Removal of Samus Aran reference

The statement about her referencing Samus Aran should be removed. This is merely a thin female with long, blonde hair in a skintight suit. The suit in question has absolutely no resemblance to the Zero Suit in her games. Furthermore, it is also outside of any Konami franchises (unlike the Raiden statement, which though I also find sketchy, is plausible enough that I can accept good faith there). By the logic of the trivia as it currently stands, any thin female with long blonde hair is supposed to resemble Samus. Given that the outfit is different, as is the weapon (she uses a gun/whip), I do not accept this as being a reference at all.
In contrast, Amazoness Paladin has a case for referencing Mai Valentine. Body types match, the art style is similar, the hair styles are unique and identical (identical doesn't mean much if it's not unique in terms of similarity), and both characters are owned by the same company. Tactical Espionage Expert is acceptable as a reference to Solid Snake because, although the hair is slightly longer and there is no beard, all other features are identical. Of biggest note is the outfit, which is unique and identical to Solid Snake. There is even a headband. Both being connected to Konami is certainly helpful.
There is nothing unique about G.B. Hunter that makes her similar to Samus Aran. It is merely drawn as an attractive female, which is hardly anything new. On that basis, I feel that part of the trivia should be removed. -- Organous (talkcontribs) 18:47, September 2, 2010 (UTC)

Point for Samus and this woman;
  • Weapon on right arm
  • Hunting against evil group (Samus against Space Pirate, G.B. Hunter vs. Gladiator Beast)
  • Both are woman
  • Both have "jumpsuit" on their body (do not matter color, since GBH's black and Samus' blue)
  • Both are blonde
  • Both are silence
  • Lonely Hunter
That's all I know about both women, not counting "Non-Evidence", have enough evidence that they are similar to each other. Though I know about "Raiden" person you were mentioning. But Raiden is male while G.B. Hunter is female. --FredCat T.P.F.R.J.R.W.S. 19:27, September 2, 2010 (UTC)
Most everything you just listed is minor, common, and coincidental. The weapon on the right arm is entirely of a different nature, and Samus in her Zero Suit does not have anything attached to her arm. She freely holds her weapon. I claim the jumpsuit's design absolutely matters; either that the overall design has to be similar or that at least it be colored blue. I will offer a new piece of information that the Space Pirates refer to Samus Aran as "the Hunter," but that seems too obscure to be of any merit. You cannot simply list a series of minor elements and claim a resemblance. For example, I am a caucasian male with medium-length hair, a skinny body type, and I wear glasses. That in itself does not make me resemble Bill Gates.
That said, I realize that "resemblance" is entirely subjective to the viewer. It is my opinion that the author of that note saw a skinny woman in skintight clothes with long, blonde hair and his mind went to the well-known character Samus Aran. Personally, I see a resemblance to Samus in Adrian Andrews of the Ace Attorney video game series, but there are enough differences with that character that I feel it was not an attempt to mimic her. I merely see small coincidences. The thought never occurred to me to link G.B. Hunter with Samus until I read that note. What strikes one as a personal resemblance should not be noted in trivia unless there is something uniquely identical.
On the subject of Raiden, I'm fine with it being included because the joke is of gender ambiguity. The joke is that Raiden is so ambiguous that he could be mistaken for being female. I'm not very familiar with the Metal Gear Solid series, but I can see this card making the joke by potentially putting a very non-ambiguous female in a similar setting. -- Organous (talkcontribs) 20:05, September 2, 2010 (UTC)
Well, I never say "Cannon", I just said Weapon... And any prove that Samus have weapon in her left hand yet? So far I only see her holding the gun in her right hand as well as her main cannon. Still not counting "Non-Evidence" because I cannot prove that G.B. Hunter is the lonely as well as Samus is, but they are hunting against the main group that I mentioned earlier are the reason of their hatred - Samus disliked Ridley because he killed her parents and put her life in fate while G.B. Hunter just hated Gladiator Beast in her name. Also don't forget that Samus' Zero Suit can change into full armor in matter of second (As referred to Prime 3; Corruption and Other M games) easily. --FredCat T.P.F.R.J.R.W.S. 20:17, September 2, 2010 (UTC)

Are you serious about this card's resembelance towards Terra from Teen Titans. This theory is preposterous at best. (talk) 21:46, January 29, 2013 (UTC)

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