This category is populated by {{No license}}, {{None selected}}, and {{Nenhuma seleccionada}}. Any file which doesn't have a license template should be tagged with one of these templates, or a specific license template if the license is known.

Files in this category do not have license data provided; if they are obviously fair-use, they should be tagged with {{Fair use}}; otherwise, the uploader should be asked for the source of the file. If the uploader can't be reached and the file is not obviously fair-use, it should be deleted.

All files related to Yu-Gi-Oh! (anime/video game screenshots, manga scans, card images, photos of boxes/toys/other products, etc.) are copyrighted and should be tagged with {{Fair use}} as a matter of course.

Media in category "Candidates for Deletion (No license metadata)"

The following 16 files are in this category, out of 16 total.

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