• This monster appears in the artwork of "Zefra War".
  • This card poses several unique characteristics:
    • It is the first monster with an original ATK of 3450.
    • It is the first Main Deck Pendulum Monster that cannot be Pendulum Summoned and has the highest ATK of all Main Deck Pendulum Monsters. It is also the first Level 11 Pendulum Monster.
    • It has the highest Level of all Rock monsters.
    • It is the first card that allows its controller to conduct a second Pendulum Summon in one turn.
  • This card also has several unique characteristics compared to the other "Zefra" monsters:
    • It has a Pendulum Effect that can be activated, and without their usual restrictive effect.
    • Its Pendulum Scale is neither 1 or 7, and is changeable through its Pendulum Effect.
    • It's a Nomi monster.
    • It's Level 11, matching those of "Sophia, Goddess of Rebirth" and "Tierra, Source of Destruction". This card's confrontation with the latter is portrayed in the artwork of "Zefra War".
    • It has 2 pair of the "Zefra" wings, unlike the other members whose only had one pair.
    • It cannot be Pendulum Summoned, but instead must be Special Summoned by a special method that mimics Extra Deck Summoning methods. It also cannot be Summoned from anywhere else, except from the Extra Deck, despite being a Main Deck monster.
    • It's also the only "Zefra" monster without any connection to any of the 5 archetypes ("Shaddoll", "tellarknight", "Yang Zing", "Nekroz", and "Ritual Beast") by name, making it the first and the only pure "Zefra" monster.
    • It has the ten "Zefra" orbs in its tail.
  • According to the Master Guide 5 card storylines, "Tellarknight Ptolemaeus" used the power of the 9 "Yang Zings" to release the power of the hidden eleventh "Zefra" that was sealed into the Sephirot system, thence the "Yang Zing" insignia on the center plate of its waist armor.
    • The eleventh "Zefra" chose "Shaddoll Zefracore" to materialize that power, thence its general appearance and Type.
      • Interestingly, this card has 3000 more ATK and 1000 more DEF than "Zefracore".
    • Its Level is a reference to the fact it is the 11th "Zefra" monster.

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