens Ultra Rare Normal Spell Card
CP03-FR002 Spirit Reaper Moissonneur d'Esprit Super Rare Effect Monster
CP03-FR003 Gravekeeper's Spy Espion des Protecteurs du Tombeau Super Rare Flip monster
CP03-FR004 Snipe Hunter Chasseur de Précision Super Rare Effect Monster
CP03-FR005 Dark World Lightning Foudre du Monde Ténébreux Super Rare Normal Spell Card
CP03-FR006 D.D. Assailant Assaillant D.D. Rare Effect Monster
CP03-FR007 Goldd, Wu-Lord of Dark World Goldd, Wu-Lord du Monde Ténébreux Rare Effect Monster
CP03-FR008 Manticore of Darkness Manticore des Ténèbres Rare Effect Monster
CP03-FR009 The Agent of Judgment - Saturn Saturne, Agent du Jugement Rare Effect Monster
CP03-FR010 Pikeru's Circle of Enchantment Cercle d'Enchantement de Pikeru Rare Normal Trap Card
CP03-FR011 Widespread Ruin Ruines Étendues Rare Normal Trap Card
CP03-FR012 Fairy Dragon Dragon Féérique Common Normal Monster
CP03-FR013 Chiron the Mage Chiron le Mage Common Effect Monster
CP03-FR014 Kaibaman Kaibaman Common Effect Monster
CP03-FR015 B.E.S. Crystal Core B.E.S. Cœur Cristallin Common Effect Monster
CP03-FR016 Gravekeeper's Chief Chef des Protecteurs du Tombeau Common Effect Monster
CP03-FR017 Wild Nature's Release Libération de la Nature Sauvage Common Normal Spell Card
CP03-FR018 A Feather of the Phoenix Une Plume de Phoenix Common Normal Spell Card
CP03-FR019 Contract with the Abyss Contrat avec les Abysses Common Ritual Spell Card
CP03-FR020 Necrovalley Vallée Mortuaire Common Field Spell Card

Set number English name German name Rarity Category
CP03-DE001 Magicians Unite Vereinigte Magier Ultra Rare Normal Spell Card
CP03-DE002 Spirit Reaper Geister-Sensenmann Super Rare Effect Monster
CP03-DE003 Gravekeeper's Spy Grabwächters Spion Super Rare Flip monster
CP03-DE004 Snipe Hunter Jäger im Hinterhalt Super Rare Effect Monster
CP03-DE005 Dark World Lightning Blitzgewitter der Finsteren Welt Super Rare Normal Spell Card
CP03-DE006 D.D. Assailant D.D. Angreifer Rare Effect Monster
CP03-DE007 Goldd, Wu-Lord of Dark World Goldd, Wu-Fürst der Finsteren Welt Rare Effect Monster
CP03-DE008 Manticore of Darkness Manticore der Finsternis Rare Effect Monster
CP03-DE009 The Agent of Judgment - Saturn Sendbote des Gerichts - Saturn Rare Effect Monster
CP03-DE010 Pikeru's Circle of Enchantment Pikerus Kreis der Verzauberung Rare Normal Trap Card
CP03-DE011 Widespread Ruin Umfassende Verwüstung Rare Normal Trap Card
CP03-DE012 Fairy Dragon Feendrache Common Normal Monster
CP03-DE013 Chiron the Mage Chiron der Magier Common Effect Monster
CP03-DE014 Kaibaman Kaiba-Mann Common Effect Monster
CP03-DE015 B.E.S. Crystal Core B.E.S. Kristallkern Common Effect Monster
CP03-DE016 Gravekeeper's Chief Anführer der Grabwächter Common Effect Monster
CP03-DE017 Wild Nature's Release Erscheinung der Wilden Natur Common Normal Spell Card
CP03-DE018 A Feather of the Phoenix Eine Feder vom Phönix Common Normal Spell Card
CP03-DE019 Contract with the Abyss Vertrag mit der Unterwelt Common Ritual Spell Card
CP03-DE020 Necrovalley Tal der Toten Common Field Spell Card

Set number English name Italian name Rarity Category
CP03-IT001 Magicians Unite Maghi Riuniti Ultra Rare Normal Spell Card
CP03-IT002 Spirit Reaper Spirito Mietitore Super Rare Effect Monster
CP03-IT003 Gravekeeper's Spy Spia - Custode di Tombe Super Rare Flip monster
CP03-IT004 Snipe Hunter Cacciatore Cecchino Super Rare Effect Monster
CP03-IT005 Dark World Lightning Fulmine del Mondo Oscuro Super Rare Normal Spell Card
CP03-IT006 D.D. Assailant Assalitore D.D. Rare Effect Monster
CP03-IT007 Goldd, Wu-Lord of Dark World Goldd, Signore-Wu del Mondo Oscuro Rare Effect Monster
CP03-IT008 Manticore of Darkness Manticora dell'Oscurità Rare Effect Monster
CP03-IT009 The Agent of Judgment - Saturn L'Agente del Giudizio - Saturno Rare Effect Monster
CP03-IT010 Pikeru's Circle of Enchantment Cerchio Incantatore di Pikeru Rare Normal Trap Card
CP03-IT011 Widespread Ruin Rovine Diffuse Rare Normal Trap Card
CP03-IT012 Fairy Dragon Drago Fatato Common Normal Monster
CP03-IT013 Chiron the Mage Chiron il Saggio Common Effect Monster
CP03-IT014 Kaibaman Kaibaman Common Effect Monster
CP03-IT015 B.E.S. Crystal Core B.E.S. Nucleo Cristallino Common Effect Monster
CP03-IT016 Gravekeeper's Chief Comandante - Custode di Tombe Common Effect Monster
CP03-IT017 Wild Nature's Release Natura Selvaggia Common Normal Spell Card
CP03-IT018 A Feather of the Phoenix Una Piuma Di Fenice Common Normal Spell Card
CP03-IT019 Contract with the Abyss Contratto con l'Abisso Common Ritual Spell Card
CP03-IT020 Necrovalley Necrovalle Common Field Spell Card


  1. "PAQUET DU CHAMPION 3ÉME PARTIE" (in Spanish). Konami. Retrieved November 30, 2016.

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