Cesar Gonzalez is ranked amongst the top players in the game's history and topped previous Shonen Jump Championships by using his own creation of "Cyber-Stein" Deck, players dub "Cesar Stein". He also has won the only World Tag Team Championsip event, which he won alongside Samuel Archilla Nuñez.


In 2007 Cesar Gonzalez won the Shonen Jump Championship Montreal and in 2008 the Shonen Jump Championship Seattle [1].

In April 2009 he participated at the SHONEN JUMP Championship in Anaheim, California [2] and in August he participated at the SHONEN JUMP Championship in Indianapolis, Indiana. [3]

He was one of the Finalists at the Shonen Jump Championship in San Francisco, California [4].

Deck list

Cesar is known for sticking with Teleport "Dark Armed Dragon" until the very end of its reign. The new Teleport "Dark Armed Dragon" variant, players dub "CesarDAD", change the aspect of how players look at Teleport "Dark Armed Dragon" decks.




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