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Cell Division
  • Japanese: 細胞分裂
  • Kana: さいぼうぶんれつ
  • Romaji: Saibō Bunretsu
Card type

Spell SPELL.svg



Select 1 face-up Level 3 or lower Insect-Type monster you control. Special Summon 1 "Cell Division Token" that has the same original Level, Type, Attribute, ATK and DEF as the selected monster.

Anime cards (Galleries: Yu-Gi-Oh!)

Other languages

Name Lore
German Zellteilung
Portuguese Selecione um monstro do tipo inseto de level 3 ou menos virado para cima que você controla. Invoque especialmente 1 "Cell Division Token" com o mesmo level, tipo, atributo, ATK e DEF original do monstro selecionado
Spanish División Celular



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