Ceremonial Bell
  • Japanese: セレモニー・ベル
  • Romaji: Seremonī Beru
  • Translated: Ceremony Bell
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0 / 1850

Effect type

As long as this card remains face-up on the field, you and your opponent must show your respective hands to each other.

Other languages

Name Lore
French Cloche de Cérémonie Tant que cette carte reste face recto sur le Terrain, vous et votre adversaire devez révéler vos mains.
German Zeremonienglocke Solange diese Karte offen auf dem Spielfeld liegt, müssen beide Spieler mit ihren Handkarten offen spielen.
Italian Campana Cerimoniale Fino a quando questa carta rimane scoperta sul Terreno, sia tu che il tuo avversario dovete mostrarvi le vostre rispettive carte in mano.
Spanish Campana Ceremonial Mientras esta carta permanezca boca arriba en el Campo, ambos jugadores deben mostrar sus respectivas manos.

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