• This card's Japanese name, Yubel - Das Extremer Traurig Drachen is German for Yubel - The Extremely Sorrowful Dragon.
  • Like its previous form, this card's Japanese name is grammatically incorrect in German. The correct name would be "Yubel - Der extrem traurige Drache.
  • This monster, like its weaker counterparts, has "Eyes" and "Faces" throughout the parts of its body: knees (eyes), chest (resembles Yubel's original face), on top of the Dragon's heads (Yubel's face), etc.
  • The monster in this card's image has a total of 16 eyes.
  • For its original release in Phantom Darkness, the "Yubel" archetype had ascending rarities. The first card, just "Yubel", was Super Rare. The next card, "Terror Incarnate", was Ultra Rare, and this card, the final in the series, had the highest rarity, Secret Rare.
  • In the anime, this form of Yubel was the only one to ever actually launch an attack when attacking an opponent's monster by breathing fire from the two dragon heads, as all previous forms had the attacked monsters "attack" it. Though this was due to Jaden using a card to inflict damage to Yubel when Yubel - The Ultimate Nightmare attacked Elemental HERO Neos.

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