Place your bets on lucky number seven with Champion Pack: Game Seven, the latest in the line of the fan-favorite Champion Packs! This 20-card set combines tournament tested cards together with several all-new cards to create a must have item for players and collectors. Introducing "Voltic Kong" a dominant new Ultra Rare, with the return of sought after promo cards and featuring the first printing of several popular cards in Super Rare foil. Champion Packs are perfect for new players looking to expand their collections or current Duelists seeking to increase the rarity and prestige of their Decks. Be prepared to win big with Champion Pack: Game Seven!


Each pack contains 3 cards: 1 Rare and 2 Commons.

This set contains 20 cards:



Set number English name French name Rarity Category
CP07-FR001 Voltic Kong Kong Voltaïque Ultra Rare Effect Monster
CP07-FR002 Legendary Jujitsu Master Maître Légendaire du Jiu-Jitsu Super Rare Effect Monster
CP07-FR003 Threatening Roar Rugissement Menaçant Super Rare Normal Trap Card
CP07-FR004 Gladiator Beast Bestiari Bestiari, Bête Gladiateur Super Rare Effect Monster
CP07-FR005 Lonefire Blossom Floraison de Feu Super Rare Effect Monster
CP07-FR006 Elemental Hero Ocean Océan, HÉROS Élémentaire Rare Effect Monster
CP07-FR007 Fairy King Truesdale Roi des Fées Truesdale Rare Effect Monster
CP07-FR008 Spell Striker Cogneur Magique Rare Effect Monster
CP07-FR009 Vanity's Fiend Démon de la Vanité Rare Effect Monster
CP07-FR010 Dark World Dealings Transactions du Monde Ténébreux Rare Normal Spell Card
CP07-FR011 Doom Shaman Invocateur de Démons Rare Gemini monster
CP07-FR012 Shovel Crusher Broyo-Pelleteuse Common Normal Monster
CP07-FR013 Life Absorbing Machine Absorbeur de Vie Common Continuous Trap Card
CP07-FR014 Fusilier Dragon, the Dual-Mode Beast Dragon Fusilier, la Bête Bi-Modale Common Effect Monster
CP07-FR015 Homunculus the Alchemic Being Homunculus, l'Etre Alchimique Common Effect Monster
CP07-FR016 Memory Crusher Broyeur de Mémoire Common Effect Monster
CP07-FR017 Instant Fusion Fusion Instantanée Common Normal Spell Card
CP07-FR018 Dimensional Inversion Inversion Dimensionnelle Common Normal Trap Card
CP07-FR019 Ancient Rules Anciens Réglements Common Normal Spell Card
CP07-FR020 Counter Counter Anti-Contre Common Counter Trap Card

Set number English name German name Rarity Category
CP07-DE001 Voltic Kong Geladener Kong Ultra Rare Effect Monster
CP07-DE002 Legendary Jujitsu Master Legendärer Jujitsu-Meister Super Rare Effect Monster
CP07-DE003 Threatening Roar Angsteinjagendes Gebrüll Super Rare Normal Trap Card
CP07-DE004 Gladiator Beast Bestiari Gladiatorungeheuer Bestiari Super Rare Effect Monster
CP07-DE005 Lonefire Blossom Einzelfeuerblüte Super Rare Effect Monster
CP07-DE006 Elemental Hero Ocean Elementar-HELD Ocean Rare Effect Monster
CP07-DE007 Fairy King Truesdale Feenkönig Wahrtal Rare Effect Monster
CP07-DE008 Spell Striker Zauberschläger Rare Effect Monster
CP07-DE009 Vanity's Fiend Einbildungsunterweltler Rare Effect Monster
CP07-DE010 Dark World Dealings Geschäfte mit der Finsteren Welt Rare Normal Spell Card
CP07-DE011 Doom Shaman Verdammungsschamane Rare Gemini monster
CP07-DE012 Shovel Crusher Schaufelbrecher Common Normal Monster
CP07-DE013 Life Absorbing Machine Lebenabsorbierende Maschine Common Continuous Trap Card
CP07-DE014 Fusilier Dragon, the Dual-Mode Beast Fusilier-Drache, die Doppelmodus-Bestie Common Effect Monster
CP07-DE015 Homunculus the Alchemic Being Homunkulus, Geschöpf der Alchemie Common Effect Monster
CP07-DE016 Memory Crusher Erinnerungszerstörer Common Effect Monster
CP07-DE017 Instant Fusion Instantfusion Common Normal Spell Card
CP07-DE018 Dimensional Inversion Dimensionsumkehrung Common Normal Trap Card
CP07-DE019 Ancient Rules Antike Regeln Common Normal Spell Card
CP07-DE020 Counter Counter Konterkonter Common Counter Trap Card

Set number English name Italian name Rarity Category
CP07-IT001 Voltic Kong Kong Voltaico Ultra Rare Effect Monster
CP07-IT002 Legendary Jujitsu Master Maestro Leggendario Jujitsu Super Rare Effect Monster
CP07-IT003 Threatening Roar Ruggito Minaccioso Super Rare Normal Trap Card
CP07-IT004 Gladiator Beast Bestiari Gladiatore Bestia Bestiari Super Rare Effect Monster
CP07-IT005 Lonefire Blossom Bocciolo di Fuoco Solitario Super Rare Effect Monster
CP07-IT006 Elemental Hero Ocean Oceano EROE Elementale Rare Effect Monster
CP07-IT007 Fairy King Truesdale Truesdale, Re delle Fate Rare Effect Monster
CP07-IT008 Spell Striker Assaltatore Magico Rare Effect Monster
CP07-IT009 Vanity's Fiend Demone della Vanità Rare Effect Monster
CP07-IT010 Dark World Dealings Affari del Mondo Oscuro Rare Normal Spell Card
CP07-IT011 Doom Shaman Sciamano Destino Rare Gemini monster
CP07-IT012 Shovel Crusher Annientatore Badile Common Normal Monster
CP07-IT013 Life Absorbing Machine Macchina Assorbi Vita Common Continuous Trap Card
CP07-IT014 Fusilier Dragon, the Dual-Mode Beast Drago Fuciliere, la Bestia Versatile Common Effect Monster
CP07-IT015 Homunculus the Alchemic Being Homunculus l'Essere Alchemico Common Effect Monster
CP07-IT016 Memory Crusher Annientatore di Memoria Common Effect Monster
CP07-IT017 Instant Fusion Fusione Istantanea Common Normal Spell Card
CP07-IT018 Dimensional Inversion Inversione Dimensionale Common Normal Trap Card
CP07-IT019 Ancient Rules Regole Antiche Common Normal Spell Card
CP07-IT020 Counter Counter Anti-Contrasto Common Counter Trap Card

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