Duel like a champion with Champion Pack: Game Six! This is the latest fan-favorite Champion Pack. The 20-card set collects tournament tested cards together with several all-new cards to create a must have item for players and collectors. Rigorous Reaver, a punishing new Ultra Rare, will be introduced along with the return of popular promo card Elemental Hero Stratos, and the first printing of several popular cards in Super Rare foil will all combine to make Champion Pack Game Six the hottest yet! Champion packs are perfect for new players looking to expand their collections or current Duelists seeking to increase the rarity and prestige of their Decks.


Each pack contains 3 cards: 1 Rare and 2 Commons.

This set contains 20 cards:



Set number English name French name Rarity Category
CP06-FR001 Rigorous Reaver Pillard Rigoureux Ultra Rare Flip monster
CP06-FR002 Destiny Hero - Fear Monger Marchand de Peur - Héros de la Destinée Super Rare Effect Monster
CP06-FR003 Old Vindictive Magician Vieux Magicien Vindicatif Super Rare Flip monster
CP06-FR004 Phoenix Wing Wind Blast Un Souffle d'Aile de Phœnix Super Rare Normal Trap Card
CP06-FR005 Blaze Accelerator Accélérateur de Flammes Super Rare Continuous Spell Card
CP06-FR006 Call of Darkness Appel des Ténèbres Rare Continuous Trap Card
CP06-FR007 Blade Knight Chevalier Épée Rare Effect Monster
CP06-FR008 Super-Electromagnetic Voltech Dragon Dragon Voltaïque Super-Électromagnétique Rare Effect Monster
CP06-FR009 Elemental Hero Stratos Airman, HÉROS Élémentaire Rare Effect Monster
CP06-FR010 Helios Duo Megistus Helios Duo Megistus|fr}} Rare Effect Monster
CP06-FR011 Mage Power Puissance du Mage Rare Equip Spell Card
CP06-FR012 Sentinel of the Seas Sentinelle des Mers Common Normal Monster
CP06-FR013 Batteryman AA Homme-Batterie AA Common Effect Monster
CP06-FR014 Theban Nightmare Cauchemar de Thèbes Common Effect Monster
CP06-FR015 Majestic Mech - Ohka Ohka - Méca Majestueux Common Effect Monster
CP06-FR016 Soul of Purity and Light Âme de Pureté et de Lumière Common Effect Monster
CP06-FR017 Amplifier Amplificateur Common Equip Spell Card
CP06-FR018 Cold Wave Onde Glacée Common Normal Spell Card
CP06-FR019 Magical Hats Chapeaux Magiques Common Normal Trap Card
CP06-FR020 Dimension Wall Mur Dimensionnel Common Normal Trap Card

Set number English name German name Rarity Category
CP06-DE001 Rigorous Reaver Erbarmungsloser Plünderer Ultra Rare Flip monster
CP06-DE002 Destiny Hero - Fear Monger Schicksals-HELD - Fear Monger Super Rare Effect Monster
CP06-DE003 Old Vindictive Magician Rachsüchtiger alter Magier Super Rare Flip monster
CP06-DE004 Phoenix Wing Wind Blast Windsturm der Phönixflügel Super Rare Normal Trap Card
CP06-DE005 Blaze Accelerator Glutbeschleuniger Super Rare Continuous Spell Card
CP06-DE006 Call of Darkness Ruf der Finsternis Rare Continuous Trap Card
CP06-DE007 Blade Knight Klingenritter Rare Effect Monster
CP06-DE008 Super-Electromagnetic Voltech Dragon Super-Elektromagnetischer Voltech-Drache Rare Effect Monster
CP06-DE009 Elemental Hero Stratos Elementar-HELD Stratos Rare Effect Monster
CP06-DE010 Helios Duo Megistus Helios Duo Megistus|de}} Rare Effect Monster
CP06-DE011 Mage Power Kraft der Magie Rare Equip Spell Card
CP06-DE012 Sentinel of the Seas Wachposten der Meere Common Normal Monster
CP06-DE013 Batteryman AA Batteriemann AA Common Effect Monster
CP06-DE014 Theban Nightmare Alptraum aus Theben Common Effect Monster
CP06-DE015 Majestic Mech - Ohka Majestätischer Mech - Ohka Common Effect Monster
CP06-DE016 Soul of Purity and Light Seele der Reinheit und des Lichts Common Effect Monster
CP06-DE017 Amplifier Verstärker Common Equip Spell Card
CP06-DE018 Cold Wave Kalte Welle Common Normal Spell Card
CP06-DE019 Magical Hats Magische Hüte Common Normal Trap Card
CP06-DE020 Dimension Wall Dimensionsmauer Common Normal Trap Card

Set number English name Italian name Rarity Category
CP06-IT001 Rigorous Reaver Predatore Inflessibile Ultra Rare Flip monster
CP06-IT002 Destiny Hero - Fear Monger Dispensatore di Paura - EROE del Destino Super Rare Effect Monster
CP06-IT003 Old Vindictive Magician Anziano Mago Vendicativo Super Rare Flip monster
CP06-IT004 Phoenix Wing Wind Blast Esplosione di Ali della Fenice Super Rare Normal Trap Card
CP06-IT005 Blaze Accelerator Acceleratore Fiammata Super Rare Continuous Spell Card
CP06-IT006 Call of Darkness Richiamo dell'Oscurità Rare Continuous Trap Card
CP06-IT007 Blade Knight Cavaliere Lama Rare Effect Monster
CP06-IT008 Super-Electromagnetic Voltech Dragon Drago Voltaico Super-Elettromagnetico Rare Effect Monster
CP06-IT009 Elemental Hero Stratos Stratos EROE Elementale Rare Effect Monster
CP06-IT010 Helios Duo Megistus Helios Duo Megistus|it}} Rare Effect Monster
CP06-IT011 Mage Power Potere del Mago Rare Equip Spell Card
CP06-IT012 Sentinel of the Seas Sentinella dei Mari Common Normal Monster
CP06-IT013 Batteryman AA Uomo Batteria AA Common Effect Monster
CP06-IT014 Theban Nightmare Incubo Tebano Common Effect Monster
CP06-IT015 Majestic Mech - Ohka Ohka - Mech Maestoso Common Effect Monster
CP06-IT016 Soul of Purity and Light Anima della Luce e della Purezza Common Effect Monster
CP06-IT017 Amplifier Amplificatore Common Equip Spell Card
CP06-IT018 Cold Wave Ondata Gelida Common Normal Spell Card
CP06-IT019 Magical Hats Cappelli Magici Common Normal Trap Card
CP06-IT020 Dimension Wall Muro Dimensionale Common Normal Trap Card

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